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Story: THE MAID - Episode Five


Searching for love
The Maid - Episode Five

© Author Jenny


you need to see danny's face ,soo funny ,he quickly ran upstairs and and continued cleaning ,,okay i respect the fact the tim and carl owns this house that why i allowed them to sleep till now but it seems they are not ready to wake up ,i took two class cup of water and went to their rooms ,carl's room was first so entered he was still lying down i went to him and bent my face to his like i wanted to kiss him ,i used the opportunity to check him out,i stared at his lips for some time,i wonder how it really feels like to kiss someone ,the last guy who tried to kiss me lost a tooth ,i quickly diverted my gaze to his eyes and even more closer i could feel his breath on my face and our nose was almost touching ,he opened his eyes and saw me ,,he screamed that i had to close my ears so it won't get block

"Nana were you trying to kiss me or what" he asked

"No i was just checking if you have hairs in your nose"i said and he looked away embarassed

"So you brought me water "he said
"Yes,i brought it to do this"i poured the water on him smiled to my self and left ,the kept shouting and cursing me under his breath
I went to tim room,okay tim and i dont really get along much,i didnt even look at his face i just poured him the water

"Nana what was that for "he yelled angrily

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"Ops so you still alive"i said and ran out of his room laughing
If those boys could see a buyer they would sell me immediately
Soon everyone matched to the dining including danny looking so refreshed and handsome i was the only one looking dirty ,they didnt talk to me ,they just went to the dining and sat down ,okay am not the only one whos going to look ugly today,i quickly ran upstairs and took one short jean skirt that didnt real my knee,i only wear it on special occasion and one of tim top that i picked from his room ,i look my bath fast and wore the clothes ,i decided to free my hair down and brush it ,i applied a little mascara and lipstick ,i looked at the mirror and was satisfised with my looks ,i went down stairs and they all turned and faced me mouth open,i went and sat down close to danny who couldnt get his eyes off me ,,,soon they all bursted out in heaving laughter,danny was even holding in stomach and laughing

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"What is funny"i yelled

"You look like someone who got hit by a makeup truck "danny said and they even laugh the more
I ran upstair and check the mirror properly and it was true ,it seems like i got hit by a make up truck due to the was the mascara is plaster all over my face and the lip stick all over my mouth ,i used a wiper to clean my face and went back to the dining ingnoring everybody

"Why are you wearing my shirt "tim asked

"Because you dont need it"

"Who told you i dont need it"tim asked

"Well i saw clothes on the floor so i picked the one i liked and trashed the remaining ones "i replied him and faced my food
"Wait just to be clear,it was only his cloth right"carl asked pointing at tim

"no and yours too" i replied

"What" carl shouted " we were just trying to make you...

"Make me what "i asked

"Nothing "he replied immediately
"Guys i think i will just go and take a nap "danny said

"Well i will be going to see my parent "i said


i ride my bicycle in and parked it ,it was already evening ,i went inside and start cooking ,yonna kept me there all day ,danny carl and tim were playing video game after dinner was served the continued the game and i felt so bored ,i stood up and diconneted the tv

"Omg nana ,i almost won "danny said

"Well am bored ,lets play a game together" i said

"Do u have any "tim asked

"Yes i do "

"Okay bring it on carl said "i ran to my room and brought out a book and pen , and wrote down everthing

"We are going to play truth or dare game ,so every body will pick a paper and read what it says,and you must do it no backing out ,i said and they nodded in aggrement

I dropped the papers and we all picked ,lets start from danny i said
"Say something about the one you love most "danny read

"Well i taught with you i got everything,life was going to be perfect ,i taught i found real love ,but instead you turned your back on me "he said and we all felt for him seems he was really hurt by someone he love

"okay next person" i said

"twerk for everyone " tim read
Tim stood up and on the sound system ,he played drake in my feelings ,this guy has no idea how this song makes me go gaga,he began twerking but he was really good tho and funny

"Go tim"Go tim"

We kept clapping and hailing him soon danny and carl joined in the crazy dance,i was tempted too so i joined and started danicing ,have i ever told you guys i was the worst dancer ever ,i started breaking like micheal dancing while tim and the rest were dancing like drunk people ,suddenly danny used his butt to hit me ,i took the popcorn that they were eating earlier and poured it on danny
"Ohhh" they yelled

"Food fight "tim shouted and we began to use snacks and popcorn to stone our self


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