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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep5


Cassandra Season 2Ep5

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

The look my cousin and sister gave me as I walked into the apartment really made me very uncomfortable, nevertheless I forced out a smile, trying my best to appear calm.

‘’good evening dear brother, I never knew you were coming in today. I thought you told everyone that you will be coming over tomorrow?’’ I joyfully asked my cousin, sitting by his side. The frown on his face kind of increased, making me shift uneasily as I waited for him to say something.

‘’Nora tell me the reason you abandoned your baby to go after that silly man once again?. I guess what he did to you in the past didn’t teach you enough lesson huh?. By the way, why do you even want me to help him?” he asked angrily while my sister nodded in support. I shifted nervously once again, throwing a quick look at my sister for support which wasn’t forthcoming.
‘’David is innocent. I don’t have the mind to let him suffer for what he didn’t do. I have a conscience’’ I breathed slowly.

‘’A guy used you like a toy, dumped you, disrespected you, and disrespected your family. And you are here talking about conscience. What makes you think that he didn’t even commit the crime he is being accused of? Believe me, a guy like him can do anything to a lady’’ he said seriously, forcing me to hold his hand.

‘’why are you saying all these brother?, I thought you already promised to help?’’ I asked passionately.

‘’oh yes I’m going to help that bastard but I’m just letting you know on time what you are getting into. That guy is just using you again like he always does’’ he said angrily. I looked down, unable to say a word.

I just wished that moment that he could feel how my heart throbbed quickly; I just wished he could have the slightest taste of how strongly I still felt for David notwithstanding all he did to me. Yes I knew some could term it foolish love or something much more, but then it was just as if David’s blood was on me. It was as if we shared a bond stronger than love.

I look a quick look at my little son who was sleeping peacefully on my sister’s laps. He was just the carbon copy of his father and I couldn’t help but pray that he doesn’t follow his father’s footsteps.

‘’dear sister, you really need to consider your feelings for this David. He used you when he wanted to satisfy his lust and disappeared afterwards. Now he needs you again and I bet he will disappear once he needs you no more’’ my sister quickly added.
‘’I’m helping him for my son’s sake and not because he deserved it. I’m not helping him because I want him back in my life. One day you will be a mother and you will understand’’ I replied my sister as my mind drifted back to the night David and I made love without any protection..


David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

Sitting on a very wet corner of the crowed cell, I had time to think of my life, my mistakes and where fate led me. It dawned on me that love could mean many things. That love could never be fully defined.

Every individual has his own definition of love and following it the wrong way could lead one to an early grave, or end up in a condition similar to mine. I had Nora, a lady who loved me with all her body and soul but I chose to be greedier, I chose to go where my hand wasn’t supposed to be and ended up getting burnt.
Love has many faces, just like our destiny. It’s left for us to shape it;
Supposing I had focused all my attention and desires on Nora, I would have been the happiest man on earth, but I was deceived by fake beauty, fake charms, and fake sophistication.

‘’dear lord, I’m ready to make amends. Please I want to get out of here’’ I prayed.


Early the next day, Nora’s cousin showed up like he promised, I was led out of the cell to see him and I couldn’t help but be hopeful as I saw the young man, who stared at me with a faint smile on his face. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking that moment and yes I really was ashamed to meet him under my present condition but i really had no choice than to accept his help.

‘’Mr. David before I start, just know that I’m helping you against my wish. My cousin just forced me into it and just like I told you in the past, she is like a sister to me.’’ He said quickly, avoiding my eyes.
‘’now I have talked to the officer in charge of this case and I’m very sorry to tell you that he refused letting you go on bail’’ he said quickly. My heart instantly froze.

‘’so that means, I will be here till who knows when?’’ I breathed with great fear.

‘’yes this is a very serious case but then the police are still confused on the charge to throw on you. The girl’s body hasn’t been found and so they are just keeping you against any eventuality. For now she is still declared missing. You know our country?. I don’t think the police are even willing to conduct a proper investigation because they don’t have the means to do so, even though they told me they are on it. You couldn’t have been here if not for the strong evidence Cassandra’s father tendered against you. I’m really surprised that they are yet to torture you into accepting being responsible for the girl’s disappearance’’ he said slowly.

‘’I get it, I’m not getting out’’ I breathed with resignation.

‘’There is still a way to get out of here. I spoke to the most superior officer in this station and he asked for three hundred thousand naira and an assurance that you will be reporting to the station first thing every morning. Secondly your properties will be searched and you must give them every necessary support they require when investigating the case’’ he slowly added

‘’what? Three hundred thousand naira!’’, I exclaimed with great shock. I was yet to pay my house rent, my shop rents and every other bills that needed paying every January. My account equally was on all time low at the end of the previous year. I just couldn’t help but realize that the two paths now before me was either heading to prison for a crime I knew nothing about or leaving the police station as a penniless man.

Nevertheless what I needed the most was my freedom and I was ready to pay any price for it.


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