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VAMPIRE - Episode one


Vampire - Episode one

Welcome to Rosewood high when I finally become a senior I can't believe it it's actually breath taking I parked my car and got my books and everything down then I heard someone call my name.
"Emily, Emily" I turned back to see Janet the bus driver stopping the bus while students came down I locked the car and went to meet her.
"Janet, strong as always handling all those kids" I said
"it isn't the same without you crying and peeing on yourself" she said
"that was only one time" I said and we both laughed
"well get to class before you get late" she said
"yes Ma'am" I said saluting her like a cadet will to an army officer.
I went into the school late breathing in the fresh air of being a senior then my BFF Amy ran towards me.
"is running in the school premises a punishable offense" I said
"it's not when I've got juicy deeds" she said
"tell me" I said
"first thanks for asking my summer in Hawaii was amazing, Second I heard Josh Evans and Mindy Scott broke up last week at the beach party last week" she said.
"how did you know I didn't go and you were in Hawaii "I said said
"I have sources" she said
"then why are you telling me" I asked
"wasn't it you that was crushing on Josh ever since now it's your chance to hook up with him" she said
"you are disgusting" I said
"oh com'on don't tell me you are not interested" she said
"I am but he just got into a break up" I said hoping to convince her
"OK Ms I am pitying Josh because he got into a break up when starts dating again don't call me" she said and left.
Sorry about earlier but I think it's time I introduced myself, I'm Emily Rodriguez my parents are super rich and famous but being famous and all I'm not actually popular or being noticed and if anyone knew I was the Daughter of the Rodriguez I'm not sure I'll be allowed to breath the only person that knows about that is my best friend Amy Winehouse her parents are rich too and are close companions to mine but she hates popularity and people knowing her for her status so like me she hides.
I've gone to this school since I was a sophomore and still no one knows where I live and since then I've been crushing on Josh Evans like every other girl except Amy she doesn't crush on guy and thinks guys are pathetic I wonder what kind of crazy world she lives in but I still love her she kinds of tells me everything going on around the school that's why she told me about Josh.
I went in the school and to my Locker and I saw opposite I saw all the Trophies Josh has won and pretty much everyone in the school it pains me I never participated in sports I'm actually good soon someone walked up to me.
"looking at my Trophies right" I looked to see who was Talking and it's Josh I tried to keep cool.

"yeah, I wish I took some sport earlier" I said
"it's not too late, this is our senior year already year for us to do anything before it runs out" Josh said and I can't actually help buying the idea why won't I it's Josh Evans.
"you are right but which sport can I sign up for" I said
"what about Soccer, Mr Lonnie needs girls for a soccer team" he said
"I'll sign up later" I said and the bell rang.
"hey I'm Josh Evans and you are" he said
"I know, I mean I'm not a stalker or creep or anything but I know your name and you don't know me cause I've been seeing you, not like dating though but............ I'm Emily" I said a little embarrassed
He chuckled softly and I kinda liked it
"see you later Emily" he said and ran.
I dropped my books and started dancing
"he knows my name, he knows my name he called me Emily" I kept dancing
"Miss Rodriguez" Ms Lola the principal interrupted my dancing happily and I hastenly stopped.
"Ms Lola" I said shocked
"what are you doing here instead of class" she said not smiling
"I... Was..... Let me be going" I said packing my books
"if your dad wasn't among the biggest donators of our school I would have sent you to detention if I catch you out here again or breaking any rules a call from your father will make you more Sensible" she said
"yes ma'am I understand I'm sorry for my behavior" I said
"apologies accepted now get to class before I change my mind" she said and I did.
I went to class late and received the same Scolding from Ms Laura our history teacher. I sat down in front of Amy.
"what happened" I asked
"tell you later" I said bringing out my history book
"well class before I begin we have a new student please tell us your name" Ms Laura said.
Soon a really good looking boy with pale skin and dark brown hair and cowlick eyes and red pink lips came out he wore a shirt with a leather jacket and jeans I looked around all the girls went gaga over him except me I knew Any won't fall for any guy so I decided to joke with her on looking back I Amy going Gaga over him too.
"isn't he so handsome" Amy said like she was in a trance and started drulling on her history book.
"you too" I said and looked at him but I didn't feel any sort of attraction.
"what is happening" I said to myself and looked at him clearly.
"Well introduce yourself" Ms Laura stressed again
"hi my name is Sebastian Roland but you can call me Seb for Short" he said
"his name is even magnificent" I could hear Amy say from my back.
"Where are you from Seb" Ms Laura asked
"I'm from Washington DC but I came here to stay with my Family here in Mystic Falls" he said
"well I hope you enjoy your stay" Ms Laura asked
"I already have" he said and smiled and all the girls screamed especially Amy, I know the other girls might fall for him but Amy too something is definitely wrong and I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Soon Class commenced and he sat next to me I didn't even bother to take a look at him.
I could see all the girls looking at my direction instead of paying attention I felt uncomfortable even if they weren't looking at me.
I looked at the time hoping for class to Finish I couldn't bear the boring holes any longer I took excuse from Ms Laura and Ran to the Toilet so I won't get into trouble with the Principal.
I washed my face and decided to check my phone in Facebook and checked out our school group and it shows that Sebastian as a new student and it already got 500 likes mostly girls were liking soon the bell rang and I went out of the Toilet to my locker and Amy came to me handing me my backpack.
"wow I thought that you would forget my backpack after drulling over Sebastian" I said
"what are you talking about, you just left without any reason" she said

"so you don't remember anything" I said
"remember what" she said confused then Sebastian walked in and all eyes were on him and all girl were drulling again but he didn't mind and walked to our direction.
"he's coming to our direction" Amy who a second ago was denying she wasn't over heels on Sebastian
"hi" he said to me
"oh sorry are you talking to me" I said uncomfortable with all the girls who were close to having my head.
"yeah you weren't in class" he said
"and how is that your business" I said not buying his fake concerned look.
"just hoping you were fine" he said I arranged my books and closed the locker.
"I'm just fine" I said about to leave
"wait I'm having a party this week wanna come" he said
"NO" I said bluntly then Amy dragged me back.
"what are you doing" she asked
"refusing an offer what else" I said
"you have to go please" she said pleading
"weren't you a minute ago denying that you have no idea about Sebastian" I said
"fine just accept and I'll come please" she said
"you only want to go to the party to hang out with Sebastian" I said.
"please" she said
"fine you owe me" I said
I came back to answer Sebastian .
"I changed my mind I'll come if Amy comes too" i said pointing at Amy.
"cool see you then FYI it's a pool party" he said and left.
"did you hear what he said" Amy said
"yeah it's a pool party" I said not caring
"I better go shopping for Bikinis" Amy said and left.
Amy hates Bikinis and this gives me the reason to find out what's wrong here and going to that party is the only way possible.

To be continued

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