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Story: THE MAID - Episode Four


Searching for love
The Maid - Episode Four

© Author Jenny

After running ,he both head upstairs while i took milk to tim ,am sure it will help him ,I knocked on the door of his room he opened and gave me a deadly stare before speaking

"What do you want "he asked
"i came to give you this "i said and strech the can of milk to him

"how am i sure you didnt put anything in it "he asked and folded his arms

"I didnt,okay let me taste it so you can see"i took the can and gluped down everything in a twinkle of an eye,i shake the container and to my suprise it was finished ,i looked at tim,and he looked at me asif he will strangle me any minute

"Oppss am so sorry i did'nt know milk taste great like this "i said,he slammed the door loudly to my face and i left




Today is jihye birthday and i decided to suprise her by asking her to marry me ,well let me introduce myself properly ,Am danny louis ,One of the most sucessful bachelor in seoul,my love life has been hell ,because i came to understand that were all after my money and nothing more but not until jihye came into the picture,she a beautiful and hardworking lady and i have learnt to love her so much ,and that is why i am proposing to her today

I took my bath and wore an amazing outfit ,i know i look good but i have to be on my best since today is a special day and i know the reporters will carry the news,the venue which i will be proposing to her is already,arranged and decorated i just have to go pick her up,i have been calling her to tell her am coming but she didnt pick up ,i head down stairs ,the car door was opened for me ,i entered and we drove to her house ,i told the drivers to stop outside while i went inside with a rose flower in my hand,i took a deep breath and walked in ,i knocked but no answer maybe shes in her room ,,,i opened the door and entered the sitting room ,there were clothes everywhere a male underwear on the floor and pant ,i hope this is not what am thinking ,i rushed to the bedroom on reaching the door i heard loud moan ,i gently opened the door lo and behold it was jihye and another guy having sex ,they were too busy and enjoying themselves to notice anyone opened the door,i quickly took a picture of them ,closed the door back and left heartbroken.....

Present day

I took all my properties and gave them to my brother to look after them that i will be away for sometime ,i picked up a hair dye and changed the colour if my hair so that i wont be recognised ,i put on a normal guy outfit and now i look like a commoner and no more the Danny louis again,i picked my back pack and went to the train station,entered the train going to busan(a city in korea)


When i arrived ,it was late already so i decided to find a place to sleep,so this is how kids on the street survive ,with mosquito and all types of pest biting you,i think i should just give up and accept the fact that i wont find real love ,because am not sure if i can survive another night out here,,i kept looking up till it was morning ,i have gone too far to back out now ,i started walking about in the city with no destination ,thank God one recognise me ,i walked till i go to a beautiful mansion although not as beautiful as mine ,so i decided to sit there and rest ,when a young girl came out with her bicycle,she was really pretty that i was lost look at her face
"Is there something on my face huh" she asked touching it
"No "i replied

"What are you doing here by the way" she asked

"Am looking for a job"i replied
"Really ,you are hired then,you will be working as a maid in this house "she replied

"Wow ,thank you so much "i said
"Follow me" she said and i followed her,she was riding her bicycle and i was following her behind like a puppy,well i have to sacrifice so i wont sleep out again ,,but there is something that dose not make sense about this girl,,how can someone living in such a house be riding bicycle ,i know am in for it ,this girl kept insulting or laughing at anybody that pass ,,we went to the market after buying all she needs which she made me carry them all,we went back to the same house ,she collected the basket and went inside closing the gate and leaving me outside ,omg i cant believe this girl just fooled me after making me carry everything,my Legs hurts so bad,The door opened imediately

"i just wanted to see the look on you face"she said and laughed
"Come in "she said and i followed her in,,okay i think i just met a crazy human being

Nana pov

You need to see the look on that guys face ,when i closed the gate ,i just hired him because he is very very cute and he can help me carry out some of my plans with the boys,i already have more than a year of my salary put together so i can pay him a little , we entered inside the sitting room were i met carl and tim watching tv okay ,why do they like tv so much ,i took a glass cup and spoon and hit it to draw their attention

"Who's the guy "carl asked

"well he is our new maid "i said and they both started laughing

"So you as a maid hired yourself a maid to work in the house that is not yours"tim added laughing

"What so you are a maid "the cute guy asked and i gave him a deadly stare and he shut up immediately
"Dont worry about the pay,i will handle it"i said

"Just so you know ,he will be sleeping in your room"carl said
"feel at home bruh"they choroused

"Piece of advice ,you wont last in this house that girl is evil,she came to this house as a maid but you will think she owns the house"tim said and the cute guy got scared

"What your name "carl asked

"Am danny "he replied

"Boys to the kitchen" i yelled
we all went to the kitchen including danny and began making dinner ,i kept walking in the kitchen and directing the on what and what to do ,soon the food was ready we sat down and began eating together ,everybody went upstairs leaving me and danny behind

"Follow me "i said to him
"you will be sleeping on the floor "I said and gave him a pillow and duvet

Danny pov

I have never seen anyone like nana before ,how can she be a maid in the house and acts like the owner,they are even scared of her,and seriously shes intimidating ,,but i kinda like what she is doing i am now learing how to cook simple dish,even if she allows me and the guys do all the cooking work

It morning carl and tim are still sleeping while am cleaning the house and shes in the kitchen making breakfast

i began mobbing the floor and sweating,gosh this is so hard i have never done this before and nana kept inspecting the floor and pointing every little stain she sees ,i was almost done when she walked to the sitting room,with floor on her leg,she walked pass all the place i have cleaned making sure the floor on her foot stained the floor ,i angrily began cleaning again and she walked pass again with floor in the leg this time it was much more ,,gosh this girl is doing it intentionally ,,shes really evil


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