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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode17


Raquelia - Episode17
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Jena's POV


I sat in the cafeteria with Nia and Quelly, we were talking about ourselves, Nia and I did most of the talking, Kyle who was at the upper part of the cafeteria for celebrities only kept looking down to see if I was still there, I would roll my eyes when our eyes met and if any guy whistled at me, I would wink to annoy him, if he was looking that is
God I love my superpowers and natural charisma, sure I don't surpass Quelly's supernatural beauty or elegance but at least I'm super beautiful, don't mean to brag but just trying to make a point.

Kyle please just fall in love with me like I have
'So that was how we broke up, I really love that guy but he just wasn't caring enough, he didn't even care about me' Nia narrated her first relationship breakup to us

'Well Ura, that guy never loved you, if he did he would have cared' Quelly said calmly as she sipped her smoothie

'Yea I know, the rest of my boyfriends were just not the ones, none cared enough' she said sadly
'If you're looking for care, you should meet Jayden, gosh! that guy is annoying with his care' I said irritably, she chuckled

'I bet he has anger and jealous issues' she said laughingly

'Anger and jealous issues? You wish' I said scoffingly

'Jayden isn't the jealous type, he's more like the more mature minded type with great understanding, believe me, if you're having boy issue, he's the perfect guy to talk to, he believes there's an explanation for everything' Quelly said

'Wow! He sounds like my kind of guy, can I see his pictures please?' She asked blushingly, I brought out my phone and went to my gallery, I showed her the picture of Jayden, Jinora and Jena I took when we went to a beach a month earlier, she shrieked excitedly. 'Oh my God! He's so....'

'Me, I know' Jena said frowningly
'Not that, he's just perfect, look at his abs! To-die-for! And his eyes, TW! Best boyfriend ever!!!!' She shrieked 'oh Jena you're so lucky to have him'

'Stop making it sound like he's my boyfriend' I whispered glancingly
'Yea yea whatever, I'm so following him on social media, name please'

'Jay Zee' Quelly replies, she squealed

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'Even his name have swag, can he be anymore perfect' she said dreamily fanning her face with her hands

'He's a fashion designer and script writer, just not popular yet'
'Because he sells his scripts and designs, he's the one that wrote the script of the movie Arthur's mom starred in, The Queen Of The Nile' I said proudly

'Shut up! Aaaaaaaàaaaaaaaah!'
'If you scream again I'll shove my phone into your mouth' Quelly said warningly, Nia laughed
'I'm just so hyper'

'He has a girlfriend dummy' I snapped

'Awwn! Why are the good guys always taken' she said disappointingly and place her hand on her cheek
'Don't mind her, they broke up four months ago' Quelly said calmly

'Yay! I can have him, what about you Jena? Any actual guy?'

'Not really, I dated twice before I realised that dating is a waste of time so non exclusive is my jam'
'So you are just for the benefit? Isn't that a slutty thing to do?'
'It's not slutty when it's only two guys, I fell in love and gave up that life before I even started' I said thoughtfully

'With who?'

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'Kyle' I whispered, she gasped
'Oh! So that's his name!' Quelly exclaimed, I rolled my eyes at her
'That guy is a mission impossible, he's up here, you're way down here' she said demonstrating with her hands. 'For how long now?'

'Four years' I said smilingly
'Why are you smiling? You'll get hurt' she said concerningly
'Then my dear Urania Del Sapporo, you don't know who Jena is, I always get what I want however I want it, if I want Kyle which I do, he'll be mine, that my love, is one of my superpower'
'Trust me, she'll get him' Quelly smiled, Nia just looked at us worryingly. 'Relax, she knows what she's doing'. My phone rang
'Hello mother, how are you today?' I asked childishly as I grinned

'Hello my dear child, how are you?' Nelly, my younger sister answered, I frowned

'Nelly are you nuts!' I yelled, she giggled. 'Why did you call me with mom's phone?'

'I lost mine yesterday remember' she said with a duh tone
'Why did you respond to my greetings you tiny squirrel'
'Aren't I your mother?'

'Neellllllly!' I called warningly
'Okay okay, give the phone to Catania, I need her help with something' I rolled my eyes and gave it to her, she put it on loud speaker so I can hear. 'Hi Cat, do you know I love you'

'Nelly, what have you done?'

'Nothing, I just sort of borrowed something from your lab and might have accidentally knocked down a shelf which knocked down another and another until everything got destroyed and the building might have sort have caught fiyah, soorrrry'

'Nelly tell me you are joking, YOU DESTROYED MY LAB!!!' Raquelia roared, the light sparked, she inhaled. 'What the hell did you borrow?'

'Your animaltizer, I just wanted to turn my stupid boyfriend who cheated to a rat, I'm sorry' she cried, Quelly sighed

'It's okay, I'll just have to redo everything AGAIN for the seventh time when I return but please don't cry'

'Please cry, serves you right for being so clumsy, how could you destroy that beautiful lab, I was planning to steal Cat's rocket shoes and that thing that make hair grow long in ten seconds, just like I stole her lipstick laser' Shelly said from the background
'Wait you stole my what!'

'Oops! Gotta go, bye!'

'You see, I've just been gone for six days and that happened, I'm going to kill those girls' Quelly said angrily

'Take a chill girl before you pop someone's head off' I said jokingly but she understood what I meant, she kept quiet. 'Let's go somewhere we can cool off' I stood up but someone bump into me, we both fell with the person on top after my head hit the table

Penelope's POV

I walked briskly with my eyes on my phone when I tripped and fell on someone, she hit her head on the table before falling, a very soft hand pulled me up like I was nothing but paper in his hand, I looked at the guy

It was a girl with long cream straight hair that was up in a ponytail, how could she be so strong? She was the most beautiful girl I've ever since, I've never admitted that but she is beautiful, her eyes were sharp and silver as in, it was like real silver

I averted my gaze to the girl I fell on, she laid sprawled on the floor with a very creepy smile on her face, another beauty to be jealous of, who are these mermaids?
'Are you okay?' The cream haired girl asked me

'I'm fine' I said stunningly, I was dazzled by her voice
'Thanks for asking after me too sis' the girl on the floor said sarcastically
'Won't you get up?'

'That's your only care, I'm hurt' she said dramatically, the cream haired girl kicked her on the side, she sat up. 'What? My head hurts' the floor girl whined childishly
'Is it bleeding?' I asked dazzlingly
'If it was, your nose wouldn't be in the same position by now' she said skeptically and stood up, she arranged her dress. 'Bye Penelope Hemsworth' she said cheesily and walked away with a brown wavy Bob haired girl running tagging behind her

So she knows who I am yet she dares talk to me like that! The cream haired smiled at me and left, I forgot I was angry and became dazed by her beauty and smile again, I don't like that girl at all, she better not be a threat to my reputation here

Now where's Arthur so I can try and get him to flirt with me

Penelope, a new character, what will she pose as a threat to?
What will she do?
How will she do it?
Or does she even matters in this story at all?

Find out in the rest episodes of Raquelia


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