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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode23


Raquelia - Episode23
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

Jena went to pick up Jinora and Jayden, Ura was going crazy running around and cleaning the room, Jena refuse to tell her that Jay was coming but I told her when she left

'Ura you have sprayed this room ten times now, leave it like that, Jay don't like too much perfume or air refresher'

'Oh no! He's going to hate me for the too much air refresher' she panicked and gasped 'I smell like onion!' She ran into the bathroom and I sighed. My phone vibrated
'Creamy what color of tuxedo should I wear?'

'Don't wear tuxedo, it's a party not a prom'

'oh, okay should I wear a red or green shirt?'

'Just surprise me' I texted back
'but what if you don't like what I choose?'

'Archie I don't care what you wear, it doesn't matter to me'
'say it please'

'Fine, I don't care because I'm not in love with the outfit but the person wearing it

'Yes!!!!! She said it!' I chuckled, my phone vibrated again but this time Arthur was calling, I shyly picked it. 'Say it say it say it'


'Oh come on! I wanna hear it' I rolled my eyes, saying it out loud was unnerving me
'Okay, I love you Arthur' I said blushingly

'With my nickname'

'I love you Archie, can you stop making me blush now'
'Whoo!!!!!!! And I love you too like I've said before but even more, Lia will you marry me?' I burst into laughter

'Archie you're nuts' I laughed, he laughed too
'Jinora in the house!!!!!' Jinora shouted as she kicked the poor door open. 'What's up sis?!!!' God she's loud

'Gotta go love, bye and I love you again' I whispered and hung up. 'Jinny baby, how ya doing?'
'My sweetheart' we hugged. 'You owe me a long gist of the star couples' she said with a wink. 'Jena went to sign the dudes into a hotel for the nights they'll spend here'

'Okay, I so don't like toying with people but I will deal with that Kyle for making my Jena cry and I can't wait to meet my crush Arthur who is now your boyfriend and do you know that Nate and I almost got caught in bed by Jay he would have murdered him and.....hoo fries!' She said in one breath, she took my fries and started eating it as she continued to blab and blab and blab
Jena please save me! Jena walked in

'Shut up Jinora' she snapped and Jinny kept shut, Jena and Jay are the only ones that can shut her up. Jay walked In with Nate
'My sunshine' he squealed, I ran to him and hugged him. 'I missed you Sunny'

'I missed you too'

'Hey Whitie' Nate chirped

'Hey Nathaniel' I smiled, he frowned, he hates his full name. I laughed

'What's to eat in here? I'm starving' Jinny said poutingly
'Nora you ate a big belly burger in the cab and you just ate someone's fries, how can you still be hungry?' Nate asked frowningly, she hissed and stood up
'I'm off to get something to eat'
'Sit down Jinora' Jay said authoritatively as he looked around for Ura

'But I'm hungry' she protested
'Jena can you follow me to get something for my queen?' Nate asked Jena, Jinny giggled while Jena sighed and walked out, he followed her. Nia walked out in her bathrobe nervously
'Oh hello The Zachary'

'Oh! You must be Ura! My brother stares at....' Jay covered her mouth but she was still murmuring her words

'Sunny why not take Jin on a tour?' He asked pleadingly, she nodded, he released her mouth

'I just love tours, it reminds me of the time I went sightseeing when Jay's ex girlfriend came over by the time I return they......mmm mm mm' Jay covered her mouth again
'Sunny' he cried, I stood up and dragged her out as she still talked, why me!

Kyle 's POV

'A cup of coffee please' I said politely to the waiter at the counter, sure she didn't recognize me, I was wearing a hood and nerd glasses.

'Yes sir'

I sighed, I really messed up with Jena, she didn't let it show but I know I did. She talked less in practiced after that day and she didn't even challenge or care to insult me like she always did and it hurts. I heard her voice from behind me

'Good morning ma'am' I turned, she was with a guy
'Jena dear, how are you?'

'I'm fine' she said lowly, she looked so down and sad and I'm pretty sure I'm the cause of it
'You don't look alright at all, are you sure you're okay?' The woman asked, she smiled and nodded. 'The usual right?'

'Make it to go and add ten pretzels to it'

'We should buy a pizza too' the guy behind her said calmly
'I know, with Nora around, food is a must' she smiled at the guy. 'Will you need anything Nate?'

'Nay, I'm cool like this but maybe a scone will do' so this is the Nate, he's not even handsome, I thought she was lying about the boyfriend thing but I guess I thought wrong. I stood up and walked out, I've lost my appetite for any food here
I went back to my house, my twin was in the living room watching a movie, yes I have a twin, he's more of a model and voice actor
'Hi bro, did you get my coffee?' He asked with his eyes still glued to the TV, I sighed and slumped on the couch next to his, he turned and looked at me questioningly. 'What happened to you?'

'My heart is dying' I said lowly, he stood up and walked out, he returned later with a bottle of cold water, he sat beside me and gave me the bottle. I drank it all

'Now what happened? Is it Jena again?'

'Yes, she came to the store with her boyfriend, she really have one'
'She doesn't, I'm hundred percent sure of it, my guts tells me so' he said certainly

'Lyle, I saw them' I cried
'Did you see them kiss or hold each other?'

'No but he....'

'Kyle don't let that bug you, I know my guts and I've always said it that one day you'll meet a girl that will crush your confident if you don't stop flirting but you...'

'Lyle please don't rub it in'
'Bro, tell her how you feel tonight or I will do that for you' he said seriously, we are identical except our hairs and eyes, mine is black hair and green eyes, he have blonde hair and brown eyes but that won't be a problem. I sighed
'And if he's her boyfriend?'

'Then I get him out of the picture, I can't let my big bro hurt like this, never'

'Lyle you will not ruin their relationship please, I'll be fine with time' I said calmly and stood up, I left for my room with my broken spirit


I sat glumly in a dark corner with Lyle who was still trying to cheer me up, I saw Jena walk in arm in arm with that guy, she walked straight to Mabel, something looks different about her. I stood up and walked to them

'Hey Kyle' she smiled, her voice was lighter and her eyes were not familiar, the same color but just not the same, her smile was also the same but not the same, am I going crazy?

'Hey how are you? Who's this?'
'My boyfriend Nate'

'You two look very cute together' Mabel smiled, I rolled my eyes
'Thank you, Nate let's dance' she squealed and pulled the guy to the dance floor, I watched as he held her waist but I didn't get jealous, don't I love her? A girl ran to Mabel and shook her hands
'My name's Urania, I'm a big fan' she chirped, Mabel forced a smile, they talked for a while before she saw Lucas and ran to him, Mabel is crazy for that guy. The girl went her way, I looked at the entrance and saw Raquelia coming
My God! She looked like a goddess, she was literally glowing like the moon, it was the first time I saw her fall her hair, where's Arthur? He needs to see his Bae as in quick.

The music stopped and everyone was staring at her with mouth agape, she smiled as she looked around for Arthur, where is that dude anyways? She walked out immediately, the stares were too much, the music turned on again
I turned back to Jena, she was dancing with another guy, I don't know but I got jealous, really really jealous and hurt, I stomped to her and pulled her away from the guy

'Kyle, what is wrong with you?' She snapped,

'You! you are my problem, you have a boyfriend'

'And so? Leave me alone' she stomped off again, I went to sit down fuming, few minutes later I saw her dancing with her boyfriend again, I didn't get jealous, then I looked away and when I looked again she was dancing with another guy and I got jealous

'I'm running mad!!!" I shouted drawing attention to myself, I glared at them and looked at her again, it was her boyfriend this time, I stood up to walk to them but bump into a guy, he looks like Jena as well, does everyone look like her!
'Sorry' he said coldly and left, Jena wasn't there anymore, I moved around searching for her when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and saw two Jenas, I fell on the floor with fright, I'm insane, they laughed

'Hi Kyle' they chorused, this is a dream, I stood up to run but Jena boy was there with arms folded and no smile, I suddenly felt dizzy, my head spun as they laughed, then I heard Lyle's voice

'Kyle Kyle' I opened my eyes and saw myself on the floor, Lyle was there. 'Are you okay?'

'No, I'm going crazy'

'You're not' Jena's voice laughed, I turned and saw them there, I clutched Lyle's arm
'Relax bro'

'Got ya' the one with my Jena's eyes smiled, she was Jena, the other one was Jena? 'This is my triplet sister Jinora and that's my older triplet brother Jayden' she introduced, I frowned, Nate walked to Jena two

'Babe let's dance' he smiled and pulled her away, Jena boy laughed and left with that girl and Lyle left too, I stood up

'So you were messing with me' I said angrily
'Just the way you messed with me' she fired. 'Admit it Kyle, you feel something for me'

'I....' I glanced at Lyle who was staring at me from a corner with a 'don't you dare lie' look. 'I do' I admitted, her jaw dropped, she wasn't expecting me to. 'What? I just admitted it, I love you and that's that' she blinked her eyes awkwardly and tears ran down her cheeks, she wiped it off and smiled

'For real?'

'Yes' I smiled back, she jumped on me with a shriek, I lost my balance and we both fell on the floor, she on top

'You don't know how long I've dreamt of hearing you say that' she said grinningly, before I could question her, she kissed me, not caring if we were still on the floor safe from being stepped on tho.

The lips I was dying to taste so badly, I smiled on her lips, this day can't end more better


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