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Story: THE MAID - Episode Two


Searching for love
The Maid - Episode Two

© Author Jenny

Nana pov

I removed my shoes and clothes and entered his bathroom,i know what am doing is bad but its irresistable ,i took a bath in the jacuzzi ,i could stay here forever but am a maid so i need to cook its already evening ,after taking my bath i wore i simple wear and opened the door ,i quickly rushed downstairs and locate the kitchen it seems they went out ,i heard noise from the back so i peeped through the window and saw them,they were at the pool,i quickly began cooking

When i was done cooking i began serving them and arranging it on the dining ,then both walked in
"Which planet did you come from "carl asked

"I came from jupiter"i replied laughing

they gave me a deadly stare and hissed

"food is ready "i said using my hand to point the food

"So you think we are going to eat this junk you prepared"tim asked

"I rather starve than eat this "carl said and the both sat in the sitting room and put on the t v ,this two this they are smart i will teach them some lesson,I carried my food and sat down in the centre of both of them and began eating

"How can you eat here ,you are such a dirty girl "carl said

"Gosh i feel like puking "tim added ,i just ignored them and began eating,i began to make noise with the plate

"this food is so delicious "

"Yummy"i dropped the chop stick picked the chicken wings with my hands and began devouring them ,and licking my hands ,their eyes were on me but when i turn they will both face the tv immediately ,i chuckled within me and continue eating,when i finished i glumped down the remaining fruit juice and faced the tv ,they kept looking at me thinking i will stand up but i didnt

"The room opposite mine is yours "tim said

"Okay "i said and continued watching,i know they want me to stand up but i wont

1hour later

They both stood up and went to their room,i did same because i was already feeling sleepy ,i went to the room tim told me and i saw my box of clothes there ,they already dropped it for me ,i opened it and began bringing my things out

"Ahh my favourite fry pan ,i kissed it and dropped it close to my bed ,i know you will be thinking what am i using fry pan for but that fry pan is my lucky charm ,i use it to protect myself when need arises,i was done arranging my things ,i laid on the bed and drifted to wonderland

I heard some noise and quickly stoop up,its footstep what if someone is trying to rob us ,i quickly took my fry pan and head out ,everywhere was dark and i kept hitting my head but i dare not scream so the thief wont run away ,i was able to go down the stairs with the fry pan in my hands,i still heard the noise from the kitchen ,wait what kind of thief would break into a house like this and rob the kitchen "ohhh maybe its a food thief ,i traced the kitched and i was a masculine creature ,this thief i really huge,i saw able to see the shape of the person because the moon was bright ,i quickly took the frypan and hit it on the head of the thief
"Arrrh the person yelled in pain
"Issh the voice sounds familar ,the person switched on the light and it was carl ,

"Oppa am sorry i said trying to touch him"

but he moved away,
" i taught it was a thief "

He faced me and held his head ,i saw his face clearly and started laughing ,i laughed and sat on the floor rolling and continued laughing

"Whats so funny in you trying to kill me in my own house "he asked in furry

"Oppa what were you doing in the kitchen "i asked

"What your business"he replied
"Because there is sauce plastered arround your mouth"i said i laughter,he turned away
embarassed and wiped it off ,i left the kitchen and head upstair when saw someone coming downstair with the phone flashlight on,it was tim and he tip toed ,i quickly went close to the sitting room light switch and waited there ,when he came down i switched on the light and he screamed in fear

'"were are you going i asked"i asked

"i wasnt going to the kitchen "he blurted out immediately and i knew he regretted saying it,,i Laughed and went to my room and slept off like a baby

"Why did i reject this food in the first place"tim asked

"i really dont know"i replied with my mouth full

"Shes a really great cook "i added
"I cant believe she just made a fool out of us " tim said

"Yes and she needs to pay "i said
"we need a plan "

I wisphered something into tim's ear and we laughed evily after finishing the food


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