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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep4


Cassandra Season 2Ep4

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

‘’officer please I just got here, just give us five minutes to talk’’ I quickly begged the officer who came to lead David away. Surprisingly the officer acknowledged my plea without any hesitation, giving David and I the opportunity to talk.

‘’so what exactly do you want me to do for you? Please don’t ask for the impossible’’ I quickly asked David who was too emotional to talk. He slowly composed himself, breathing deeply.

I really couldn’t help but weep in my heart as I saw how Cassandra turned a good looking, strong and well doing man like David into a shadow of himself..

I quickly looked away to avoid letting my emotions take control of me once again.

‘’ I have no other family or friend in this town but you. Chinedu is yet to return from Christmas but then even if he is to be in town there isn’t much he can do for me. I just need you to take charge of my home, shops and belongings. Please I do know that I’m asking too much but please help me.’’ He slowly begged, watching me with fear in his eyes. I swallowed hard as I breathed deeply. Of course my presence really meant that I was willing to help him but perhaps he was yet to realize it. He was yet to see how much I still cared about him even though I hate admitting it.

‘’so how about money, food etc, I know you will need lots of them?’’ I asked softly, searching him with my eyes. He quickly nodded, reaching forward to hold my hand strongly.

‘’I promise if I get out of this, you will see a new me. Please forgive me Nora for all I did in the past’’ he begged passionately while Val silently watched us keenly.

Yes few months ago when I was suffering from the pain of child birth, I had prayed for David to suffer. I had prayed for things to get difficult for him. I had prayed for him to suffer the same pain I felt when he abandoned me, but seeing him now in such a pitiable condition, I couldn’t help but realize that he wasn’t the only one suffering; I too was feeling the pain much more than him even though I was wearing a brave look.

No matter all he did to me, he is still the love of my life and the father of my child.

‘’I will be looking forward to see you tomorrow. Please your food, presence and moral support is what I need the most’’ he begged as the police officer slowly led him to the cell.

‘’I guess we should start going now. Let’s get out of here’’ Val quickly said, tapping my shoulder. I nodded In agreement and together we headed out of the police station.

My head was filled with several thoughts as Val and I headed towards my house. I really was considering how to mix the job of caring for my little baby and caring for David who was locked up at the same time. David badly needed food, my presence and perhaps money. Moreover the job of taking care of his apartment and shops which I was yet to know their conditions was equally on me. There wasn’t any doubt I had a lot in my hands.

Few months ago, who would have known that I would end up playing the role of a wife to David in such circumstance?

‘’thanks for coming. You are really a very wonderful person. Not every woman will make this sacrifice’’ Val breathed, interrupting my thoughts. I smiled at him, breathing deeply.

‘’I guess you don’t know my story with him?’’ I asked curiously, he smiled and shrugged.

‘’I know a little. David told me stuffs about you before the police arrested him’’ he answered.
‘’but what exactly is your relationship with him?. I thought I knew all his friends but I guess I’m wrong’’ I breathed curiously. He smiled, saying nothing.

‘’anyway I’m sorry for being harsh on you earlier today. Seriously David did me a whole lot of wrongs. I made a mistake of getting pregnant for him, and he never for a moment stopped short of telling me that I wasn’t good enough for him. That really hurt my pride a lot. And when I finally managed to pull through on my own, he showed up after I gave birth to demand seeing his son. Tell me, what sort of love, could a man give a child he never wanted?’’. Seriously don’t be deceived by all he said at the police station. He merely said those words because he needed my help. David is very arrogant, selfish and ambitious’’ I opened up to Val who slowed down the car and stared at me curiously.
“” But why didn’t you fight for his love. Why did you allow the love of your life slip away so easily? Supposing you fought for him, perhaps he wouldn’t have been in this mess??”” he asked.

‘’that’s a very strong question and I hope you are not trying to blame me for the mess David is now in?. Men are used to blaming we women for everything and I won’t be surprised if you are now indirectly blaming me for his plight’’ I muttered suspiciously, forcing him to shrug defensively.
‘’ Anyway let me answer your question; You see it really isn’t the first time I’m facing such a question and yes I never fought for David’s love because I never believed in forcing myself on any man would make him love me. Instead it could only lead to perpetual abuse and agony from his hands in the end’’ I said with a deep smile, leaving him to ponder over my words.


I returned home to meet my sister and cousin angrily waiting for me. Of course they were very furious that I abandoned my son to attend to David.


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