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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode18


Raquelia - Episode18
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Penelope's POV


Every year, the school hold a final showcase for the students, they team up the seniors with some first year students to give them some experience, the show really mattered because it adds to our marks in our final exam. I wanted badly to be paired with Arthur, he keeps avoiding me since our first year here

'Good day class' Mr Darlington said

'Good day Mr Darlington' we greeted

'Are you ready to hear this year's pair list?'


'I'll start with the music pair ups, Lola Bennett, Mike Roy, Lizzy Toner and Lucy Mane, understood?'

'Yes sir!!!'

'Abel and Mabel Scott, Junita Wilson and Penelope Hemsworth'
'No!!!! You can't put me in the same group with that goat Abel' I shouted

'Don't ever call my brother a goat again' Mabel snapped
'Enough! What's all this?'

'Mr Darlington' Arthur called softly, some girls squealed, I giggled

'Why don't we do what Late Mrs Gale did with last year's seniors?'
'Yes! What a wonderful idea, now all of you write your names into a sheet of paper and submit it into this bowl, Arthur, you know what to do'

An hour later, the submitting was done, the rest teachers and students had joined us by then
'Miss Patty will pick out the names and call them from A-Z for the music group, you'll be grouped into two, boy and girl, the dancers shall be grouped into four, are we clear?'


'Group A' she picked up four papers and looked at them. 'Abel Scott, Arthur McKnight, Penelope Hemsworth and Raquelia McGrath' I saw Arthur frowned, he's so in for it. 'Group B, Kyle McGee, Mabel Savanna, Lucas John and Jena Zachary'

'Awwwwn! I wanted to help'
'Group C, Cia Nino, Jin Jonah, Kara Collins and Nally Kris' the rest of the names were called, after that Arthur stood up and left, who's Raquelia? That lucky bitch will be Arthur's singing partner, I saw that girl again, then Arthur leaving the room

Raquelia's POV

'Lia' a voice called and I froze, Gwen is the only person that called me that, I turned around sharply, oh it's that guy, for the past two weeks, the only thing we've being doing is stare at each other and feel that spark, I know he can feel it too
'Jesus! you can walk fast' he said under his breath. 'We need to discuss the music thingy' he said breathlessly, he licked his lips. 'We are both in the same dancing group and you're my personal singing partner, we need to talk about our meeting place, I have a room upstairs, close to the Dean's office'

'The red door?'

'Red and black' he corrected
'Okay, by what time?'

'By no time' a voice answered rudely, I turned and saw that girl that fell on Jena

'Oh hi again' I said sarcastically
'I'm his girlfriend and I don't want any other girl near him'

'You wish' Arthur said scoffingly

'I've warned you to stop calling me your boyfriend, I'll never date you, even in my death' he said angrily
'Easy with the flame' Kyle said laughingly walking closer to us
'We need to discuss our meeting' the other red haired guy said calmly

'My practice room tomorrow, 3pm sharp, you better put your attitude in check Penny or I'll exchange you for someone else' Arthur said angrily and walked away huffing
'You really have the talent of annoying cute guys huh Penny?' The red haired asked jestingly ruffling her hair

'Get your hands off me you mucky dog' Penny snapped

'That's why you love me honey' he said flirtatiously and walked away laughing

'Come back here Abel and apologize!!!' Penny shouted and ran after him

'Jena, my practice room tomorrow at 3pm' Kyle said coolly to Jena who have been quiet since

'Tenth floor, green door with my name on it'

'Whatev' Jena scoffed

'Somebody wanna act tough' Kyle said mockingly. 'But you do know that if I want you in my bed tomorrow, I can have you' he said daringly

'My dear Kyle' she patted his shoulder tenderly. 'You don't know me, your dare is like baby talk to me, but I will make it interesting for ya, by the end of this music trash, you'll fall head over heels in love with me' she said confidently
'That's never going to be possible sweetheart' he said confidently too, she smiled and moved her face closer to his, their lips an inch away from each other
'Game on Mr McGee' she whispered coquettishly and brushed her lips on his, his heart was pounding, I could hear it, she smirked and moved away. 'See ya tomorrow dear' she said laughingly and cat walked away
This guy is already in her net
I painted the red flower on the wall gingerly, I painted a lot of red flowers around the room which added beauty to the walls, I smiled with satisfaction when I was done
'That kyle will beg for me but I'll ignore him' Jena ranted

'Aren't you suppose to be drooling over him?' Nia asked quizzically
'Oh I am, but I won't let him know that, I'm not stupid' she said sassily, I ignored them, I still don't know where I've seen Arthur before, I gasped in realization, I always draw every single interesting people I meet. I ran to my bag and brought out all my drawing books, I flipped over my oldest ones

The first two books didn't have any but something caught my attention in the third book, a sixteen years old boy in a mask, those eyes, bingo! That's Arthur! That's him

His mask and the fact that I shoved memories of him down into my mind to avoid having sleepless nights because of him made it hard for me to remember
I knew that heartbeat was familiar, I knew my pounding heart have been felt before, I finally found my masked prince

I found him!


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