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her darling boyfriend - CHAPTER 6

© Author Joy

Its was Valentine's day, Brian was sitting on the sideline, Brian's lonely life could be seen vividly, he watched how lover took gift in a brightly decorated box setting for party.

The thought of Ann crushed his mind, he had loved her so much and cherished her before death parted them. He unpholded the note Mitchell had left for him few days back. The note reminded him of how he use to be with Ann, they've promised never to separate from each other, little did they know that death was jealous of their relationship.

He walk home dully, he figured out some of the photos he took with her and decided to burn them, she died on a Valentine's day.

As he was burning the photos a soft hand tapped his back, he turned to look it was Mitchell. He knew her but he as a friend but not a close friend.

He smiled tiredly, she wasn't against his actions cause she believed the photos are one of the challenges that had made him not to forget about the dead.

The photos burned into ashes before they both left the scene, she had come to tell him happy Valentine, she also came along with a teddy bear as a gift to cheer him up.

"I'm grateful for your kind attitude towards me, I just pray her taught get of me cause I regret dating her and I promise never to date a girl...." she placed her finger on his lips.
"Stop it, you'll live to love and get tired of loving, thereare countless ladies out there that are far better than her. It just for you to let go of her thoughts in you. The living must move on" she drew close to him and look into his eyes, although she had no bad intentions for him.
He smiled and walked to where he keeps his clothes, he removed an expensive box while Mitchell watched with kin interest on what he was up to.

He brought out a wrist watch made of gold and walk towards her "This is the supposed Valentine's gift for Ann before she died. I'm giving you as an appreciation. I'll put my hands up over relationship issues."
She almost cried when he placed the wrist watch on her hands but held back her tears and ran away immediately.

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Alvin preferred to celebrate the Valentine with Bella in his house, he had promised to call Mitchell whenever he's done with Bella.

Bella was so emotional unlike Alvin, he only want her to ginger him.

They listened to music and dance, Alvin is not good at dancing, she stepped on his feet several times with her heels with pointed mouth.
They were excited, too carried away by the music. They engaged in a kiss, the both kissed like hungry lion.
He carried her as usual like a baby and throwed her on his bed, he removed his belt while she removed her clothes fast. Alvin giving head while Bella the blow job.

The both moaned and groaned, he disengaged from her p****sy, he started kissing and sucking her boobs. She's not good at talking during sex but she moaned.

He insert his d***k and gave her hotly like a burning furnace, he released on her, soon they were both tired. They slept off.

Bella was first to the first to wake up, she have a surprise for him, she went to the living room where she had left her bag earlier, she took a golden neck chain.

When she got to the room Alvin was up already, she presented the chain to him "when I was 18yrs old, before my grandma died she gave me this neck chain that I should give the one I love most in life, I've come to realize that, you are the only one I love most" she said and place the chain on his neck.
He was moved by her words and was not able to resist his feelings for her, he kissed her deeply.

Soon she was gone, he called Mitchell who came at once, he was jealous when Mitchell told him about her accountant with Brian but he refused to tell her the mystery behind his golden neck chain.

He lose interest in Mitchell and suspect she was having affairs with Brian, he was cold with her all throughout. He managed to give her good bye kiss when she was leaving.
Mitchell suspected his cold attitude towards her but he maintained he was fine, she assumed he was fine partially and played along with the act.

Mitchell and Alvin had been honoured by outsiders o, are you thinking what I'm thinking


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