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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep8


Cassandra Season 2Ep8

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

We spent a whole lot of time with my sister and mother who were quite delighted to see Nora and I together. The topic of discussion soon centered on me after Nora told them all I passed through in the hands of Cassandra’s father. Nora really had a good descriptive prowess and she kind of held my sister and mother spell bound with her story.

All I could do was just to look down in shame. Yes I really felt embarrassed listening as she narrated my ordeal.

‘’you are really God sent my dear. You now see the reason why you guys should be together. You are stronger together than apart. I see my son is slowly coming to his senses and you have to be with him to support and guide him to the right track’’ my mother slowly chipped in with an understanding smile, while Nora keep quiet, saying nothing.


When we finally got set to leave, my sister gave me the contact of one of Cassandra’s friends.

‘’her name is Jessica, she is Cassandra’s neighbor and I feel if anyone is to know Cassandra’s whereabouts, she would be the one to know. Anyway just be civil with her, don’t be aggressive or she won’t speak to you’’ she advised, equally describing the girl’s physical looks to me.


As Nora and I headed home afterwards, all that occupied my mind was finding Cassandra. I couldn’t even start a conversation with Nora who was sitting beside me because I was so preoccupied with my thoughts. I desperately needed to get to the root of the matter. I desperately needed to unravel all the mysteries concerning Cassandra’s disappearance. That was the only way I could be free to start a better life for myself.

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‘First thing tomorrow I will head to Cassandra’s school to search for Jessica and also Edwin. Yes Edwin, how did I even forget about him? I know he runs frequent tabs on Cassandra and I can bet he will have a clue on where to find the silly girl’’ I reasoned with a smile.
‘’but how do I convince Edwin to work with me?’’ another part of me asked, throwing me back to another level of thinking. To and fro my mind wandered till we got to Nora’s house.

‘’I plan heading over to Cassandra’s school to start my own investigations. It’s something I have to do on my own. I can’t leave the police on this’’ I explained to Nora who shrugged and smiled as she opened the car door to alight.

‘’don’t get shot over there’’ she said with a smile, alighting from the car. I silently watched her walk into her apartment, swallowing hard as I admired her curves. I couldn’t help but notice that I instantly felt h---y. Yes it had been long I last made love to a woman and it really was telling on my body system.


Early the next day as I got set to embark on my quest to find Cassandra; my friend Chinedu walked in unannounced. I frowned on seeing him as all I passed through days ago without his help flashed into my head. But then, a quick apology from him and some jokes soon made me loosen up with him. I told him all that happened, hiding nothing.
‘’I’m really sorry that I wasn’t around to assist but count on me from now onwards’’ he promised when I was done with my story.

‘’of course you know i need every help I can get. I plan going to Cassandra’s lodge to search for her. You can come with me’’ I offered. He quickly nodded in agreement, bringing out a smile from my face with his acceptance.
‘’first, I have to call the police inspector to speak with him, afterwards I will call Jessica; the girl my sister said I should contact before we proceed on the difficult task’’ I breathed as I grabbed my phone.


An hour and half later, Chinedu and I arrived at Cassandra’s hostel. I slowly parked my car at the spot Edwin and his gang beat me up the previous year. I bit my lips as the memory flashed back into my head. I almost ran my car into a black SUV equally parked at the spot. Chinedu eyed me with concern. I gave him a reassuring smile.

‘’I’m cool bro’’ I stammered, freezing as my eyes fell on a young man who was coming out of the big hostel. He was no other person than the doctor, Cassandra’s new boyfriend. I breathed furiously.
‘’that’s him. That’s the doctor Cassandra rubbed on my face the previous year’’ I said with a raised tone, pointing at the young man.
‘’but, but, but I thought you told me he travelled out of the country?” Chinedu asked curiously.

Instead of replying him, I bolted out of the car and ran towards the young man who was really shocked to see me. I quickly grabbed him by collar, not minding the environment.

I shook him furiously with great strength, giving him no chance to fight back.

‘’you bastard!, where is Cassandra?’’ I asked furiously.


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