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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode26/27


Raquelia - Episode26
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

'And that's it, that is what I am and why Penny tried to kill you, she's not Penny anymore, she's Massey Ala Vector' I said humorously trying to lift the tension but he didn't smile or even react, it has been five days already, we were in his room after he was discharged earlier, Ashley went out for a sleepover and Kyle had an emergency conference to deal with, things to sort out for Arthur and stuff
Jena couldn't stay either, Kyle insisted she went with him so he could show off his hot girlfriend to his rival, Jinora who got herself transfer to Lyle's college was giving Arthur a headache so he dragged her away leaving me to tell him about me
'Arthur your silence is killing me' I cried, he grinned and pulled me up so I'll sit between his laps, I yelped. 'Arthur' I giggled, he wrapped his legs around my waist to hold me in place and pinned my hands together then pressed it on his chest
'Have anyone ever told you that you look extra gorgeous with your hair loose, absolutely enchanting' he said in a husky whisper
'Did you even hear anything I say?' I asked frowningly, he shrugged
'Heard it, just don't care much, I told you I love you didn't I?' He whispered again wrapping my hands around his neck, I smiled toothingly as tears ran down my face
'I'm so lucky to have you, I love you so much, thank you for not leaving me' I said joyfully
'Mm hm' he wiped my tears and kissed my earlobe, I stiffened, okay, shouldn't have let my hair loose like Jena ordered. He trailed kisses down my neck to my opened cleavage
'Arthur a....a....a....y...y...I..I'm cooking so....son....' I shuttered
'Shhh' he shushed and pecked my lips. 'Don't say a word' my heart was racing, turning away was easy but it was like my body was frozen from moving, like my powers were shut down just like my mind and system was
Gwen! She's hell bent on this and I really wonder why.


Massey 's POV

'Vector I am tired of hiding, please just let me die' I cried
'Be silence!' He yelled and I winced in pain, he cackled. 'Relax, my plan is about to be put in motion, the seven moons are coming and I need you to get enough souls to recharge be ready'
'But that's impossible with that girl around'
'She's powerful but stupid, she's so focused on her beloved that she has forgotten her real duties, I have a plan to finally pin her down, I can't possess her or him or that really scary cousin of hers but I can use the boy's face'
'How?' I sighed
'You will transform into the boy and break her heart, she won't be able to know it's you because when ever she's with him, she let her guard down and as long as that cousin of hers isn't around, we'll be fine
'So what exactly is your plan after you crush her royal majesty's heart?'
'Do a transfer spell and send her to the chain she created that is now slightly mine, she'll never be able to break free and we will use that time to steal what I want'
'Which is?'
'The amulet' okay I'm lost. 'The amulet his her birth pod and with it I can draw power from her without possessing her, then I can use it to summon some dark creatures that will help me in my course, we have two days to finish this before the seven power moons so you must do it tonight'
'Yes Vector' I said obediently, if anyone can save me from Vector, I will happily worship that person, Maisie please forgive me and save this poor girl and me, please, I want to die in peace

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Raquelia's POV

'Cat wake up, Cat' someone whispered
'Leave me alone' I whined and buried my head under the pillow
'Jena! Cat won't wake up!!' The person shouted, Jinny, the next thing I felt was my pillow being yanked away and used to beat me up, I whimpered and sat up
'Whaaaaaaaat?' I cried
'What is wrong with you? You've been sleeping since Arthur dropped you off this morning, what did you stay up all night doing?' Jena snapped
'Obviously the same thing you do with Kyle' I said scoffingly
'Fair enough but still y.....hold on for real!'
'Yes now leave me alone' I grabbed my pillow but she yanked it back, they sat beside me excited. 'I am not giving you girls any detail'
'Awwwn' they awed disappointedly
'But I gave you my detail' Jena whined poutingly
'I never asked to know'
'I did and it was fun!' Jinny squealed and laughed. 'Reminds me of the time I went to watch a movie with Lyle about three days ago and his car broke down in the the middle of nowhere or rather he lied that it broke down and we didn't waste that moment to...'
'Jinora we know, you have said it like a thousand time' we yelled
'You know, you weren't such a talkative when we were young, it's like your puberty changed you' Jena sighed
'Yea yea whatever, it's who I am now, I can't change it' she said buoyantly, my phone vibrated
'meet me at the school field now' Arthur, hmm
'I have to rush off to somewhere girls, I'll be back' I said hastily and ran into the bathroom, few minutes later I walked to the field, Arthur was standing there, his aura was different but I waved it off as nothing. 'Hi my love, I didn't think you'd call me out here'
'We need to talk' he said coldly
'Okaaaaaay, what about?'
'I can't date you anymore'
'Why?' I asked panickingly
'Because you're a witch and I can't be with one, you are bad news to me and any other guy who will dare love you'
'But yesterday you said...'
'Forget what I said!' He roared. 'I hate you now and that's it'
'Arthur please don't do this to me, not after yesterday night' I sobbed
'I don't know what y....forget it, we are through, don't ever come close to me again!!!' He shouted and stomped off, I dropped on my knees and wailed holding my chest
Gwen said everything would be alright, she lied to me, she lied to me!!!! Wind surrounded me as the sky darkened and roared with thunder
'Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!' I roared furiously in tears, it flowed down and the grass dried up and the earth quaked, I was out of control
'That's right Raquelia, let your fury out on the earth' a deep voice laughed, I felt something holding my hands and legs down and soon I couldn't move my body anymore, I looked around, I was in the cave tied down by my own unbreakable chains and being forced to sleep

 Jena's POV

The sudden storm was suspicious, I tried calling Quelly but no reception, a knock sounded at the door, I went and opened it
'Arthur thank goodness! Where's Quelly?'
'I thought I dropped her off this morning' he said confusedly
'No, you texted her to come see you at the field' I panicked
'I can't even find my phone, please where is my girlfriend? My body is going off a lot of weird vibe' he said ominously
'Arthur you texted Cat to come see you' Nora butt in, I gasped
'Oh no!' I exclaimed, the amulet glowed red, Massey! 'Arthur take my hands quick' I yelled
'Just take it you stupid moronic fool!!!' I roared, he took my hands I closed my eyes. 'Onto the light I guide your soul, onto the garden I cast your body, begone from this world that's about to turn black and rest until that guilder awakes you' I chanted the spell Gwen told me last night, now I understand my dream, why didn't I warn Quelly. He disappeared
'What the hell!' Jinora exclaimed
'I'm sorry Jinora but you must go' I removed the amulet from my neck and touched her with it and she disappeared to our shielded house. 'With my life I break this pod, with my soul I destroy this amulet, may darkness never find it light and may the creator be revived' I yelled and smashed the amulet on the floor, a bright light rose from it and exploded and I slumped on the floor motionless

Massey's POV

'Nooooo!!!' Vector roared. I smiled to myself. 'That stupid girl destroyed it and sent Arthur away'
'What do we now?'
'Kill every single being in this planet, no one can stop us now and when I have enough energy, I'll summon the spirits of my lost warriors'

No, everything is hopeless for me now

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Raquelia - Episode27
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Kyle 's POV

I tried Jena's phone one more time but she didn't pick up Lyle was trying Jinora's phone as well. I looked at the news again
"The death fog in LA is growing stronger and spreading fast, satellite shows that it have spread to Seattle and is killing people it comes in contact with in a blink of an eye, scientists still haven't figured out what's wrong....." Lyle smashed the TV
'Lyle! The TV did nothing' I yelled, I wish I never left for Solomon with Lyle earlier, now I'm stuck here, no plane can move because of the endless lightning and storm
'What is happening? I can't even reach Urania or Raquelia, I need to know if they are okay'
'Arthur and Ashley as well, the fog have covered LA, I fear that..….'
'Don't you dare say that Kyle' he yelled. 'They aren't dead, maybe they escaped....yes they did' he said lowly trying to convince himself that they are
God please let them be okay

Raquelia's POV

Void, an empty over colored void, that was were I was, I couldn't move but sat there in that black chair, helpless. I cried because I failed, I cried because I let my love ones die, I cried because I disappointed Maisie, Genevieve, Gwen, everyone that depended on me
My life is messed up, my world is messed up, by now she would have killed Arthur and Jena, the two most important people in my life. I was in a deep sleep and in that sleep I was tied to that awful chair and in reality, I was chained to a stone bed
'Arthur, Jena, everyone I'm so sorry I failed, I was so relaxed that I forgot to do my duty, please forgive me' I sobbed
'My starlight' a voice echoed softly
'Huh? Who said that? Vector if this is you don't bother to hide, just gloat at me already' I shouted
'Temper my dear was the exact thing I didn't like about your mother' the voice said again, dad? 'Not the dad you think I am but yes' my eyes scanned around with utter confusion
A man appeared in front of me, his hair was gleaming white and wrapped around his waist like a waistband, his eyes were flashing diamonds and his lips were ultramarine and had a creepy smile plastered on it. His obviously long arm was shoved into his pocket and there was a weird tattoo trailing down his temples to his arms and his clothes covered the rest.
I have those same tattoo trailing down my temple to my neck, arms, back and around my waist but it's only visible to my eyes. I looked at his face clearly and realized that I look exactly like him, it was like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself in an opposite form
'Hello daughter' he said smirkingly
'Daugh...what?' I asked quizzically
'Of course you won't remember and you don't know me, I'm Alexander, father of Victor and Vector, creator of Afidian' he smiled, I gasped
'Y...y....y....y...why do I look like you?' I said stammeringly
'Because you are my daughter, how? Good question' he removed his hands from his pocket and sat down on a chair that appeared from nowhere, he leaned back comfortably on the chair and crossed his legs in a way that made him look really charming and irresistible
I slapped myself mentally, he chuckled
'Now you know where your good looks come from' he said winkingly, I giggled despite myself. 'Do you know your mother do that when I wink too? She would blush and giggled like a love struck teen, you have her eyes' he said smilingly
'My mom's eyes are blue and my dad's brown'
'Not them, when I realized that Victor will not be able to protect my people, I got worried, he was egotistical and over confident but I didn't see it earlier, I already gave him the throne and taking it back would kill him so I thought of something else, your mother...' He paused and stared at me sadly
'Please go on' I pleaded
'She was an ordinary girl in a cottage close to the Jistorian lake, I always admire her with everything she did, work, sang, dance, talk, bathe, etcetera, I let go of myself and went to her as a normal guy, a hunter who she fell in love with but I made sure no one found out that it was me' he inhaled with his eyes closed. 'I decided to have another child, one I could use to save the things Victor and Vector, those two horrible mistake of mine would destroy and so I did, she got pregnant and it was at that time I realized that my time was coming, if I let you stay on your own, your brothers would find you and definitely killed you so I did something horrible myself' a tear ran down his cheek but he wiped it off and opened his eyes which were now flashing a lot
'What did you do?' I asked tearily
'I removed you from your mother's womb and with my last strength kept you inside the amulet, the spell killed your mother, it took her life...' He choked. 'I'm sorry Starlight, please forgive me, I just had to protect you' he sobbed, I really don't care much. 'I sent a little bit of my light ahead which entered Maisie's great grandmother and transferred to her then Genevieve who finished it all by bringing you out of the amulet like I planned, Gwen was born to guard you like she did'
'And that's why I kept insisting you do what I say' Gwen's voice snapped
'Quiet Gwen' Alex said frostily
'So what now?' I asked tearily
'I will break the chains but it will take time, too long'
'That's not possible' I said disappointedly
'Ha! My dear, you don't know how powerful we are'

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'Are you alive?'
'In you, yes but not physically, anyways Gwen please come out now'
'Finally!' Gwen exclaimed and came out. 'Do you wanna know why I insisted that you bond with Arthur?'
'Because in times like this, you can remove your spirit and use his body, I knew this would happen' she said smugly
'Where's Arthur?' I asked shakily 'he's dead'
'No, he's not, I'm always one step ahead my dear' she smiled
'Starlight do you forgive me? Do you even believe me?' My suppose dad asked
'With what I am, anything is possible and I don't care about the other thing, just get me out of this stupid chair so I can do what I ought to do' I snapped
'Again, you're so much like your mother, so snappy' he complained
'Dad!' I yelled, he smiled, did I just call him that? Scratch that. 'Get me out of here'
'Do it yourself' he said smirkingly and disappeared
'Gwen' I cried
'Don't look at me, I'm not your dad so bye bye' she disappeared too
'That's it!!!' I screamed and struggled till I set myself free, I stood up shocked by my own strength and then removed my spirit from my body and located Arthur's body
Now I am going to end you once and for all dear brother
Jena's POV

My spirit was floating in limbo and I could do nothing, I was dead. Then I saw a light, glowing, a lady stepped out with arms crossed, her eyes were green and hair light brown, her lips were cherry and she smelt like lemon lime
'You are brave Jena' she smiled, she's beautiful
'Who are you?'
'My name's Emma and I'm here to help you'
'Wait! As in The Emma?'
'Yes, hanging out with magical Gwen have taught me a lot, anyways, take my hands and let me lead you to your second life'
'Second life?'
'Duh! You're like a cat with nine lives and I'm it keeper, now give me your fucking hands, I don't have all day' she said coldly, I took her hands. 'Now, this second life of yours comes with a little effect or rather cool power'
'Power!' I said quizzically, she nodded. 'What power?'
'Flame' she said calmly and her green eyes glowed until it covered her entire eyes. 'From beneath the earth link to the sun, may the power of fire be granted to thee as a protector to your second life, begone Jena Iris Zachary and guide the light as you ought to' she chanted, I felt a strong force pulling me into nowhere in particular, a hole opened in the void less sky above and she let go of my hands. 'For the record, you're dope cute, love your outfit keep rocking it Emma Jr' she said winkingly before I got sucked up
I opened my eyes with a gasp and found myself in my hostel, fog was everywhere, I coughed as I stood up, something was crawling to me and making funny crabs sound
'Whatever you are, be it dark go away!!!' I shouted and the next thing I knew, I was on fire and it exploded burning everything in the room except me. 'This is awesome!' I squealed, I ran out of the hostel, my fire burning the fog away, dead bodies were everywhere
What do I do now?
'Jena?' I heard a voice, I turned and saw Arthur looking at me, his eyes were silver? 'Jena' Quelly's voice came out
'Raquelia, you're in him?'
'Long story, we need to find Massey and now, we need to awaken Penny and Abel is the only way out, he's not in town, luckily so he's alive' she said thoughtfully. 'Let's go' she flew up
'I can't fly!!!!' I shouted
'You have fire dummy' she shouted, it's like I'm firestorm. I giggled and easily took off with my flame, come on, I trained Quelly, training myself isn't that hard at all

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Raquelia's POV. (She's in Arthur's body)

We found Abel in his family house in Switzerland, Jena dropped down in a crash
'Ow! I'll get it next time' she said painfully rubbing her butt
'Jena, Arthur, what are you doing here and did you just drop from the sky?' Abel asked quizzically
'Blah blah Esau, now come here' Jena said boringly, I carried him
'What the hell! Arthur, put me down, I love free ride but not like this....hey...' He shouted as we took him away while Jena pest his life from behind, we got to the heart of the fog which I know won't be able to kill Abel just yet. Some disgusting creatures crawled out
'Roasted crabs, my fave' Jena smiled and increased her flame, she'll be fine. I dragged Abel closer to the Penny who was covered by the fog, the fog died down
'Penny? What the hell is this madness' Abel snapped
'Urgh! You, Raquelia, how did you....' Vector tried to speak but Massey beat him to it
'Please save me from this mad man, I just want to rest' she cried, interesting
'Who are you calling mad man?' Vector flared
'Abel Penny have been possessed, please try to reach out to her' I said calmly, he folded his arms
'You've always been an idiot Penelope, gullible and stupidly dumb, that's why I regret loving you, you are weak and pathetic and I rather love a dog instead of you....oh wait! You are a dog, you slept with him....' He pointed to me. (Arthur) 'and almost pinned him down with my baby who you killed at the end'
What the hell is he saying? I said reach out, not insult h.........Arthur did what!
'You are rude and desperate and I will never forgive you for what you did to my poor child, he or she should have been four by now but no Mrs Desperate bitch, you killed her or him' he roared, tears ran down her cheeks
'I said I'm sorry, you think losing our baby wasn't hard for me as well? I was a bitch, a whore, a fool, an idiot and I suffered for it alone, no one was there for me, I'm sorry Abel just forgive me' Penny's voice came out weakly, I smiled and removed my spirit from Arthur, I pushed Massey out of Penny who fainted immediately
'Urgh! Possess the boy' Vector yelled
'No Massey, this is not my fight but yours, you alone can stop Vector, you have to fight him out, get him out of you Massey, accept forgiveness and fight him' I encouraged her, she closed her eyes and screamed in pain as she tried hard to push him out. 'Jena!' I yelled, she ran to me and I entered her body
'Cool' she squealed, I rolled my eyes and enchanted her flames, the lava color turned white and silver, Massey was weak and losing, then something dropped from the sky, a woman
Maisie, she walked to Massey and held her hands
'Massey, the bond', Maisie nodded. 'Let the bond of the twins light be revealed and may all darkness be expelled' they chanted, and with one powerful pull, Maisie dragged him out and threw him to me
I burnt him but he won't die
'Die you moron!!!' Jena yelled and took over, her fire increased, wow! Jena is something else, she alone burnt Vector to ashes as he screamed in pain, even after he was gone, she still roasted him like a corn
'Jena it's okay' I laughed as I jumped out of her but she kept frying the ashes, she stopped and started jumping on it. 'What are you doing?'
'Making sure he dies, duh'. I laughed and looked at Maisie and Massey who were hugging
'Thank you' they mouthed and ascended, I saw my body walking to me in a funny way, I smiled
'How do girl's work this thing?' Alex's voice asked disgustingly, I chuckled and jumped into my body
'You should have let me do it' Gwen said scoffingly, will I always have them disturb me in my head? Gwen appeared in front of me and smiled. 'See you when you need me Lia' she waved goodbye, I hugged her before she disappeared
I wiped my tears and raised my hands up to the sky
'May all that happen be forgotten and may those who die be awaken' I whispered, the fog turned white and covered the whole earth, when it died down, Jena and Arthur were the only one there but he was asleep, Jena on the other hand was packing the ashes into a bowl of water. 'Jena' I laughed
'Let me finish' she snapped, I chuckled and hugged her from behind
'Thank you'
'Yea I'm fabulous thank you but can't you see I'm working?' I shook my head and looked at Arthur, everything will be okay now
So what do you think?
In a sort of way, Jena really saved everything

Am I right?


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