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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode24


Raquelia - Episode24
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Arthur's POV

I cursed under my breath as I stared at the stupid traffic, I brought out my phone to call Lia for the umpteenth time but still no reception, Gosh! She's going to be really really mad at me, I'm awfully late. I saw a bend, I remembered it's a short cut to Mabel's so I took it, the road was strangely free and lonely
I drove at the highest speed when I saw Penny standing in the middle of the road with arms crossed, what is she doing there?

'Penny did your car break down?' I asked her once I stopped the car, she smiled menacingly, what's her problem? My good Lord! Penny lifted my car up and tossed it away, it somersaulted until it stopped upside down, I was almost unconscious, she pushed the pole close to the car and it fell on it, crushing and electrifying the car with me along

The pain was unbearable, I opened my bleeding eyes and found myself in a dark space
'Hello, is anybody there? Help me!!!' I shouted but my voice echoed back to me, I saw a black smoke rising in the form of a hawk, I started running away from it but it was fruitless, it caught up to me and whirled around me, a hole opened up in the ground and I fell in, I screamed as I fell down the hole that seemed endlessly until I saw a hot boiling black oil or something below

Just as I was about to fall inside, a white portal from nowhere opened and a feminine bangles hand caught me, the hand pulled me in and I found myself in a garden, I kneed as I gasped for breath, when I got myself, I looked up at the owner of the hand and saw a woman with yellow and white hair

'Hello Arthur, we finally meet' she said smilingly

'I don't know you'

'You don't have to my dear, I know you and that's what matters'
'What just happened? Am I dead?'

'Nope, but you are between life and death, I could only save you this time because...never mind' she stopped talking

'Please tell me what's going on, I need to know why Penny just lifted my car like it was nothing and tossed it away, why I was falling into something that would kill me' I pleaded

'It's not in my place to tell you that but you will know later' she smiled and inhaled. 'This is a spiritual healing garden, you'll be here for a while until she can take back your spirit from the underworld'

'Who's she?' I asked curiously
'You'll find out later, you are safe here for now'

'Can I at least know your name?' I asked pleadingly, she smiled a little

'I am who I am and she knows what I am but you needn't know that, be safe Arthur McKnight' her voice echoed as wind surrounded her and zap! She disappeared


Raquelia's POV

I stood outside waiting patiently for Arthur, why can't I reach him? I promised myself I won't use my powers today so why this?
'Do you know that you are easily confused?' I heard a feminine voice behind me, I gasped and turned

'Gwen!' I squealed and hugged her
'Hello Lia, how have you been?'
'I've been fine, very fine' I smiled
'I can see you are happily in love' she said sarcastically, I tilted my head in confusion. 'Lia I warned you that when you find the one that makes your heart beats, you should bond with him immediately, didn't I?' She asked frowningly

'Well yes but I just started dating him not up to two weeks, wouldn't that be too soon?'

'Lia you are looking at it from the perspective of humans, you are not an ordinary human you fool, you are Raquelia, you know Massey's awake yet you made a foolish mistake like this,.' She yelled angrily

'Gwen I...'

'Just shut it! I told you to bond with him because I know why, because I knew what would happen!!!' My eyes watered
'What happened to him, what have Massey done to him?' I asked shakily

'Your precious boyfriend's spirit is being traded right now to Kichima, a wicked underworld witch, one I trapped there many years ago, if she gets his spirit, that will be a great mistake for you'

'What do I do now?' I sobbed
'Go to the underworld and get it back but I will not promise you that he'll wake up, I don't know what else Massey did to him' she said calmly, I nodded. 'And I told you not to fall your hair, it's more sensitive to danger around it and can extend to protect you' she added with a deeper frown and disappointment, I packed my hair and changed my dress

'I'm sorry I disappointed you Gwen'

'Just go' she said thoughtfully and disappeared, I wiped my tears and jumped into Limbo, it was dark and foggy, I walked to the underworld village and searched each store, they trembled when they saw me coming and gave way
'What is the queen herself doing in my pitiful domain?' A voice asked, I sighed, it was Rucious, keeper of the underworld
'I'm here to take back a spirit, Massey have escaped and she sent a spirit here to be sold to Kichima, if she gets hold of that spirit, she'll be free and I won't be able to handle both she and Massey at the same time' I replied without turning around to face him
'Interesting, normally Massey would have just taken his soul as energy, why sell it?' He asked confusedly

'One, his soul can not be taken because it is attached to mine and two to make herself invisible with Kichima's help, now stop making me talk, I have to find it'

'Maybe I can help, follow me' he said calmly, I turned and followed him making sure my hood covers my face properly, he led me to a weird store. 'Gomez' he shouted, an old man missing one eye walked out with his stick
'My Leigh' he bowed

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'Crap talk, where is the locket that was delivered to you mysteriously with Kichima's name on it?' I asked barbarously
'I don't know what you are talking about milady' he lied, I laughed skeptically
'Do you think the dead can feel no pain? Well Mr Eye, I can make you feel even worse if you don't GIVE ME BACK MY BOYFRIEND'S SPIRIT!!!' I roared, he flinched, I inhaled. 'Bring it out in 5...'

'But milady I don't....'


'I really d...'


'Kichima will pay a lot of......'


'Okay I'll get it!' He exclaimed, he struggled back inside and came back with a locket, I snatched it from his hand and stared at it, my hair flamed up when I saw that it was empty, I burnt the locket and stretched my hand, I lifted him up by his neck

'Tell me you idiot!!!!' I screamed exasperatingly, I felt like breaking down and crying

'I already sent it to her' he gasped out
'Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' I screamed angrily, I opened the portal to the abyss and threw him inside ignoring his plea, I took off with the speed of lightning as I let my instinct lead, I got to her when she was about to open the locket box. 'Kichima give me that box'
'Why should I give it to you young lady? It's my first present since forever' she said possessively, old hag

'It belongs to me'

'Go away now before I freeze you' she snapped, I hissed as I felt my eyes turn red.

'Kichima' I roared with a thousand voice, she flinched and recoiled when she finally realized who I was. 'GIVE-ME-THE BOX!!!' She threw it to me sadly, I opened it frantically and brought it out, I could see my Archie trapped in there in tears, I sighed with relief and wore it as a tear ran down my cheek, I wiped it off and looked at Kichima who was so sad and lonely

'Kich, what do you want the most?'
She was stunned by my question

'Yes, what do you want the most?'
'No one have ever asked me that before' she said surprisingly, I walked to and sat opposite her. 'All my life people called me ugly hag, I had no friend, even my parents rejected me, all I had left was my powers and a scornfully hurt heart, revenge just seemed so right' she said sadly

'Do you want a second chance?' I asked softly

'More than anything, even if I have to trade my powers for it but I'm old now, what use will that be?' She wiped off a tear

'I can help you but I will trade your powers for beauty and peace if only you swear by my hair that you will do no evil anymore' I said unsurely. 'If you try to break your promise, I'll know and you'll die before I even try to stop you'
'This world will never accept me'
'But humans will if you are Kaitlynn McMartin, an ordinary....?'

'Florist, I've always wanted to sell flowers and enjoy nature' she completed grinningly, I smiled and took her hand. 'Will I find love and get married?'

'That depends on you' I closed my eyes and light whirled around us, I found myself back in front of Mabel's house, I looked up at the sky and saw the stars form the image of Maisie who smiled at me approvingly, someone tapped me, I turned and saw Kyle

'Raquel you have to come with me, Arthur was involved in a terrible accident' he said breathlessly, I snapped back to reality and burst into tears, remembering Gwen said he might survive, he might not. Kyle drove us to the hospital, Jena hugged me throughout the ride there

I ran into the hospital almost using my supernatural speed if not for Jena's strong hold on my wrist, a woman was pacing around in tears and a girl on the floor trying to call someone
'Come on dad! Pick up' she yelled in tears

'Mom' Kyle called softly, she looked at him and opened her arms for a hug, Kyle went to her and hugged her, I ignored them and ran into the operation room
'You're not suppose to be here' the doctor protested, I stared at him and he froze, the doors sealed shut on his own and the rest froze, Arthur looked so terrible, a normal person that don't have me would have died on spot, I wept more as I wore him the necklace, I kissed his bleeding forehead
'It's okay my love, you'll be okay, I promise' I sobbed and pecked his lips, the locket vanished into his body, I walked back to my previous position and unfreeze the doctors and nurses then I opened the doors

'You can't stay in here' he continued, Kyle ran in
'Raquel please come with me' I had to act so I refused, they had to beg Kyle to carry me out, I was carried back to the waiting room, Arthur's mom hugged me
'It's okay Raquelia, please be strong for him' she whispered, her hug felt exactly like my mom's, I relaxed in her arms, even her scent was mom's, in other word, I've found someone that can replace my mom fully
Sorry aunt Felicia but this woman just feels right, Gwen appeared kneeing in front of me

'Sleep Lia, Sleep and let the pain go away' she whispered and I slept off immediately


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