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Story: THE MAID - Episode Six


Searching for love
The Maid - Episode Six

© Author Jenny


Yesterday night was really fun after we were done everybody went to their rooms tired and leaving the sitting room a mess ,,i tossed arround the bed ,were is danny,there is no noise coming from bathroom and he is not on the floor,maybe he is already cleaning the sitting room,i walked slugglishly to the bathroom and opened the door

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"i quickly used my hands and cover my eyes

"Omg ,nana you are so clumsy ,why didnt you knock"danny said

" did you barge in on me intentionally to see something you are not supposed to"He added

"What no way, i thought you were in the sitting room" i said
He walked out of the bathroom while i quickly entered ,,gosh am so embarassed right now,i dont even know if am to feel that way or him,,but seriously what i saw was really huge ,,gosh nana what are you thinking ,i used my hand to hit my head ,,,i quickly took my bath and came out ,danny already left ,i went downstairs and met carl and tim there too they were helping danny in the cleaning ,,seems this boys have repented ,,i entered the kitchen am prepared breakfast ,,the guys kept looking at danny and i am sure they already notice the awkward moment between us

"So we are going to the market today" i said

"Why cant you go to the mall and pick whatever you want "tim added

"things are at the mall are really expensive,that why i prefare we go to the market "i said

"why are you saying we ,i thought you are going alone "carl asked
"No WE are all going together including danny"i said and noticed danny wasnt even paying attention ,he was lost in thought
" There is no way am going to the market with you" tim said

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"Do you want to be my enemy "i replied him ,streching the fork in my hands to his eyes

"No ,no we are going now ,immediately "he said in fear and i giggled evily

Carl couldnt utter a word and danny kept a straight face
"Meet me outside in five "i said and they nodded ,,Ahhh it feels so good being the boss,imagine i feel like am on top of the world,am not sure am ever quitting this job ,not now ,best job ever

five minute later

"Which of the cars are we taking "carl asked

"We are trekking,no car" i said

"What no way ,how can cute and rich guys like us be trekking,that impossie"carl yelled

I brought out my frypan from my bag and showed him

"You do as i say Okay"

"y...Es "he said stammering
I dont really like this new danny ,he looks so bothered ,if it is about the event earlier i will just appologise i didnt mean to ,we all stepped out and began walking,thank God the sun wasnt hot ,girls kept drolling at them while i was in their centre feeling like a queen and giving the girs deadly stare

there was a shortcut i do follow but the last time i did something bad really happened because bad guys are always there drinking or smoking but since i have there cute guys beside me (danny especially wait since when did i began to think danny is cute)whats the worst that could happen

"nana this place look creepy and deadly "danny said ,,finally he talked

"Well i know but with you guys beside me "i think all is well" i replied him

Oops it was the guy i fought with the last time and i remembered i kicked in between his legs really hard to excape and this time he is not alone ,he is with other huge guys with a bottle of drink in their hands

"Ohh the pretty girl is back" the guy said and the guys behind him laughed

"Sorry guy we were just passing " danny said

"Shut up pretty boy we have no business we you all we want is the lady "

"Ohh you have made the right decision ,infact we dont need her again ,we are giving her as a gift to you ,do with her what ever pleases you"tim said immediately while i gave him you are dead sign
"come here girl"

"No shes not going anywhere "danny said and stoop in my front
"Yea she isnt "carl chipped in
"finish them and bring the girl"the guy said

They rushed to us thankGod it was four against four,danny took the main guy ,carl and tim also took one each while one came to me ,i quickly brought out my frying pan kissed it and began hitting him really bad ,soo they were all down ,out of no where some bunch of guys jumped in ,,

"RUNNNN"I shouted while we all started running with the back of our feet touching our head ,,were running while the guys were chasing were ,,i singnaled the boys and we followed another root back to the house and quickly looked the gate ,we stared at each other awkwardly and began laughing into nothing,,seriously we had no idea why we were laughing ,,but their are some kind situation you cant cry ,you cant shout ,you cant do anything all you have to do is just laugh it out,,We went inside took and shower and ordered food and ate the guys were playing video game while i lay down on the couch staring into space

Danny pov

I cant believe am falling deeply for nana everyday,,there is never a bored moment in this house,i dont even feel like am a maid or she is a maid,tim and carl are really nice people ,they are not mean,rude or proud ,with nana we were always laughing at one thing or the other,i have never had this type of fun in my entire life ,,right now she has already slept off on the couch ,sleeping beauty ,she so beautiful and pointed lips ,,

"Guys i think this is the right time to revenge on nana"i said

"what do we do "carl said
"I have an idead i said "

"There is this bed that float on water ,i dont really know the name but do you guys have " i asked

"Yes we do"tim said

"Okay carry it and follow me ",nana is a deep sleeper ,because some times i too wake up and sleep close to her or even cuddle her but she wont know ,i carried her in a bridal style while tim and carl carried the bed and followed behind,,we went to the pool and the put the bed in the centre of the pool ,i entered the water and dropped nana then used a duvet to cover her ,,she will think shes no her bed not knowing she is in the centre of the pool,,me and the guys took a picture of her and selfies too making fun of her


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