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Story:CASSANDRA Season 2Ep2


Cassandra Season 2Ep2

val’s side of the story
As narrated by val

‘’don’t worry David; I will go for Nora right away. Just relax’’ I promised and backed away while he nodded with great hope.

‘’I know it won’t be easy convincing her to come with you but please try your best’’ he begged softly.

As I made to leave the building I noticed the police inspector staring at me. I had no choice than to stop and have another word with him.

‘’I have to go fetch his lawyer and family. I really never imagined this situation would go this far. But Come on officer, can’t you guys find a way to settle this issue without getting the young man detained?” I asked like a foreigner who just got to the country. The officer smiled softly, shook his head and weighed me with his eyes. It was very obvious that my question surprised him and for a moment I was scared that he could have a change of heart and get me detained as well.

‘’listen young man; this is a case of a missing girl. We take such issues seriously. In fact we treat such case the same way we treat a case of kidnap. Just pray the girl returns because her father is very willing to take the case anywhere with the evidence he has. We the police have no choice than to allow the law to run its full course. There is nothing I nor even my superiors can do in this situation to turn things around for your friend’’ he answered calmly.

‘’okay please at least don’t lock him up yet till I return with his lawyer or a family member. Of course I will settle you for that’’ I begged while he shrugged and accepted.

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Visiting Nora was the next thing i did after leaving the police station. I really was very curious to meet her in person, of course who wouldn’t be after listening to her story.

Finding Nora’s house was very easy due to my vast knowledge of the town. I got there within fifteen minutes and with a little bit of nervousness I knocked on her door as I quickly formed the words to use on her.

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The door gently opened, revealing a very attractive woman, dressed in a native fitting gown. She was just naturally beautiful with no makeup or any form of sophistication. She was just so natural. I swallowed hard with admiration as I stared at her speechlessly while she stood and waited for me to say a word.
‘’emm; Good day. I’m David’s friend. He sent me’’ I stammered.
‘’okay, I hope he is fine?” she asked suspiciously, searching me with her eyes. I nodded quickly.

‘’he was arrested minutes ago by the police and with the look of things he isn’t getting out of detention soon. He is being detained at the fire service police station and he badly needs your help. He has no one else to turn to but you’’ I said quickly, watching her guardedly. She kept quiet for some seconds before shaking her head.

‘’I really don’t understand what he needs me for. He has my cousin’s phone numbers. I can give them to you to call the man. I don’t see where I can help here.’’ She muttered defensively.

‘’yes he needs you as much as he needs your cousin because you are just like the only family he has in this town. He will need your food and visits, plus his house and shops needs your attention’’ I quickly answered but my words only made her mad with anger. She instantly gave out the longest hiss I have ever heard in my life, while I took a cautious step backwards.

‘’he can rot in jail for all I care. I have already done enough by asking my cousin to help him. You just get away from my house right now before I pounce on you. It’s very obvious you don’t know my relationship with him. Get out’’ she barked and shut the door on my face.


I staggered back to the car, extremely shocked by Nora’s outburst. I badly needed to hand over David’s welfare to someone. I had my life to live. I had things to do with my time and not running around for a dude I just met. David’s car equally was still with me and I really didn’t know what to do with it.

I finally called the lawyer who unfortunately told me that he wasn’t in town at the moment.

‘’just calm down, I will be at the police station first thing tomorrow’’ he promised and hung up.

I returned to the police station to meet David who hopefully stared at me . I forced out a smile before sitting beside him.

‘’I just finished writing my statement. They refused to let me go’’ he complained with a very sad look. I tapped his knee, smiling reassuringly.

‘’so how did it go with Nora and her cousin?”’ he asked curiously.
‘’the lawyer will be here first thing tomorrow’’ I answered.

‘’and Nora?’’ he asked eagerly. I breathed deeply, avoiding his eyes.

‘’she isn’t coming. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. I guess it’s time to call your mum because you really need someone around to take care of things on your behalf. You know, I have already done my best for you’’ I said painfully. He nodded and looked down with great pain.

I really was touched over his condition but there wasn’t much I could do anymore for him. There wasn’t any doubt he was a drowning man and what he needed the most was someone like family to him.

‘’hello David’’ I instantly heard a familiar voice greet. Looking up, I was extremely surprised to see Nora facing us with a smile. I quickly heaved a sigh of relief. But the relief I felt that moment was nothing compared to the happiness in David’s eyes as he looked up at Nora.

‘’oh Nora’’ I heard him breathe with relief.

There wasn’t any doubt about Nora’s wondrous nature.


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