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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode19


Raquelia - Episode19
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Massey 's POV

I was aware of my surrounding, it was quiet and peaceful. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at the roof of the cave, water was dripping down from it. I wanted to sit up but my hands and body were chained to the stone bed I laid on, I don't remember chaining myself when I went to sleep
'Genevieve!!! Urgh!' I screamed exasperatingly. 'You witch' I couldn't break free, the chain was so powerful, if I move, I get burned, Genny's chains aren't this powerful. 'Vector what is going on?'

'You have been tied down by the new light priestess, she's ten times more powerful than the others because she shares the same light with my father, Alexander, even stronger' he explained calmly
'Then why are you calm? We are stuck here' I yelled and growled with frustration
'I'm thinking' he said calmly, I groaned again, I really wish Vector left my soul locked away than him to bring it out again, I know his plans, the light priestess will banish my soul thinking it's Vector, then he will use that opportunity to arise as himself, I'm nothing but a toy
'We must abandon your body and find another, the chains can tie your body down but not the spirit'
'But breaking free will weaken us, we'll have to find a powerful body to possess' I protested

'And I know the exact body, the priestess's body'

'Are you crazy,we'll die' I snapped
'No, there's a way, all I need do is get her depressed and all is taken cared of, we must find her, our time here is short so we must find her quick' he said bossily

'It will take me days to break free' I said reluctantly, he growled warningly

'Then start now and be fast!' Why did I have to overreact then, I should have just let my sister be and not fall into this evil trap, I just want to rest in peace

Raquelia's POV

I walked into Arthur's practice room, I was super nervous, he was there playing the piano, the tone was so soft and romantic. I stood there at the door looking at him with palpitating heart. He stopped playing and turned his head to me, I couldn't move or even talk, we just stared at each other, don't know how long
He beamed

'Good afternoon milady, come on in' he said cheerfully, I walked in fidgeting with my steps 'how was classes today?'

'It was fine'

'Come on sit' he patted the space beside him, I was reluctant so he pulled me down by my left wrist, his hand was so cold and yet so warm, my brain went numb, our first physical contact, he chuckled and touched my cheeks, I was definitely flushed 'Do you want something to drink to relax your nerves?' He asked softly
What I want is for you to stay away from me so my brain won't turn to mush, I nodded

'I'll be right back, don't think I have any water here again' he stood up with his hand still clasped against mine

'My hand' I said with a voice I barely recognize as mine, he smiled and kissed it before leaving. 'Oh my God' I said with relief, I let out a breath I never knew I was holding, what is this? I dropped my bag and did a horizontal split, I need to find out more about him

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Arthur D. McKnight is an American young actor and popstar, he starred in his first movie at six with his mother, Anastasia Albert McKnight, an actress and producer......

That explains why he wore a mask that day, I read on, he's twenty two and the only son of Cedric McKnight, one of the richest man in LA, my dad's (Taylor) business partner and friend, he talked about him a lot when he was still alive.

He started singing at eight with Kyle

I memorized the names of movies and songs he had starred in and sang, if he's this good, what is he doing in this school?

I felt the presence of that Penny girl, she was staring at my impeccable split, what's taking Arthur so long? He walked in with a guy

'Sorry I'm late, ran into some fans' he said calmly, I closed my legs and knelt on it before taking the cup

'Thank you' I drank it and gave the cup back to him, our fingers touched and I so blushed
'Quelly' Jena squealed as she ran inside, she kissed my cheek. 'Goodluck kiss, I'll need it, break a leg, as in really, break it' she said jokingly and skipped away laughing

'That girl have enthusiast problem' the red haired guy said laughingly, I smiled, Arthur stretched his hand to me, I took it gently and he pulled me up, I tried my best not to blush and control my pounding heart

'Let's get to work, I already selected the song and fixed the dance steps' Penny said rudely
'Any song from you will be ballet related, we don't need to wear skirts dummy' red haired guy scoffed

'I picked out something' Arthur said quickly interrupting the soon to be heated argument, he played the song

'Isn't this yours?' Penny asked frowningly

'Got a problem with it Penelope?' Arthur asked seethingly
'No' she said lowly, he looked so scary, why does he hate this Penny girl?

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'Thought as much' he said smirkingly, he started the song over again and danced along with it, I've never been more fascinated in my life, the way he moved so lightly like he was walking on air, Penny blushed through out. When he finished he stared at us questionably, or rather me
'What?' I asked nervously
'What do you think?'

'Does her opinion matter? She's just a junior student here' Penny butt in again, he raked his hair angrily. 'I'm sorry' she apologized quickly

'I think it was amazing!' Red haired guy exclaimed acknowledgedly

'It was good but you know I can't break dance and big head here isn't that good at it, that's Kyle's specialty' Penny said coolly

'My head is not big' red haired guy snapped

'We can fix something up for you Penny' Arthur said calmly but his impatient gaze was on me
'I love the steps, it was amazing! You moved so lightly and.... Er...but the steps are missing something, right red haired guy?' I asked

'One, my name's Abel, two, what do I know about dancing? I only dance what I'm given' he replied with a nonchalant shrug

'Then can you fix it Miss Know it all' Penny said derisively

'Penny' Arthur called warningly, she looked away

'Kyle's team will win for sure, he's a choreographer and an amazing dancer, to top it off Mabel is with him and Lucas too, all dancers' Abel said frowningly

'Jena too, she's more of a dancer too, especially ballet' I added
'See what I mean' he snorted
'I'm sure your stupid sister can't dance so stop elevating her' Penny said irritably

'Okay Penelope you have a big problem, can't you shut up for a day' Arthur said glaringly
'Of course, you'll defend her'
'Arthur please just leave that coconut head alone, she have always been like that' Abel sighed
'You don't know me'

'Don't I' he said gloatingly, she rolled her eyes
'This is not a competition, it's just a show' I butted in
'It's not your final project so shut up and just do what your senior say' Penny again, I kept quiet, I wanted Arthur to defend me again and he did
'You are not that much of a senior Penny, just a mistake in this school' those words hurt her, I smiled secretly

Penelope's POV

Arthur called me a mistake because of her, just like Abel called me the day we broke up, that hurts. I felt his hand on my back comfortingly, I let him touch me because I was hurt.

Abel and I used to date before he broke up with me after calling me the biggest mistake of his life, it hurt so bad, I decided to get obsess with someone else to get over him and the person I chose was Arthur, he was nice to me, treated me like his little sister before I ruined everything with my obsession

I got him drunk once and laid with him, he was very angry and hated me, then I found out I was pregnant and pinned it on him even tho I knew Abel was the real father, that was the worse year of his life, our parents didn't want the secret to come out so Arthur was being forced to marry me but then his little sister, that smart hornet and Kyle exposed me
I lost my baby, my parents' love and trust and I lost my friend, yet I'm still obsess with him, if I can't have Abel the guy I really love, then I'll settle for the one I'm obsess with and nobody, not even this mermaid beauty girl can stop that
'Arthur please dance again'

'So the dance will be just amazing' he said scoffingly
'No, so I can memorize it and your dance steps were flawless and stupendous' she said smilingly and gave him a thumbs up, he grinned and started dancing again. 'Okay one more time'

'What do you wish to achieve?' Abel asked curiously stepping away from me to her, my eyes watered, she's stealing Abel too
'Trust me, just play the song again' she smiled, Arthur shrugged and played it again, the girl surprisingly joined him and she danced so impeccably, like she knew it before, she even added more steps to blend me in. Why won't any guy like her? She's beautiful with perfect body and all, I hate he
'That was amazing Elsa!' Abel exclaimed confessedly
'Raquel' she corrected with a smile
'I think we should make the last part a couple thing since the tone somehow slowed down, it will fit in perfectly' Arthur suggested thoughtfully, they nodded in agreement. 'Lia' he said softly taking her hand, she beamed at him and he returned it
Abel forward the music to the last part, they danced harmoniously, like they knew the dance steps before, I could feel their vibe and chemistry from where I stood, there's no doubt that they have feelings for each other and that made me more furious and jealous. When the music stopped, their foreheads were sealed together and lips so close that I feared they might kiss

I stomped to them and pulled her away from him, she squeaked and reeled backward, Abel caught her, his arms wrapped around her waist tightly like he owned it

'What is wrong with you? You have been daring me since you came here but I kept shut, if you ever touch or talk to me again, I'll make sure I put the break in the 'break a leg' better control your jealousy you useless piece of trash' she roared, her eyes were red, really red in anger

'Rikki please it's okay, don't yell at her' Abel said tiredly his hands still wrapped around her waist, Arthur glared at his hands and he quickly removed them

'Rikki?' She asked frowningly
'Yea, Rikki' he ruffled her hair gaining another and a more intense glare from Arthur. 'I better back off before your boyfriend chops my head off' he said jokingly and she laughed like she was never angry before, that's Abel for you, always knows how to mollify someone. Arthur cleared his throat

'You got everything on video right?' He asked calmly

'Yup' Abel smiled waving his camera.

'Send it to Penny and you guys can practice on your own tomorrow, the tension today is high so bye' Arthur said authoritatively, Abel nodded
'See you next time Elsa' Abel said jestingly as he flung his hand around her shoulders
'Rikki and Elsa, make up your mind' she laughed
'Rikielsa' he said happily, she laughed, Arthur stylishly removed his hand from her shoulder and pushed him out. 'See ya later sunshine!!' He shouted
'I'll deal with you' I said dangerously and picked up my bag, she smiled and shook her head pitifully, I walked out, sure she'll stay back, she's Arthur's stupid music partner

'Penny, find someone new to be obsess with' Abel said at of nowhere, I squeaked and halted
'Will you take me back if I choose you?' I asked expectedly, he smiled and ruffled my hair

'You haven't learned your lesson yet my love, until then' he smiled and left, what stupid lesson!

Massey is awake

One word to describe Penny

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