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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode20


Raquelia - Episode20
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel


I slept face up on the bed as the memories of what happened with Arthur filled my head, I've been singing and dancing with him for three days now, we don't talk, hell no but there's just this connection that speaks for us, like we are aware of our connection but can't speak

Arch! It's driving me crazy! I whimpered and buried my head under the pillow, Jena walked in
'What's your damage?' She asked calmly as she sat beside me
'You'll call me crazy' I whined
'Sweetheart, everyday of my life is crazy, I can handle it'

'Is it possible to fall in love with someone you don't talk to but yet see everyday, dance with everyday and even sing?'

'Seriously? I fell in love with someone I'd never met before, wasn't that ridunkulous?'. She has a point. 'Honey, love don't need to know you to attack you, it's just there to guide and sometimes destroy' she said frowningly. 'No I mean, it has a mind of it own, no one can boss love around, she's stubborn, you know what I mean'
'Then I'm not crazy if I say I'm in love with Arthur?'

'You'll be crazy not to be!' She exclaimed. 'I mean how can you work beside a hundred percent of hunky handsomeness with glorious voice and not fall, come on Raquelia, you aren't made of stone' she said cheesily
'Jena' I said tearily and sat up. 'It's not that, his looks and voice isn't the reason, okay maybe his voice but what I feel is not just a teenage typical crush on a hot guy, it's him'
'Raquelia your eyes are glassy, this is serious' she panicked, she inhaled. 'The last time I saw you like this is when you couldn't find that crush of yours from the park, even your powers couldn't help, it was like h....wait! Is Arthur him?' She asked quizzically, I nodded, she gasped and cupped her mouth. 'Honey this feeling have been there for years, it's not a today thing'

'So what do I do now?' I asked worriedly

'Er win his heart duh! He's right there and it's so obvious he likes you or even love, you didn't see the way he looked at Kyle yesterday when he held your waist, it was of pure jealousy and what else can make a guy jealous?'
'What about Massey? I don't want to endanger his life' I said exasperatingly

'Dear, you already have by falling for him, the only thing you need do now is embrace it, remember what Gwen said about the bond thingy?'

Jena is right, gosh Gwen, where are you? I need you now. I smiled at Jena and she grinned
'Now if you'll excuse me' she stood on her bed and started jumping. 'Whoop Whoop Whoopee!!! RAQUELIA IS IN LOVE!!!' She shrieked enthusiastically, I gasped and ran to cover her mouth but she ran out of the room still screaming but using my middle name

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Mad woman

 Arthur's POV

'Hello mother' I greeted warmly and kissed her cheek
'Diego my love, how was school?'
'Fine' I answered lowly
'Hmm, what is it this time?' She asked suspiciously
'Mom I'm fine, really, just tired'
'Do you know that most moms can read their kids very well, even tho I'm a very busy person I tend to know a lot about my family because it comes first?' She said calmly

'Arthur, talk to me, we're the gang remember?'

'And the gang is not complete without me' my little sister Ashley chirped as she skipped in, she jumped on the couch and stared at me intensely. 'So what's up?'
'I knew I heard voices' dad said victoriously why is he victorious?
'Now the gang is complete so gist us boy' Ashley said excitedly
'My son came to see his mom today, what's wrong this time?' He asked with questioning brows and arms folded

'I don't only come here to complain to mom' I defended
'Ah! You admit you do, now tell us what's wrong?' Dad asked calmly sitting beside mom, I inhaled
'I also come here for other things' I said poutingly

'Trying to change the topic and acting cute, it's either you miss us a lot' dad said thoughtfully
'Or you miss my cooking' mom added, oh Ashley smart ass don't say it! I gave her a pleading look
'Or you're thinking about that girl again' she said smirkingly, I cursed under my breath

'Number three it is' dad said frowningly. 'I've told you that she don't exist, get over her'

'Sweetheart!' Mom exclaimed warningly

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'What? I'm right, he's a man and should always know when to stop'
'Like you stopped when I got lost in an island with no memory of who I was for three years?' She asked upsettingly

'That was different, I knew you be....'

'Dad!' Ashley and I shouted, he zipped his lips. 'Arthur what's wrong?' Ashley asked coolly
'She exist dad, I found her' I said softly
'You what!'

'I found her, she's in Hollywood young stars, my dance and singing partner for the final show'

'Oh my God! That's amazing!' Ashley shrieked

'Arthur you're not happy about it' mom said worryingly. 'Why?'
'Because she don't remember me, not one bit' I said nettlingly. 'I've spent years killing myself over her yet....'

'Moron you were wearing a mask' Ashley snapped, I mouthed a 'O' ' how do you expert her to remember what she didn't see? What really matters now is that you take this opportunity to you know'

'Your sister's right Diego, that's what matters, you have spoken to her right?' Dad asked calmly
'Not much words but it....' I paused, I can't explain how our silence mean words, so much words, we communicate without words, I understand her even when I don't know her, like how did I know that she can't stand black? That when she sees it her veins pop out and her voice deepen?

They won't understand
'I know what to do now, thanks gang' I smiled

'Anytime my love' mom smiled
'I'm your husband yet you call me by my name or sweetheart when you want to yell at me but he gets to be called love, unfair' dad said poutingly

'This is the part where I leave' Ashley said playfully. 'Come on brother, let's go browse info and pictures of your girlfriend and maybe you can help me compose ten reasons why I can date Clint' she pulled my hand with her small hand. 'Come on move'

'You're not dating anybody' mom and dad snapped

'But mom, I'm fifteen now, I'm old enough to date, back me up here Arthur'

'Yea what she said'

'I don't trust Clint, he's too old, he's seventeen and can trick you' mom said certainly. 'Back me up here Honey'

'Oh now I'm honey' dad said sarcastically, mom hissed
'Arthur back me up here'

'Yea what mom said'

'Thank you Diego, if you want to date, Barry is the only one we trust, right Arthur?'

'Yea right'

'But he's too possessive and nice, and he's sixteen, too young, right Arthur?'

'Yea what she said' two pillows smacked my face and head
'Confuse idiot' they yelled, what did I do?

Kyle 's POV

I walked into my practice room with a new determination to get that stubborn girl, God she's stubborn! I can't stop thinking about her, I caged her to the wall yesterday and I got kneed, stupid beautiful Jena

She was there doing a vertical split, her body bent backwards and hands holding the toes behind her

'Broom stick' I called softly
'Oh hello broken cock, how do you feel today?' She said mockingly, I frowned

'Can you be nice to me?'

'Only if you admit that I'm beyond your reach'

'You are stubborn' I said smirkingly, what better way to get someone than befriending there
'You want to try the friend route with me, not happening sucker' she said smugly, how did she know?

'Are you a play girl?' I blunted out
'Nope! Just not stupid, anyways, let's practice' she smiled staring at Mabel and Lucas who were just walking in holding hands. 'Someone's in love' Jena teased, she removed her hand sharply
'I fell so he helped me up and erm I needed his support to walk' she lied

'Mm hm, ya I dig it' Jena said jestingly

'Let's practice' Lucas said coldly to save his butt from Jena's mercilessly teasing

Mabel and Lucas left, Jena stayed back to help me with my song, she gave me a song
'Wow! Who wrote this?'


'Can I buy it?' I asked. Curiously, she shrugged. 'I'll have to talk to her then'

'Let's just sing, I'm tired, I'll go first' she started singing and just like yesterday I forgot myself, the next thing I felt was a slap. 'What is wrong with you Kyle! If you try this again, I'll ask for a change or fail' she yelled angrily

'What did I do?' I asked confusedly
'You kissed me!!!'


'Fuck you' she took her bag and stomped off, did I kiss her, I don't remember doing that but again, I don't even remember having my brains intact

What is wrong with me?


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