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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep3


Cassandra Season 2Ep3

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

Seeing a young man who introduced himself as Val that fateful January afternoon, my mind quickly raced towards David. I instantly had the fear that he was in grave danger. And just like I feared, the young man brought some very bad news to me. He told me that David was being detained by the police, which really got me anxious but then what really got me very angry was the annoying request that I should follow him to the station to see David.

Of course I snapped. The request left me totally angry. I couldn’t believe David could have the guts to make such a request as if I was his wife or a part of his life after making it very clear in the past that I was nothing but a bug in his life. Yes he tried to make peace with me quite alright but then he equally made it very clear that he was doing it for the sake of my baby and not for me. I don’t think you need to be a woman to know how painful all his actions has been to me. Nevertheless I still did my part by referring him to my cousin for legal help, thinking he would let me be, instead he sent the young man who introduced himself as Val to come and fetch me the instant he got arrested.

David really deserved all that was happening to him. He equally didn’t deserve any help from me. He needed to feel how it hurts being without a partner in time of need. He badly needed to be taught a lesson that life isn’t all about him.

A part of me wanted him to suffer but then a greater part of me couldn’t just let me back away. My conscience wouldn’t let me be and as soon as Val left, I dropped my little baby in my sister’s care and headed to the police station to see David.

Yes I still was in love with him no matter how hard I tried to deny the feelings. I really couldn’t stay to watch him suffer even though he deserved every bit of a thing happening to him.

In no time, I found myself standing before Val and David at the poli8ce station. I was nervous as ever because I hated the police for no reason. One look at David showed me a man who lost everything. I saw a man who was scared of losing his life. I saw a man who was scared of the future before him. I saw hopelessness in his eyes. I badly felt like holding and caressing him tightly but instead i stood my ground and smiled softly as he quickly got up with a smile of relief, hugging me tightly.

Of course I knew the hug he gave me wasn’t out 0f love but possibly out of gratefulness.
‘’oh Nora, thank you’’ he breathed in my ear.


David’s point of view;
As narrated by DAVID

As soon as I saw Val return to the police station without Nora, I instantly felt empty. Of course I knew she had no reason to pity my condition or show up, nevertheless I had hoped on her good nature, thinking she would be forced to come with Val out of sympathy; but on seeing Val all alone, I realized that I hoped too much.

I felt like crying that moment. I felt like turning back the hands of time. I felt like correcting all the mistakes I did in the past but then it was already too late to hope on anything. All the remained in me were the prayers in my heart. I prayed for Cassandra to show up from anywhere she was hiding. I definitely was scared of spending even a single night in the police cell.

As Val and I were talking, I just didn’t know what made me bring up my head which really had been down since he showed up without Nora. I couldn’t believe my eyes as they rested on Nora who was standing unannounced before us.
All I could mutter was ‘’oh Nora, thank you’’ as I quickly hugged her with great passion.

However the joy of holding her in my arms was short-lived as an officer showed up that moment to take me to the cell.

I couldn’t help but wonder if that was the last hug I was ever going to share with Nora.

‘’just be strong’’ Nora whispered in my ear and believe me, her voice never left my head after that moment.

‘’dear Lord don’t let him hang for something he didn’t do. Yes David could be nasty and bad but he isn’t a murderer or a kidnapper’’ I heard Nora softly pray for me as tears slowly dropped from my eyes.


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