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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep9


Cassandra Season 2Ep9

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

‘’you bastard!, tell me; where is Cassandra?” I asked breathlessly, shaking the young man furiously. Chinedu quickly did the right thing by separating us. He pushed me backwards, begging me to calm down.

‘’I heard you were locked up by the police for Cassandra’s disappearance?. Why are you now asking me about Cassandra?” the young doctor quickly asked, trying his best to compose himself.

‘’I just got back to the country yesterday, to learn that my Cassandra is still missing. Why are you here?. Are you not supposed to be in police custody?” he asked furiously, taking a surprising step towards me. Chinedu quickly blocked him.

‘’listen guys, we are in a public place. We have many things to sort out concerning Cassandra’s disappearance but not here. Actually my friend thought you left the country with Cassandra in order to get back at him but your reaction is currently proving otherwise. We definitely have a big issue to tackle but not here. Unless we wish to embarrass ourselves before the little kids around’’ he said intelligently. The doctor nodded, drew back and headed to his car.

‘’this isn’t over David. I will find you. You have a lot of explanations to make’’ he breathed, entered his car and drove off. I shook my head with disbelief.

‘’what do you think?. ‘’ I asked Chindeu who shrugged.

‘’the young man looked very surprised when you asked about Cassandra. Perhaps he isn’t responsible for her disappearance. Perhaps Cassandra never got to his house that very evening she left yours’’ he answered slowly.

‘’what could it then mean’’ I asked quickly.

‘’it means two things brother. Either Cassandra is with another man or she is already dead. A girl can’t just disappear like that without a trace’’ he breathed, sending more fear into my heart.
The last thing I wanted was Cassandra being dead but then just like my friend said, a girl like her couldn’t just disappear without a trace. My last suspicion fell on Edwin but then I saw the young man as nothing but a rascal. I never had reason to believe that he could have the capability or means of kidnapping Cassandra for such a long time. I could only come up with three half baked theories that moment
‘’firstly; Either Edwin killed Cassandra that very night and disposed her body which kind of looked impossible for a guy like him, or secondly Cassandra got involved with another guy who did the dirty work. Or thirdly, the doctor actually did the killing, disposed her body and had to throw off every suspicion by quickly travelling out’’ I reasoned.
‘’hey good day; Are you the guy who called to see me?”’ I soon heard a very young beautiful girl ask, drawing close to us. I smiled nervously as I stared at her.
‘’you are Cassandra’s friend?’’ I asked softly. She nodded quickly.
‘’I’m David and this is my friend Chinedu’’ I quickly introduced.
‘’so can we talk somewhere, preferably in your room?’’ I asked. She stared at us suspiciously, shaking her head.

‘’okay fine we can talk here.’’ I breathed.

‘’listen; I’m being accused of being behind Cassandra’s disappearance and I need your help. I guess you are one of her friends that know a lot about her. I guess you also knew she came to visit me that very night she disappeared. The truth is that we argued and she left my apartment. I felt she went to spend the night with her doctor friend only to discover weeks later that’s she’s missing. At first I thought it was nothing but a setup to get back at me until her father showed up to arrest me. Please if you know anything that can help me find Cassandra, better spit it out now. Of course I will settle you handsomely and also know that your friend could be in danger if she really is missing and anything you say to me could be helpful’’ I begged breathlessly. The young girl took a deep breath, stared at me for some seconds before shrugging.

‘’Cassandra is a very good friend. Some people may see her as greedy and deceitful but deep down she has a very good heart. Yes she is actually missing and at first I really thought you had something to do with it until this moment you spoke to me. I really don’t know but since she isn’t with you, it could then be that she’s with Edwin. I feel somehow Edwin finally got her. The dude has been a pest in her life and since Cassandra disappeared, the dude hasn’t been seen around this vicinity and the bad thing about it is that no one knows much about him. He has been here longer that ninety nine percent of the students. We all met him here and no one unless perhaps members of his gang can tell his background or where to find him’’ she revealed, leaving me totally speechless with the revelation.
‘’but why haven’t you told the police anything?’’ Chinedu quickly chipped in.
‘’the police hasn’t been here. The campus security only came once with Cassandra’s father and all they did was to break into her room’’ she answered.

‘’I guess we have a lot to talk about. Please let’s go somewhere more private’’ I slowly offered with a pleading look. The Young girl accepted after a slight hesitation and together we headed to a small eatery few kilometers away.


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