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Story: THE MAID - Episode Three


Searching for love
The Maid - Episode Three

© Author Jenny

Nana pov

i woke up in the morning ,quickly head to the bathroom did my morning business and head out ,i began with the sitting room and started cleaning ,minutes later the guys walked in with a serious look on their faces

"nana we need to talk to you "tim said

"Okay" i replied

"Sit"carl added and now we were all seated with no smile on our faces

"So we have decided to accept you as our maid "carl said

"And nothing but a maid ,you will do what ever we ask you to do without complaning"tim said
"Okay "i replied

"Okay so after you are done go to our rooms and clean it "carl said
"Nde"i nodded my head and went to the kitchen and began cleaning
Those two thinks they are smart they dont know me ,,,Okay let me just sing and look for trouble,i will sing one american song i always hear on the radio ,the name is in my feelings by drake ,i dont really know the lyric but that will be the perfect song

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kiki do you love

,are you riding say you never ever leave from beside me cos i want you and i need you........

i was singing on high pitch and finally began dancing that song is always making me high ,I danced till i hit the bucket of water i was using to clean and i poured

"Nana what is your problem ,why are you always disturbing our peace "i heard carl yelled as he entered the kitchen

"Noooo"before i could stop him he already entered the kitchen and slipped thereby hitting his butt on the floor ,there by making his shorts tore ,He quickly used his hands to cover the centre on his butt that got tore ,why does he always have to be the vitim
"Close you eyes nana "he said feeling embarassed ,i quickly close one of my eyes and let the other one open ,,opss i have seen the colour and shape and giggled

"Colour and shape of what" he asked

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"huh so i said it out ,,"i didnt see anything i quickly chipped in

"Nana are you sure you didnt see anything" he asked again

I nodded and he ran away with his hand covering his butt ,i sat down on the floor and began laughing till i saw satisified before i continued cleaning ,i was done so i head upstairs ,i met them both in the sitting room watching tv ,carl didnt even look at me ,i guess he still feels embarassed and thinks i saw something ,were by i didnt ,i went to tim room first ,the room was totally upside down and clothes were on the floor everywhere ,i began arranging ,i arranged the clothes one side and picked the ones i like among them and put the rest in the dustbin,why dosent he want the clothes again,instead of putting it in the trash he kept them on the floor ,i went to carl room it was upside down also where by this room was very neat yesterday ,i saw clothes too on the floor is this another way of throwing away clothes ,i selected the ones i like and still dropped the rest in the trash

"Nana" i heard

I quickly rushed downstairs
"I Need a coffe" tim said i went to the kitchen and made him coffe ,i was taking it back to him

"Oh i forgot to tell you i need toast bread added to it "he said and i glared at him angrily

I went back and made toast bread,and brought it to him

"Nana i need rumen(noddles) and i want it etra spicy"Tim said again
"Huh who has the tea then "i asked

"Its for carl "he said
"I need the rumen in five seconds and i want it spicy" he added
I think they are doing this intentionally,and am really tired ,i will revenge

I went back and prepared the rumen ,i turned the whloe jar of hot sauce and took it back to him ,he smiled to himself and took his chop stick he shoved it into his mouth and his face changed ,his eyes were red ,he began sweating profusely and his face turned red also ,,omg he is crying ,,i quickly ran to the kitchen and brought cold juice for him ,he gluped down everthing and regained himself after some minutes

"Nana what did you prepare"he asked

"I prepared spicy rumen like you said ,i replied

" Nana you almost killed me he said and went upstair okay i think i went to far this time i pity him ,carl still faced the television without looking at us ,I went to the front of the tv pretending i was looking for something ,thereby covering his view

"what do you want nana "he asked
Finally he spoke to me ,i went to the couch he sat down and squeezed my self close to him
"What are you doing he asked
"I want to talk to you"he faced he while i stared into him eyes like i saw looking for something ,
"You know i didnt see anything right "i asked

"I know"

he said and faced the tv
"okay prove it " I said
"How"he replied

"Kiss me" i said

"What no way "he yelled

"you must kiss me" i said and pouted my lips out ,he stood up from the chair and i followed him,he started running ,and now we were both running arround the house

"Tim help me, call 911 and tell them our maid is insane "carl kepy yelling and running


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