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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep7


Cassandra Season 2Ep7

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

Seeing David get very affectionate with me, of course my head swelled with great desire to hold him tightly and to feel his kisses but then I had to push him away because I felt he merely wanted to get back with me because he had no choice than to do it.

Even though I badly wanted him by my side, I wasn’t ready to cheapen myself to him like I did in the past. He had to prove his love. He had to fight to prove himself worthy of me. I already survived long difficult months without him and I had the strength of living without him for the rest of my life.
The look on his face clearly showed how much my action shocked him. I couldn’t believe he was expecting me to kiss him with great happiness because of his sudden display of affection. I breathed deeply and headed towards the door.

‘’I have to leave now. Some of your belongings are in my house, you can come pick them up later’’ I added softly, grabbing the door knob.

‘’please Nora wait. I’m very sorry for being very disrespectful. I was carried away by my emotions. However you should know that I said those words from the bottom of my heart. The terrible night I spent in the cell gave me the opportunity to see things clearly. I’m the most foolish man on earth. I threw away the gift God gave me to pursue shadows. I understand how you feel but please just promise to think things through’’ he begged, drawing close to hold my hands. His touch made me tremble within me. I had to bring out my whole strength to look brave and deviant. I tried to say something but couldn’t. I was only saved by my phone which rang that very moment. I quickly took a step backwards, fetched the ringing phone from my handbag and checked who was calling. To my surprise it was no other person than his sister; A girl very dear to me.

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‘’hey sweetheart what’s up?’’ she greeted with great excitement.

‘’can you believe I just dropped a baby boy?. I gave birth to a baby boy this morning’’ she announced happily while I jumped with great joy.

‘’congrats dear, I will surely visit you tomorrow’’ I promised excitedly.

‘’my brother’s phone hasn’t been reachable since yesterday, I know I shouldn’t be telling you this but I kind of feel uneasy about it’’ she added slowly.

‘’I’m with your brother right now and his is fine. I think he switched off his phones on purpose’’ I lied giving David my phone.


‘’let’s visit my sister together tomorrow?’’ David asked as he returned my phone after speaking with his sister. I stared at him suspiciously, unable to mutter a reply.

‘’please just say yes’’ he pushed on.
 I smiled breathed deeply, gave him a long look before heading out of his apartment. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I came to the conclusion that the little shake up Cassandra’s father gave to him really got him on the right track.


David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

I really meant every word when I asked Nora to take me back. I didn’t do it out of appreciation for her help or out of desperation. I simply wanted to be with her that moment. I simply wanted to start a new life with her. I simply wanted to refocus my life but unfortunately she misunderstood me. Perhaps she felt I was trying to use her once again. I really saw the suspicion in her eyes and it made me weep deep inside.

My sister’s phone call however changed the tension in the room. It equally brought me back to the problem at hand which was finding Cassandra.

Yes I know it kind of sounds strange for a man like me planning to find Cassandra, but then that was the only way I could prove my innocence and be free. That was the only way I could get my conscience to be at rest.

My first plan was to get the contact of one of Cassandra’s friends from my sister, possibly the contact of the girl who told her everything about the doctor. I felt it could be the lead; I badly needed to unravel the mystery surrounding Cassandra’s disappearance.

The rest of the evening really was uneventful as I spent all my time inside my apartment, checking my accounts and preparing my budget for the year. There wasn’t any doubt that the first six months of the year would be a very difficult one for me.

Early the next day, I reported to the police station, had a little chat with the inspector before heading to Nora’s apartment. She was already set to head to my sister’s place when I arrived. She was very surprised to see me and never tried to hide her surprise.

‘’I wasn’t expecting you this morning?’’ she kind of asked with a smile. I smiled back at her, walking into the apartment.
‘’I was about leaving for your sister’s house when you walked in’’ she added softly. I walked towards the couch where my little son was sleeping peaceful and stared at him for some seconds.
‘’and you plan taking a public transport to her house with my little son?’’ I asked accusingly.
‘’hmmmm when did you start caring, moreover it isn’t as if it is our first or second time taking a public transport’’ she answered quickly. I slowly carried my son and faced her.

‘’we are going together whether you like it or not’’ I offered a little authoritatively while she shrugged with a smile.

Nora and I arrived at my sister’s apartment to meet my mother and dear sister extremely stunned to see us together. Yes it was the first time they were seeing us together in such manner. They just couldn’t hide the joy they felt.

‘’wait a minute!!, are you guys finally together?’’ my sister asked without any reservation while my heart pounded furiously as I opened my mouth to give a slightly positive response but unfortunately Nora was the first to respond.

‘’no we are not together as a couple. He merely gave me a lift’’ she quickly responded, leaving me to ponder over the true state of her mind


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