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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode25


Raquelia - Episode25
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

I yawned as I woke up, I looked around and got alerted, where am I? I looked beside me and saw Arthur sleeping with a lot of drips connected to different parts of his body. I smiled sadly and scoohed closer to him, his face was up and a breathing mask on his nose and mouth. Soft sobs escaped my mouth

'You'll be okay my love' I assured him and held his hand, I closed my eyes and tried to connect with his spirit but it was really impossible, somehow I feel like Gwen is intentionally punishing me for my mistake. The door opened and Arthur's mom and Jena walked in with the doctor, they looked bored of something, I smiled

'So I thought I should just say hi to him nothing suspicious just a friendly hi to my ex but Nate got all jealous and blabbed about me wanting to leave him and run back to my ex is he crazy? Why will I do that? He's just really annoying and obviously in his period right Mrs Arthur?' She breathe out
'Mm hm'

'Yea in his period, whatever' Jena sighed

'Doctor what about you?'

'He's just scared Miss but please be quiet now so you won't wake them up and murder Arthur with your talk' the doctor said coldly, she gasped

'Hey you Mr White Coat, my voice can't kill anyone' she flared
'You sure about that?' A smaller voice asked sarcastically, who's that?

'Of course I am' Jinny snorted. 'Anyways, doctor how did the test go? I'm not pregnant right? Because if I should be Jayden will render Nate impotent then fry me before my parents eat me'
'You're not pregnant Miss, please be quiet' the doctor snapped
'I'm just t....'

'One more word from you Jinora and I will rip out your vocal chord' Jena snapped, she kept quiet. The doctor walked to Arthur and checked him, I kept my eyes shut
'It's still fascinating how his nerves and readings calmed downed the moment we put Miss Raquelia beside him, Jena how did you know it would work?' He asked completely fascinated
'If you have seen their love in action, you would understand' she said nonchalantly

'What about my sister in-law? Why is she not waking up? It's been four days already, is she pregnant?' The small voice asked, Ashley
Wait four days!


'Mom, I'm only making sense here' Ashley said laughingly. 'Who knows what Arthur do to her behind close doors and how she screams' she continued laughingly and Arthur's mom smacked her while Jinny and Jena laughed, I frowned, if I had done that before he wouldn't be on this stupid but soft bed, are we still in a hospital?
I opened my eyes slowly like I was just waking up, they gasped
'She's awake!'


Jena explained to me how I slept off and didn't wake up, she also said that after the operation, Arthur's heart kept rising and falling so she suggested or rather insisted I be laid beside him in his fancy hospital room that looks like a bedroom

'Ashley please leave my hair alone' I pleaded, she kept touching my hair

'But it's so soft and smooth and smell so nice' she said acknowledgedly as she stuffed her face into my hair. 'I can eat it'
'And it can electrify you' Jena said jokingly but she was serious
'I'll take my chances' she smiled
'Ashley let go of her hair' Anika, Arthur's mom said seriously, Ashley sighed and let go of my hair

'Call me' she whispered to my hair, I laughed. A man walked in and I could easily tell it was Arthur's dad, the striking resemblance was there, only that he had his mom's complexion and eyes

'Honey' Anika said excitedly, he stopped on his track and stared at her suspiciously. 'What?'

'You called me honey, what do you want this time?'

'So because I called you a sweet name I want something?' She asked frowningly, he scoffed
'You have three seconds to say it or forget about it' he said seriously
'Okay I need to go see Becca, she just gave birth and you know this is her first baby so as her sister I need to be there for her' she said sheepishly

'I knew it, you can go but I have to return to China too, what do we do about Arthur?'

'I'm right here you know' Kyle who have been quietly staring at Jena and Jinora said waving his hand

'And me too' his identical twin smiled too, he was seriously staring at Jinora, I chuckled
'You can go, we'll be here for him' I assured them

'I won't' Ashley muttered
'What did you say?' His dad asked warningly

'I mean yay! I'll be here too' she said with fake enthusiasm, he smiled. The next few hours was spent with me laughing, gosh! Arthur's family are so funny, his parents argue like every thirty minutes and Ashley spice things up, sometimes they would say
'Arthur back me up here' then hiss and mutter. 'My back up is flexing his bed'

As for Kyle, he wasn't still used to seeing two Jena, he kept demanding that Jena dye her hair
'How can your eyes and hair and everything be the same, my heart is the only means of identification I have, dye your hair' he would say

'I love my hair like this, leave me alone' she would snap back
'I wish to cut mine but Jayden will kill me' Jinny would add, it was funny, Jena and Jinny got along with Lyle easily, especially Jin who Lyle is obviously crushing on
I'm wondering how they can tell who is who

Jin might be very loquacious but just like Jena, her unintentional charms on guys are still active, very active. I smiled to myself because she would certainly end up with Lyle, from day one I never liked Nate and I knew the relationship won't last but Jin won't hear it, in exactly six days from now, he would break up with her but by then she won't care because Lyle's name will be boldly sealed in her heart


 Jena's POV

I typed on my phone as I laid on Kyle's bed, he was in the bathroom still washing his hands, don't even know what he touched. I dropped my phone and sighed, Quelly was still glued to the hospital, she never leaves Arthur's side, she cries a lot sometimes, as for Penny, after she tried to kill me twice and Quelly saved me, she disappeared, everyone thinks she's missing but she only ran away from Quelly's wrath
'Hey' Kyle called softly, I hummed. 'Who are you chatting with?' He picked up my phone and checked my chat, God! He has serious jealous issues 'who's Dathan?' He asked jealously, I sighed
'Some dude who wants to date me'
'Did you tell him you have a boyfriend named Kyle McGee?'
'Please read the chat and let it answer your question' I wasn't in the mood to talk, I don't like how he suspect me every time, Quelly said it's because he's scared he'll lose me, I am very beautiful and extremely attractive so anyone can try and snatch me but I've told him times without number that I've loved him for four years and it won't stop now

'Who's Kyle Darlington? So you have another Kyle in your life, one that will replace me' he asked tearily, not again, I never knew that Kyle was a softie pretending to be hard, he gets hurt easily by any mean words I say, it began just after we started dating, cute but still

'Kyle please not again, why can't you just trust me, I love you and no one can change that, you're too legit to quit... See!' I showed him our chat. 'He's just your fan and hopes to see you one day, that's all'
'Are you sure?'

'I swear on....on....on...erm Jayden's life that I won't ever cheat on you' I said kneeing up on the bed, he chuckled

'So if you do I should kill Jayden?' He said laughingly, I nodded, he smiled. 'I'm sorry I keep acting like this, I trust you but I'm just scared, my first love got snatched from me so I just....'. So that's why!
'Well I'm not her, guys don't snatch me, I snatch them' I said seriously, he cackled

'You indeed do' he smiled and pulled me down to the bed, he hovered over me, I rolled my eyes. 'Do you know I love you very much' he asked huskily with darken eyes

'Yea you do but that won't give you access to me yet so hands off' I said smirkingly, he pouted
'Jena I think it's high time I weaken one part of your over confident' he said with a lopsided smirk

'You know you can't' I said proudly, he chuckled
'If there's one thing I'm a professional at, it's getting a woman laid when I choose to and as long as you are on my bed, you're not going anywhere today until I have you begging me to fuck you'

'Ha!' I laughed nervously, simulating bold confidence in myself in front of him is hard enough but if he tries anything, I would fall within a second, only his kiss is enough to wipe my brain

'I've told you to stop fighting it, you're delaying yourself' Quelly said calmly

'Quelly what are you doing in my head? Get out this instance'
'Oh sorry, I was bored and decided to check on you and I like his dare because he's about to find out how weak he can make you, I should tell him your weak point is the left side of your neck just below your ear... Oh he knows' she laughed and stopped talking, I felt Kyle's lip on my weak spot and my body got paralyzed
Darn it!

Arthur's POV

I opened my eyes slowly and winced at the pain of the light, I felt something squeeze my hand tightly, I could hear a voice squealing. I turned and saw a white haired girl, she's beautiful but who is she?

'Arthur can you hear me?' She asked excitedly, even her voice was enchanting, I stared at her admirably. 'Arthur?' She removed the mask from my face and some other trash

'I'm fine' my voice came out weakly, she giggled and hugged me, I held her weakly

'You got me scared you know' she smiled. 'My love I missed you' love? What love? Is she my girlfriend? When did I have a Bae? I'm in love with that girl from the park so who's this?

Wait! The eyes, the hair, the lips, it's her! I moaned in pain when my brain vibrated

'Are you okay? My love' she panicked

'Raquelia' I whispered as her name popped up, I remember everything now, my Creamy. 'My love' I called back, she sighed with relief and touched my head, I don't know what she did but I suddenly felt stronger, like I was never sick. 'Penelope!' I gasped out
'I'll deal with her once you're hundred percent okay' she said angrily but not to me, that last told me that she's not what I think but I should be patient and let her tell me who she really is

Patient my foot!

'Raquelia please tell me, who really are you?' I asked with a much stronger voice

'Gwen' she muttered and cursed under her breath. 'I'll tell you later'

'Tell me now or consider us over' I said sternly, she gasped

'Arthur please don't break up with me' she pleaded with glassy eyes
'Then Miss Raquelia Catania McGrath, if that's your real name, tell me who or what you are because in case it didn't register to you, I almost got killed because of you' I said stridently, tears ran down her cheeks as she burst into tears, okay too harsh. 'Okay I'm sorry, please don't cry, I'm sorry' I apologized and sat up

'I haven't even told you and you already want to dump me' she sobbed, what have I done?
'I won't, I promise' I assured her
'Take your bath and eat first, then I'll tell you when you get home, not here AND YOU CAN'T BREAK UP WITH ME, I WONT LEAVE YOU, EVER!' she shouted, I smiled
'I know, we are stuck together' I smiled and wiped her tears, my mind raced with thoughts

What or who really is my girlfriend?


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