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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode21


Raquelia - Episode21
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

Arthur told me that he wanted to change the song and I should listen carefully to the lyrics, at first I was confuse until he started singing the song, I realised that he did remember me from that day and he was trying to get me to remember too

'cold as stone
Is how I felt one morning
Stiffen bones

I just couldn't smile
Took a walk down a green line
The weather made me just fine
Then I saw you right under the sun

Your smile took my heart for a run
I can't still believe how I fell for ya
Even tho you were sitting quiet far
I wanted to believe that you were nothing to me

But who was I kidding
I lost all my wit
I wanted to crawl under the sun and let it heat burn the feeling away
But hell no!

For the sun complimented your looks
And said that feeling was here to stay
Your smile wasn't the only thing
Your silver eyes drew me in
We spoke no words
Yet my heart won a race
We didn't look much
Yet I lost my breath
Without words I knew who you were
Without words I fell for your smile
Without words, I loved you from a thousand mile
Without words, my heart took a beat
Without words, my will you did defeat
Without words my breath took a break
Oh! I can never forget
The way your hair did sway
The way your eyes did glow
The tone the keen wind did blow
The words it formed in my heart
Till now can never be torn apart
It wasn't much
Yet I fell for an angel I knew not
A feeling that still drives me nut
My heart can't stop loving you
And that makes me feel blue
And even tho you are far away
In my heart you'll forever stay
It's not my choice
It has been decided
So maybe one day
If fate may
We'll meet again
And feel love together once more
Without words
Oh oh oh oh, without words
Ooh ooh ooh whoa.....
Defining all odds
Cause I fell for an angel without words'
I wiped the tears that were threatening to spill off and sniffed. 'So what do you think? Should we sing this song or the previous one?'

'Defining this one, I love it' I smiled
'I wrote it five years ago' he said impatiently
'Really? why didn't you sing it?'
'I don't know' he said coldly, he's upset, he thinks I don't remember
'Arthur, you don't really think I'd forget you huh?'


'Arthur, I know you're the boy from the park five years ago, the one with the Dalmatian dog'
'You remember' he said happily. 'After you listened to the song' he added frowningly
'No, I never forgot, at first I didn't care but then I just couldn't stop wondering who you were, many other things happened and I had to force myself to forget because it was killing me, when I bumped into you in the hallway, your eyes, they were just too familiar, it took me time but I was able to pinpoint where I'd seen them' I said blushingly, the grin on his face was sure to hurt his cheeks. 'Stop grinning, I whined pushing his cheeks down, he held my hands and kissed them, making me blush more

'Thank you for remembering, you don't know how much it killed me to know that you didn't remember anything' he said grinningly, I bowed my head shyly, God Jena will never let me hear the end of it if she sees me like this
'Where's your dog?'

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'Ran away with a woman' he said nonchalantly, I giggled. 'No wonder they say men are dogs'

'Do you have another one?'

'I had a dog once, Sequin, she died in the car crash that killed my parents' I said sadly remembering that day, I closed my eyes and let the tears flowed, I haven't cried since I made up my mind not to, I tried to hold it in and not embarrass myself but my stupid eyes refuse to listen to her master
I ended up crying convulsively, Arthur was confuse, I could sense it but he tried his best to console me, it was like all the tears I was keeping in rushed out wickedly. I cried through out, we couldn't even practice, Arthur almost cried when I refused to stop crying
'Lia please it's okay, I don't want to cry too' he said frustratedly
'I can't stop, I don't know why' I finally gasped out, he looked at me thoughtfully

'Have you been holding in all your pains all these years?' I nodded. 'Ah! I see, just let it out' he then carried me on his laps like a baby, I cursed myself for be so vulnerable and cute, he placed my head on his chest and stroked my head as he hummed, I slowly stopped crying only that I was sleepy now

'Arthur, I miss my parents' I said weakly

'I know' he whispered, I ended up telling him everything about them and how they died and then how I've lived with Jena, I excluded the powers part even tho I so wanted to tell him. 'Lia, you know you are not alone right?'

'Yes, I have mom Felicia and dad Marion, even my Jena and her siblings, I just miss them sometimes as in a lot'
'And now you have a plus one' he whispered, I looked up at him, a mistake because when I did that, our lips were just an inch away from each other

Lia don't do anything stupid please

'I'm here for you as well' he added huskily, his lips brushed mine, just kiss me

'Cough cough, cough cough' Jena's voice interrupted our moment, I sat up properly on his laps and glared at the back stabber. 'Sorry, I coughed not intentionally' she said teasingly, I wanted to stand up but Arthur pushed me back down, his hands accidentally touched my boob. Jena coughed again

'Jena!' I yelled with red cheeks, she giggled. 'I have to go now' I said to Arthur

'But...' He tried to protest. 'Okay give me your number, I'll call you' I almost squealed, I gave him my number and stood up 'wait!' He took my hands and kissed them lightly. I smiled blushingly and walked out with Jena who was coughing teasingly

'Huh? Huuuuuh?! She said excitedly, I rolled my eyes and slapped her arm
'You ruined everything' I whined
'Yea I did, there is no way I'm letting your first kiss be tears mint, yuck' she said disgustingly, I rolled my eyes
'What if we don't get a moment again?' I asked worryingly
'Bah! Bullocks!' She exclaimed, I smiled 'anyways, I totally have Kyle trapped now, I lied that he kissed me and he couldn't even deny it, am I great or what!'
I laughed, my phone vibrated, I opened the message
"Hey Creamy, I'm thinking about you
'Creamy? ' I texted back
"yes, don't argue " I smiled, Arthur
'Arthur, my name's not Creamy '
" I said don't argue! okay bye" I chuckled and replied
' talk to ya later'
" "
I sighed and looked at Jena? Where'd she go? I found her at the entrance laughing on the phone
'I'm serious, Quelly is in love Nora, head over heels' she said laughingly, oh God! She removed the phone from her ear when Jinora squealed
'TW! Who's the lucky dude?'

'Jena!!!' I shouted nettlingly
'Don't worry Nor, we'll gossip later' she whispered and hung up, I frowned at her. 'What? I didn't do wrong for telling my sister'. I wanted to reply her but I felt a strong sonic wave in my head, I fell on my knees and groaned in pain. 'Quelly!' Jena exclaimed and ran to me, she held me tight, my head was pounding furiously. 'What's happening?'

'Massey is awaken and she have poisoned my chains, her body have been dejected and her spirit is in a child now, I must find h....aaaaaaaaaah!' I screamed in pain, how did she escape and poison my chains? I can't even escape it myself if I'm tied there, I made it with the tears of a dying pregnant snow dragon, it's impossible to break free from
Yes! She left her body and it turned to dust, she's bodiless now, how did her spirit break free? Her powers aren't that strong except...Vector! He brought back Massey and combined their powerful spirits together, that monster, that poor child they just possessed.... I must stop her now
I tried to stand up but slumped unconsciously on the ground

Penelope's POV

I drove home angrily, Abel and I were practicing today and we somehow kissed but then he told me it was a mistake, I stomped to Arthur's practice room only to see him trying to soothe a crying Raquelia, I don't know what he did to her but she wasn't stopping, I wanted to enter and pour my anger on her but that stupid sister of hers stopped me
'Instead of you to let guys see how low you are, why not pick up yourself and try something new, you're not useless like you believe you are Penny, you are Penelope Hemsworth, why can't you remember the you, you used to be before you got entangled with boys' she said calmly, I stomped off angrily but now I think about it, she's right, I'm no longer me, I'm losing it, I lack attention and love

I'll go stay with my uncle, his wife is a therapist and psychologist, I need her. I didn't see when I ran over a child, I gasped and got out of the car

'Dear Lord!' I carried her up and took her to my car, I placed her at the back seat but when I started the car, a black smoke surrounded me and entered my nose and mouth, I screamed in agony and jerked endlessly, the next place I found myself was a dark wall less and endless space
Where am I?
It has happened, Penelope is possess now
What will Raquelia do?
Will she even know?
What will happen to her
What will happen to Arthur?
What will happen to Jena?

Where is Gwen?


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