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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep6


Cassandra Season 2Ep6

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

It was already few minutes past ten in the morning when I was able to round up things and get set to visit David at the police station. My cousin however showed up the minute I was about leaving the house.

‘’hmmm, I see you prepared a delicious meal for your David?’’ he joked, eyeing the food flask with me. I breathed deeply and smiled.
‘’yes but I guess, I’m already late. I had to first take care of my little baby before heading to his apartment to pick up some of his belongings. That kind of delayed me’’ I explained as if he needed the explanation. He smiled and shrugged.

‘’you shouldn’t have to worry that much. Your David will be free very soon’’ he muttered softly, leaving me as curious as ever.
‘’really!, tell me is there any new development?’’ I asked.

‘’Yes the police are yet to build up a case against him, and so with my skills, I negotiated his freedom though it will cost him three hundred thousand naira’’ he explained with a smile, turning my excitement into a big frown with his words. I stared at him suspiciously

‘’what do you mean you secured his freedom with such a staggering amount? Come on I thought you were helping me, but I can’t help but feel that you only offered to help out of your own personal gain. Don’t tell me the police will simply take such an amount from a lawyer like you simply to free an innocent man?” I asked pointedly. This time around it was his turn to frown.

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‘’listen sister, I don’t know what you are trying to prove with your words but mind how you speak to me. You are simply his baby mama and nothing more, so cut the serious look. You asked for my help in freeing the man and I just negotiated his freedom. He didn’t even complain about money?. If you no longer need my help, I can leave this moment. He can rot in jail for all I care’’ he said with a raised tune, leaving me with no choice than to shrug with resignation.

‘’I’m sorry. I have to leave now. My sister will attend to you. She prepared your favorite meal’’ I softly stammered before leaving with a fake smile.

David was very happy to see me when I arrived at the police station and he wasted no time in telling how my cousin was securing his freedom. Even though I felt my cousin was trying to cheat him, I couldn’t get myself to tell him about my suspicion, instead I listened to him without saying anything.

‘’My two ATM cards are inside the wallet I left with you yesterday, Simply head to the bank and withdraw three hundred and ten thousand naira for me. Please be fast with it and return with your cousin to secure my freedom. I can’t wait to get out of here. I barely survived the night’’ he poured out excitedly, equally giving me his card pin numbers plus more directives..

‘’but can I be able to withdraw such an amount with just two ATM cards?. I thought there is a limit to what one can withdraw?” I quickly asked while his face fell.
‘’I really don’t know how to ask you this, but don’t be mad at me. Help me raise the money if you can’t get it from my account. I will refund you once I’m out of here’’ he pleaded solemnly. I silently stared at him for some seconds before shrugging in resignation.
By 2:45pm I had the required money with me, and I headed back to the police station with my annoying cousin who insisted on meeting his police friend alone.
‘’this is a very delicate matter, so you have to stay out of this dear sister. Simply wait for me outside while I go inside to complete the deal’’ he said with a cunning smile, taking the money from me. I gave him a look of disdain, hissed and drew back. I felt like smashing his head that moment and I just couldn’t help but realize that all lawyers were just the same. They never act in the interest of anyone without anything to gain from it even when it looks otherwise. Though I knew he never had even a little bit of likeness for David.


David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David.

It really was a long wait, as I eagerly waited for Nora to return with the money for my freedom. It was just as if the day refused to run as it was running prior to that moment. I was as nervous as ever as I prayed deep down in my heart.

Few hours later, I was dragged out of my cell to meet Nora and her good cousin who smiled at me, giving me hope that finally my freedom was near. The inspector who led my arrest soon showed up with a dry smile on his face.
‘’my friend, you are very lucky that orders from above just came for your release. Nevertheless my men and I will still search your house as part of the investigation. Just pray that we find nothing there’’ he said, leading me to an office where I signed some papers.
Few minutes later I arrived at my apartment in company of the inspector and his men who ransacked my entire apartment but found nothing.

‘’I hope you know this isn’t personal? I’m merely doing my job. You are now free but remember to report at the station every morning and whenever you want to leave town make sure you inform me. Lastly you have a big job of convincing the girl’s father that you are innocent. You have a duty to him’’ he said as he shook hands with me.

‘’I promise to find Cassandra. I must get to the root of this case. Trust me’’ I promised. He smiled and left with his men.

‘’thank God you are now free’’ Nora breathed, turning my attention to her. I stared at her with great joy, with great gratitude, with great admiration. I rushed forward and lifted her up with surging emotions.

‘’I’m now free, thanks to you. Please take me back into your life. Let us become the Couple that we were supposed to be’’ I begged passionately. She stared at me with eyes filled with great passion and want, giving me great hope that my proposal would be accepted but surprisingly she pushed me backwards with great strength, shaking her head.
‘’I didn’t help you for us to be together. You are already a closed chapter in my life. We can never be a couple’’ she breathed, shocking me with the painful words.

‘’oh Nora’’ I breathed.


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