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Story: RAQUELIA - Epilogue


Raquelia - Epilogue
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel

Peace is something that most people don't fully get, sure Vector was gone but I've learnt never to relax in the hard way, as long as I'm alive, I can never take things easy but that doesn't mean I won't have fun
After Arthur woke up in the evening, he told me that he was in a garden, a body of a man that looks much like me was there sleeping, in other words, my dad was alive. It took me a while but I located the garden and restored his spirit, he's really smart. My dad (Taylor) once had a younger brother but went missing, he died so when my dad returned, he took his identity like he planned
I ended up giving him the companies, don't care anyways but geez! My dad is the most annoying being in the entire planet, funny and very caring and loving but a full time pest, he drives me crazy every time, I still love him tho
Uncle Marion has an unmarried younger sister, she prefer to stay single and for some reason, dad says she looks like my mom so he has taken it upon himself to torment her with his annoying nature
Urania, my dear friend, she and Jayden are well...inseparable, they live together after school but aren't married yet, Jinny and Lyle are but aren't ready for a baby yet. Jena, heh heh, that crazy girl. After she graduated two years later, she went somewhere with Kyle and by the time she returned, she was crying that she wants a baby, like literally, she cried
Kyle wasn't ready but trust Jena, she always gets what she wants even if it has to take a long time. She pest him for over a year before he finally agreed so she won't end up doing it herself. She had two beautiful children Gemma and Gerald, two argumentive kids
Gemma looks exactly like Kyle, same hair, same eyes, everything while Gerald took after Jena, those two children are real headache, almost as worse as dad but in a cuter way
Penelope, my quiet friend, Penny really changed, she remembered nothing but she remain quiet and calm, Jena took it upon herself to bring Abel back to her and being Jena she succeeded, piece of cake, we are quite close as she treats me like a younger sister
Me, heh, Arthur and I are still the same, even stronger. He never let's my powerful side discourage him instead he encourages me and always make me use my powers for fun, he's crazy
It was Jena's kids' fifth birthday, a family one held at Arthur's house, everyone sang for them and they giggled
'Now blow out your candles kids' Jena said smilingly, Gemma easily blew hers out but Gerald couldn't
'Ha! You can't blow your candles' Gemma mocked, Gerald rolled his eyes and brought out a bat no one notice before, he lifted it up to smash the candles off but Ashley quickly caught it
'Don't Gerald, you'll ruin the cake' Jena yelled
'You're so stupid Gerald, how can you use a bat to blow out candles, you know what? That bat deserves to be on your head' Gemma, the one who always start the fight said sassily
'Oh you mean like inside your head to replace your brain' Gerald fired. 'Ashes let go of my bat so I will demonstrate it on this ugly duckling' Ashley frowned, she hates it when they call her that
'Gemma and Gerald, one more words from you two and you won't have any birthdays for the next ten years' Kyle said seriously and he meant it
'Sorry daddy' they apologized, Jena helped Gerald blow his candles, few minutes later, the little party was going on, Gemma was dancing but Gerald was playing games in his Kyle's phone as he sat on his laps, where's Jena and Arthur
Stupid Arthur, he won't just propose to me already, it's been eight years, I hate this. I looked at my dad who was poking Janelle (uncle Marion's sister) she groaned with frustration
'Alex leave me alone' she cried, he continued poking her 'Marion tell Alex to leave me alone!!!'
'You're on your own' uncle Marion shouted back over the music, she whimpered and stood up, she moved to me and gave me a pleading look
'Dad, what are you? Three?'
'Nope, one' he said grinningly. 'Where was I?' He asked himself thoughtfully
'What do you want?'
'Dinner, tomorrow' he smiled
'Lia can you tell your dad to leave me alone?'
'Dad, she said I should tell you to pick her up by 6pm tomorrow sharp, don't be late'
'That's not what I said' she said quizzically
'It's what my brain say' I said sweetly, dad winked at her and left
'How do you live with him?'
'I don't even know' I replied laughingly. 'You know he likes you right?'
'Yea I know, he's just too annoying but really really cute, worth a try' she said smilingly, I chuckled
'You'll understand what annoying is if you don't get ready for your "date" tomorrow' Jena said out of nowhere, she chuckled. 'Quelly come with me' she smiled, I shrugged and followed her
'Where are we going?' I asked impatiently when we kept walking deeper into his garden
'You'll see' she whispered, I gasped when I saw a long trail of fire in a beautiful pattern, it led to a gazebo which it surrounded, you'll think it's awful but no, it was beautiful, the beauty of fire. White roses were everywhere, I can't describe how beautiful it was. 'Look up' Jena whispered, I did. She flamed her hands and sent some fire to the sky, the fire started writing words
From the first day I met you till today, you've always been a cause of joy and utter happiness in my life, even if I should be reborn, I will always choose to be with you and you alone.
I love you with my life, my very breath only seize at the sight of you, you are my heartbeat, my peace and joy, the antidote to my madness, in this simple words I say
Raquelia Catania McGrath, will you marry me?
I sniffed and turned around, there he was holding a beautiful bouquet of white roses and on one knee
'Sorry it took so long' he apologized grinningly, I chuckled and wiped my tears. 'So? I'll assume you just said yes because no is not an answer'
'Never in a million years' I said softly and knelt in front of him, he dropped the flowers and brought out a ring. 'That stone...'
'Your dad gave it to me, belongs to your mom' I smiled and brought out the ring necklace from my neck 'you wanna use that one instead?' I nodded blushingly, he smiled and took it, he took mom's ring and place it on my finger with the one my real dad gave to him. 'None of them will go to waste'
I laughed and hugged him. 'I love you so much Arthur'
'Sorry, Archie' I corrected myself, he chuckled and pulled away. 'Jena really outdid herself, she sucks at this'
'Excuse me! I spent three minutes doing this' she yelled from behind a blueberry bush
'Jena I thought I told you to leave' Arthur sighed
'Sorry, pretend I'm not here and proceed to the kissing part, I won't look, I promise'
'There's no way I'm ki....' I turned his head and kissed him, there's no need arguing with her, she'll always win no matter what, she's Jena McGee, still the same girl that can never be bent or controlled
My best friend, my sister, my mother and my second everything, with her, I'll always be safe


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