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The Ghost Girl - Episode two


I kept staring at him not knowing what to say. Am happy he can see me but one side of me was sad because he’s mad at me. I don’t really care about that.
 All that matters to me was that a human just saw me for the past three years. It seems so shocking to me.
I moved back a bit facing him

”You saw me? You can really see me. Am so happy you do see me. I don’t know what to do right now. You’re such a special being. It’s good to meet you” I said smiling happily. He doesn’t look good staring at me.

 He places his hands by his waist staring at me badly.
 “And so? So if I can see you what does that have to do with me? We have no business together so disappear from my sight” he said in a little harsh voice.
I felt so bad by what he just said. He moved from my sight walking out on me.
I tried to touch him although I know that’s not possible because I can’t touch human but when I tried it, I can really feel his body with my hand.
 My hand touched his arm lightly but he already walked pass me.
I looked at my hand then looked back at him in surprise.
I can touch him. I can feel it with my hand. Could this be real? I asked myself looking at him. I want to try it again maybe it was real.
So I walked behind him and placed my hand on his arm. To my surprise it works. I can feel his warm body with my hand. I thought to myself smiling. He turned and looked at my hand then looked at my face.

“Who the hell do you think you are to place those dirty hands on me?” he said looking annoyed.
Why is he so angry? I never done anything wrong to him.
Why is he treating me like a trash? ”I thought to myself as I withdrew my hand from his arm slowly.
“Am sorry for that.
" But why are you treating me this way?
"Did I do anything wrong to you?” I asked looking at him. He moved closer looking straight into my eyes.
“Because I don’t want to see you. I want to live a normal life. Must I see you ghosts everyday. I mean why must you disturb me? why me of all people? I don’t want to see you. Get lost!” he said looking so annoyed and angry.

A car horned from the roadside which got him to look back at it.
A young guy came down from the car and started walking towards us. He got to us and started looking around in confusion.
“I thought you were with someone.
Why were you so loud? And who were you talking to?”
 the guy asked still looking around.
“It’s nothing. I was talking to someone on phone
” he replied raising his phone up. “Alright. Let’s leave this place it’s late and cold. Am scared a ghost might pop out to us”
 the young guy said rubbing his shoulders. He left for the car while the handsome guy walked behind him.
When he got to the car and was about opening the door, he looked back at me with an unknown expression before opening the door. The car drove down the high way. I stared at it till it was out of sight. I sighed to myself looking around the dark area.
“What should I do now? Since he’s the only human that can see me, I need to be around him maybe he can help me find the cause of my death. I really need his help but he’s too hard to talk to.” I said looking sad. I looked at the red sport car and smiled to myself. “Looks like am gonna see him again.” I said smiling. I moved to the side of the car and went inside through the door. I sat down on the seat comfortably leaning my head back with a smile on my face.


Sam was driving the car while I sat quietly not saying a word since we left the scene. My mood was ruin because of the ghost girl I saw earlier. Sam noticed this and asked what went wrong with me.
“Why are you so Moody and sad? Do you have a bad conversation with the person you called?
 It’s rear to see this expression” Sam said.
“I also don’t know why am like this. I just felt bad for no reason.” I replied not looking at him.
“That’s so strange”
he said looking at me.
“You’ll have to pick up my car tomorrow morning after the repair” I said.
“Alright” Sam replied.
After 10minutes drive, we got to my house. I got down from the car and waved him goodbye. “Drive carefully and don’t forget to come early tomorrow.
 We’re having another photo shoot by 8am tomorrow.”
 I said looking at him from the window.
“Okay. Goodnight” he said. I left after he drove out of my compound.
I headed towards the gate and unlocked it. I got to the living room and went straight to the fridge to drink some water.

 My living room was not that wide. It looks so neat and well set. The walls were painted with my best colour Pure white. While the couch, center table, rugs, cottons and the rest were in blue colour.
I walked to the fridge and took water from it. After drinking, I threw the bottle in the waste bin beside the fridge and headed straight to my room slept tiredly on the large sofa. My room was a medium size room.
It has pictures and some stickers on the wall.
It really looks like an high school student room by looking at it.
It looks so rough because I was too lazy to tidy it up this morning. Clothes and underwear were flung at each angle of my room. It looks messy and rough.
My mind flashed back to when I saw the ghost girl. The more I look at it, she looks so familiar to me.
Who’s she? I think I have seen that face somewhere before.
Where is that?”I thought to myself looking so worried and confused.

To be continued.....


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