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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode22


Raquelia - Episode22
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

I woke up in my room four days later, Nia was the only one there
'Thank God you are finally awake, I'll call Jena' she called Jena, I laid on my bed lost in thought, I can't get scared, what if she attacks Jena and Arthur? Will I be able to protect them? Jena ran in later panting

'Sis you are awake! I was so worried'

'You should have taken her to a hospital' Nia snapped
'She's allergic to antiseptic or whatever that hospital smell is, how many times will I say that!' Jena flared, I chuckled at her lie
'Just call Arthur and tell him she's awake' Nia sighed, I looked at Jena

'Yes, he was the one who carried you here, he was so worried, if it wasn't for the fact that this is a girls hostel, he would have lived here, he's so caring and nice and he likes you a lot, I could see it in his eyes, he almost carried you to his house if it wasn't for stubborn Jena' Nia blabbed dreamily then eyed Jena at the last part. 'Everyone thinks you guys are dating now'

'What!' Jena and I exclaimed
'Just kidding, he came here in disguise, Jen you should know that'

'What I know is that my sister is hungry so make yourself useful and go get her something nice to eat, something with a lot of fish and vegetables' Jena said coldly
'You or are?' Nia said frowningly
'Okay please, Urania darling, just go' Jena pleaded sweetly as she brought out her phone, Nia smiled and went to the bathroom, it took her an hour to dress up, Jena had to drag her out, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, I went back to my bed and laid there drowning in thoughts again

What did Gwen say I should do again when I find the one who makes my heart beat? How could I forget something so simple! Its there but I just can't place my finger on it...Jena! She'll know, I'll ask her. A knock on the door brought me back to reality, I walked to it and opened it
Arthur! He hugged me immediately

'I'm so glad you're okay, I was so worried, I almost lost it' he said quaverly

'I'm fine now, just a little illness that's all' I don't know what Jena have told him so I'll just ignore that part, he released me and pulled me inside before shutting the door

'Where's Jena and Ura?'

'Out, you look horrible Archie, did you even eat or sleep?' I asked worryingly, he shook his head negatively. 'Why? To fall Ill too?'
'You weren't alright so I wasn't either' he said poutingly, I smiled at his sweetness. 'Do you want to go for a walk to stretch your legs and receive fresh air?'

'Yea I'll like that, can I shower first?'



'Is that my new name now? I love it when you call me that, it makes me feel like a boy again' he said teasingly, I blushed and hit his chest before running to the bathroom. 'You might want to look at the mirror and see your hair!!!' He shouted, I walked to the mirror and screamed when I saw myself, my hair looked like a confuse bird's nest, it was worst than that, I could hear him laughing
'Shut up!'

'Not your mouth Creamy!!!' He shouted laughingly, I hissed and took off my clothes. 'Should I come and help you in there?' I heard him ask behind the door, I ran to it and locked it

'Stay away from me pervert' i shouted embarrassingly he laughed

Few minutes later, I walked out all dressed. 'Did you keep a dress in there?'

'Sorry to burst your bubble honey' I said mockingly, he brought his tongue out childishly, I rolled my eyes with a smile. 'Let's go' I said calmly

He took my hands and led me out, we walked around the field behind the hostel holding hands and saying no words, the silence spoke for us, each minutes increasing our weird love he led me back to the hostel after an hour but stopped at the door
'Lia' he called softly, I hummed. 'Remember the song I sang for you before you left me and fainted' he said nervously, I nodded as a sign for him to continue. 'Did you listen to the lyrics?' I nodded. 'Do you understand the words?' I nodded again 'so what do you say about it?' I kept quiet. 'Lia'

I couldn't speak, my mouth was sealed, I was confused when my answer was so obvious, after waiting for three minutes with no answer and me staring at my feet, he lifted my chin up and placed a light kiss on my lips, I didn't kiss back... The shock turned my brain to mush. He redrew disappointedly and smiled sadly like that was my answer
'I'll see you you tomorrow' he said shakily. 'Goodnight' he turned to leave but I held his arm
'Please don't go Archie, I'm sorry, it's not that, I j...j...just don't know how to kiss' I said sheepishly 'I also understand the lyrics of the song and I love every single words in it if you know what I mean'
'Let me teach you something, close your eyes and let your heart lead'
'Lead me to where?'

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'Just trust it and you'll know' I closed my eyes and soon I felt his lips on mine again, I let go of my worry and thoughts and moved my lips in sync with his, he slowly backed me until my back touch a wall, my mind was empty and all I could think of was the rhythm in which our heartbeats and the dance of our tongue. He broke the kiss to catch his breath

'See what I mean by lead' he said grinningly, I blushed, he kissed my cheek. 'I have to go now but I promise to come see you tomorrow if it's okay with you' I nodded and kissed him again, he pulled away disappointingly. 'Relax, later' he laughed, I whimpered. 'Goodnight Creamy' he pecked my forehead, temples, nose, cheeks and lip while I giggled, then he left.

I walked into the room and found Jena sitting on my bed like she was about to jump to the moon out of excitement

'So? Mrs McKnight now?'

'No, still Miss McGrath buuuuuut, I think we are dating now' I smiled, she screamed excitedly and jumped on the bed, Nia ran in
'What happened?' She asked fearfully

'Quelly and Arthur are dating now' she said screamingly, Nia threw the polythene bag in her hand on my bed and joined Jena in screaming, then Jena called Jinora and they screamed together, I grinned as I watched them, soon my phone rang, Jayden
Dating lessons, here I come

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 Arthur's POV

'I'm celebrating my birthday this Saturday, you have to be there' Mabel said happily as she gave Kyle a card. 'You too Arthur, your girlfriend can come too'

'Can you invite Jena separately?' Kyle asked pleadingly

'Seriously Kyle, the two of you should stop this game, just tell her you like her already and Viola! You're dating' she said casually
'Jena is very complicated, she won't accept me'

'And how do you know that?' Mabel asked with arched eyebrow. 'Kyle I'm a girl, I know how we work especially when I have my natural psychological thinking, Jena loves you, she's only trying to get your attention with her really funny charisma, the way I see it, that love have been there for years'

'Ha! Jena in love with me for years, good one' Kyle laughed
'I'm not joking Kyle, if you think I'm lying kiss a girl in her presence and watch her reaction, anyways, I have to go now...hey Lucas! Wait up!!!' She shouted and ran after a guy

'Arthur did you hear her joke?'
'If she made any I still wouldn't have laughed, don't kiss any girl and hurt her Kyle, I don't want anything that will get Lia mad at me' I said coldly, he mimicked me
'You're so protective and lucky, I won't blame you, your girl is nicer and not Jena' he said childishly then grinned

'No Kyle, don't even think about....and he's gone' Kyle ran off, he better not do anything stupid, I smiled when I saw Lia coming

Massey 's POV 

(I won't call her Penelope again since it's Massey speaking)

The world have improved since I last saw it, technology everywhere, I hate it. I stared at the cream haired girl in the hallway angrily, she looks exactly like my stupid sister

'That's her' Vector said. 'First you must kill that boy' he said wickedly, great, more killing. A red haired guy stopped and exchange greetings with them. 'Don't let any harm come to that one yet, he's important to the owner of this body' I hissed, just like last time. I walked pass them but I was sure she looked at me

Raquelia's POV

I walked into the cafeteria with Jena
'I'm hundred percent sure that something isn't right with Penny, I'll have to keep an eye on her' I said calmly, she shrugged, I sat down to eat

'Hey, your boyfriend is up here' Arthur shouted looking down from the upper cafeteria, I giggled ignoring the stares. 'Come on up, you too orange' Jena frowned
'Sure thing Goldilocks' she shouted back still frowning, I smiled and stood up, we walked to him and Kyle. I sat beside him happily
'Hello girlfriend'

'You love saying that don't you?' I asked blushingly

'Just as much as I love kissing you' he slammed his lips on mine, I kissed him back, Jena groaned and pulled us apart

'If I should sit here please don't kiss, I'm jealous'

'Should I kiss you then?' Kyle asked flirtatiously, she rolled her eyes and sat far away from him. 'Okay, hey Tasha, come sit with us' he shouted at a girl, Jena clenched her fist. The girl cat walked to us coquettishly, she's a model

'Hey Kyle' she said seductively and sat on his laps, Jena and I ate quietly, she ate slowly as she tried her best not to cry, Kyle was flirting with the girl, he kissed her sometimes. A tear dropped into her plate and she stylishly wiped it off

She smiled wickedly and looked at me, I knew what she wanted. I looked at her phone and it rang, she smiled and picked it
'What do you want' she snapped 'yes I'm still mad at you, why won't I? You say you love me but you didn't call me since yesterday'
'Didn't he call you yesterday morning?' I asked laughingly
'Shut up, I wasn't talking to you, I'm arguing with Nate....shut up Nate, I'm talking to my sister...no I won't forgive you....I don't care if you are at my school gate...wait! You are what!...oh my God!' She squealed and ran out, I bit my lips to suppress my laugh, the look on Kyle's face was funny and unexplainable, he pushed the girl off and looked at his poor barbecue fish, he started stabbing it.

'That wasn't a guy was it?' Arthur whispered in my ear, I tapped his lap as a reply, he chuckled. 'No one can ever get the best of her can they?'

'Never' I whispered laughingly
'This stupid fish!!! Why is it so soft and tasteless?!!!' Kyle shouted and threw it away, 'where's that stupid waiter?!!!' I stood up

'I have to go greet Jena's boyfriend, the last time I didn't she refused to talk to me for a month, see you after class?'

'Practice room' he smiled, I kissed him and turned to leave
'Tell your sister not to go anywhere, we have practice today' Kyle said coldly

'You won't see her' I said smirkingly and left, I heard Arthur telling the girl to get out then he started mocking Kyle

 Jena's POV

I ran to my room and threw myself on the first bed I saw, I wept convulsively, how dare him hurt me like this! He did it intentionally to test me and it hurts so bad. I want to hate this guy

'Kyle you idiot' I went to his picture above my bed and stabbed his face with my pocket knife. 'I hate you' I'm lying. Quelly ran in like the wind, like literally, the wind from her speed almost knocked me out. She hugged me immediately

'Don't cry Jena, it hurts, you are Jena Zachary remember?' I smiled and wiped my tears
'You are right, boys can't and will never break me instead I'll break them' I said confidently. 'Kyle is going to regret what he did today and Mabel's birthday will help me achieve that' I said smirkingly, I already have an evil idea. I brought out my phone from my jean pocket and called Jayden
'Hello brother'

'What do you want from me this time?' He sighed
'Remember that girl's picture I sent you? Urania?'

'Yes?' He asked expectedly
'She's going crazy over you and wants to see you so be here on Saturday morning with Jinora and Nate'

'I understand Jinora but why her boyfriend?'

'I want to use my identical sister and her Bae to achieve something, a little scheme to hurt a special someone'

'Let me guess, Kyle'

'He made me cry today Jay, my heart and head hurts' I sobbed
'See you on Saturday, love you'
'And I love you too' I said with a lopsided smirk and hung up, Kyle, get ready to feel the burn of your own game 'Muah ah ah ah ah' I laughed wickedly, Quelly slapped me. 'Ow!'
Okay tell me what you think is going on?
Massey will go after Arthur soon
What will happen at the party?
How will it happen?
Will Massey succeed?
How will Lia react when she finds out that Massey killed Arthur?

Again, where is Gwen?


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