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The Ghost Girl - Episode six

                           JOHN POV

After I searched and couldn’t find her, I rested my head on the body of my car feeling bad and worst. My phone was ringing but I was too weak to pick it. After it rang for long, it went off then rings again after some seconds.
I brought it out from my pocket wondering who it could be. I checked the caller and saw it was Jane one of my ex girlfriend. I picked the call and placed it to my ear.
“Why are you calling? I told you not to call again.” I said to her.
“So you can do this to me after the promises you made? I thought you said you love me. Why are you pushing me away now?” she asked in a sad voice.
 “So you believe that? I don’t love you again just let me be. When I say game over just drop the card and get lost. Am tired of you” I said.
“You’re a bad guy. I thought you really want me but you played me and now you telling me to get lost.
Fuck you! You won’t get away with that I promise you” she yelled angrily on phone. After saying that, she hung up the call. I brought down my phone slowly. Not too long, another call came in. I thought it was Jane again. I already prepared myself to block her ass of my line.
But the person calling was Betty. She was my girlfriend also. We’ve been dating since last week but am tired of her already. When we first met was at a hotel I went to visit one of my friends. She came to me first when I was about leaving. She’s not that pretty but I just wish to have a taste of her and dump her off later because she was so hot that night. After saying sweet words to her, and she also fell deep into my romantic sweet trap.
I succeeded in having one night stand with her that same night. We exchanged contacts and I promise to call her when I get home. She came to my house later again another day and we had sex..
Since the day I had sex with her the second time, I got tired of her already when I met Jessy at a club. Jessy was so pretty and hot. She fell for me at first sight and I used the advantage on her. We’ve been dating for the past four days now. I know I’ll soon dump her too when the time comes.
When I saw it was Betty calling, I first refused to pick it but when it rang the second time, I decided to take the call.

Me: what’s up?
Betty: I don’t know you’re this worst. How could you cheat on me? So you were dating my friend Gabriella too right. How could you? So you were playing me? You’re worst than anything.
”she said almost crying on phone.
I never knew she and Gabriella were friends. I met that girl two week ago but I dumped her already maybe she found out am dating Betty too and told her everything. I already blocked her contact from my phone so, she won’t be able to reach me again except we bump into each other on street.
Me: is there big deal in that?” I said in a mocking voice.
Betty: you’re an asshole for saying that. I don’t need you again. Get the fuck out of my life. You this son of a bitch” she said angrily.
I smiled to myself as she said that.
How does she know am tired of her already?.
Me: wow. That’s so cool babe. I’ve been looking for a way to say that instead. Because I can’t stand your ugliness anymore. Please can you hang it up over there too busy to do that here ”I said smiling.
Betty: do you mean that? Am sorry for what I said. I was really mad for a minute. Please forgive my manners. Please pardon me.
”she said in a pleading voice.
Me: babe E.N.D means over. Game over.
"I said and hung up the call before any further explanation.
I blocked her from calling me and was about putting my phone on the seat. It rang again and on the screen was Abigael. I hissed and dropped it angrily.
 “You guys won’t kill me at this point. Am tired Please!” I said sounding frustrated.
I got in the car and drove straight home.

                STELLA POV.
I sat on top of a fence looking around the environment as people walks on the street from different angles.
 I sighed heavily looking sad and lonely.
“He’s a bad jerk. How could he say that to me?
He’s too cold and heartless. He’s more worst than evil spirits and ghosts.” I said to myself.
As I was still talking to myself, I noticed some ghosts trying to get something from a little boy. He was struggling to free himself from them but he was too weak and tiny.
“What the hell are they doing.
Are they bullying him?” I said looking at the scene. I disappeared from the fence and reappeared behind them. I peeped through what they were fighting on and I saw it was a left over food.
“I got it first. So it’s mine” the little boy said struggling himself from them.
“Give it to us gently or we’ll beat you up” one of the two ghost said.
“Like seriously. Are they ganging up on this tiny boy?” I said laughing.
I moved closer to them folding my arms. “Why are you guys threatening the boy?” I asked when I got to them.
“It’s none of your business so get lost” the first ghost said.
“I think am hearing too much of that words today. Get lost. Get lost. Get lost. Why do you guys like saying that. You’re not the only who could say that. Now am telling you guys to get lost instead.” I said moving closer to them with my two arms folded together.
“You’re so fearless. How could you face three guys talking carelessly like that? Should I teach you a lesson?” one of them said looking at me. He moved closer and grabbed my hair tightly. “Ouch. That’s so painful. Let me go or you’ll regret this” I said. But he pulled more harder. I grabbed his hand and twisted it backward. The remaining two ghosts came to me and I started kicking them off with my feet. I threw the guy to the floor and faced others. They stood up again and came to me. The first ghost hit my tummy and I punched his face in return.
The little boy bit one of them at the arm which made him flung at a wall far from us. I looked at the boy as he struggled to stand up but I felt a punch at my back. It moved me forward a bit that I almost fell to the ground. I turned to them feeling more angry
 ”you guys are dead today” I said taking off the hairpin at my hair. I moved closer to them and stabbed the first ghost by it’s neck when I saw the glowing red sign which means the weak point. Some might have the sign at their chest, some by their arms while some by their heart. Once I stabbed the ghost with the sharp pointed pin, It turns into arches immediately I withdrew it. The two other ghosts saw this and quickly disappeared into the thin air. I inserted the pin back into my hair and went to the small boy.
“Are you OK?” i asked him. He nodded his head smiling.
 “Yes. Because am a ghost” he said looking at me. That sounds familiar. I looked at him closely and remembered he was the little boy I met at the bus stop the other day.
“Oh you’re the rude little boy” I said pointing at him.
“Thanks for saving me from them” he said smiling.
He stood up from the ground holding my hand. “Now. I think we’re friends” he said smiling.
“Friends?” I asked looking at him. He nodded his head smiling.

                   JOHN POV.

It’s dark already, I went out to buy some drugs from a pharmacy because I had been feeling sick since I got back. I bought the drugs and paid for it.
 “Thank you sir” the matron said smiling. I left the pharmacy and was leaving for my house. I wore a black hoodie cardigan covering my head with the Hood because of the cold weather. I walked down the silent and lonely street leading to my building.
I started having different bad thoughts.
 “If an evil ghost popped out of nowhere that will be bad for me. What if it’s following me already? Am so scared like seriously” I thought to myself looking around the street like a lost stray cat.
When I got to a corner, I noticed my shoelace was loose and it might fall me to the ground.
I bent down and tied it properly. After tying it, I stood up still looking down at it. I raised my head up and saw a scary looking ghost’s face close to mine.
“Oh my gosh!” I said and fell back to the ground in shock. It’s an evil ghost. It looks like it will pluck out my liver and eat it up. Because I learnt they eat up human livers. I was so scared I don’t know what to do next. He started moving closer and I was also moving back.
“I want your liver. You’re so fresh and delicious. It will taste so yummy and good”
He said laughing.
 “Go away from me. You can’t do that to me. Please go away” I said looking at it. It got closer and bent beside me smiling.
“It has been long I tasted one. Am so happy and lucky to found you” he said reaching his hand to touch me. I spat on his face to stop him.
 “Stay back!” I yelled at him.
 “Seriously” he said wiping off the spite from his face.
“You’re so fearless” he said again looking angry. He reached his hand for my neck and snapped it tightly.
I struggled to free myself but he was too powerful. He took me up with my neck. My leg was hanging in the air as I find it really hard to breath. I held his hand with both hands looking down at him.
He was smiling happily looking at my chest.
“I think my time is up on earth. No one could save my liver from this evil spirit.
So painful this how am gonna die. Am sorry to you all. Betty, Gabriella, Jane, Lizzy and all the girls I broke their hearts. Am really sorry to you guys please forgive me so that I can make it to heaven when I die. Ghost girl please forgive me too. I think I should say this at least before I die” I thought to myself as my breath became more header. He reached his hand towards my chest to ripe it out. I closed my eyes tightly as it got closer.
Suddenly I heard a sound of a stabbing.
I thought his hand went in my chest already but I felt nothing. The next I know was that I fell hard to the ground breathing heavily and groaning in pain. I looked up but i couldn’t find the evil ghost anymore. All I could see was the image of the ghost girl holding a sharp long pointed steel in her hand. I closed my eyes then opened them again. I still saw her standing there staring at me.
“Is this a dream?” I asked in a weak voice. She moved closer and bent her back a little looking at my face.
“No it’s not” she replied looking at me. As she bent her back, a shining silver necklace was hanging down from her neck.
I was surprised to see the necklace on her. There’s only one of the necklace in this world because I made the design specially for my mum on her 30th birthday.
How come she’s having the necklace with her?”I thought to myself staring at the necklace and staring back at her face.

To be continued...

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