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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep21


Cassandra Season 2Ep21

David’s side of the story;
As naratted by David

As soon as Cassandra left, I headed straight to the bathroom to freshen up without saying anything to Nora. Of course I really was very much uncomfortable with the way she forced me into sending Cassandra away even though she did what most women would have done.
‘’do you need help?’’ I heard her shout from the living room as I took my bath. Her question kind of softened me.

I smiled to myself as my manhood slowly nodded its head, strange ideas filling my head.

‘’yes yes yes. I need help’’ I replied, expecting her to show up to attend to me but all my reply got me was nothing but laughter from her.

‘’I was only teasing you’’ she laughed while I sighed in disappointment.


moments later
I whistled a song as I slowly dressed up in my room, suddenly feeling happy without knowing the reason for such sudden feeling. Nora knocked on the door, peeped in before walking with a seductive smile. One look at her, I scoffed and shook my head.
‘’what?’’ she asked.

‘’nothing’’ I answered, reached out, grabbed and pushed her down on my bed.

‘’you are going to injure yourself for no just reason. What are you even trying to do?’’ she asked, staring at me with great passion. I licked my lips as I stared down at her.

There wasn’t any denying she badly wanted it as much as I did but was only suppressing the hunger inside her.

‘’I love you very much Nora. I just wish to be with you every moment, every minute’’ I breathed while she stared at me, saying nothing. I slowly lowered my lips on hers, planting a deep kiss on her lips.

She never responded neither did she resist. She simply kept still as if she was overcome with something I just couldn’t fathom.
‘’I have always loved you Dave. I never stopped loving you even when you were with Cassandra, even when you left me out in the streets. Deep down I knew one day you would come back. But I’m not yet sure if you are really back for good. Are you really back?’’ she asked solemnly.

I stared into her eyes and all I saw was an open soul. It was just so magical and pure. I just couldn’t say a word; instead I brought down my lips and kissed her over and over.

‘’oh Dave’’ she moaned as the passion in us ignited like a fireball. She held me tightly as I tried to unbutton her top. Suddenly she pushed me off softly, breathing heavily as she searched me with her eyes.

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‘’are you back for real?’’ she asked once again.

But before I could get myself to give an answer, my phone rang.
‘’answer your call first we are not in a hurry. I hope it isn’t Cassandra calling?’’ she said with a smile. I nervously fetched my phone, smiled with relief as I saw that it was Chinedu calling.

‘’hey my guy, I’m just driving towards your house. There is a new development. The student leader that helped us on Cassandra’s issue just called to tell me that Edwin is back in the school neighborhood. I have already informed the inspector and he asked me to fetch you. Just get ready please. You know we have to settle this issue once and for all and move on with our lives’’ he said and hung up.

‘’Chinedu is on his way. Edwin was spotted at his hostel’’ I informed Nora.

‘’ I pray he is a caught and sent to jail’’ she breathed.


An hour later Chinedu and I arrived at the police station, where we discussed with the inspector and a senior police officer who surprisingly showed up from the state police headquarters because of Edwin’s issue. We had quite a long talk.
‘’after you and your friend managed to rescue Cassandra, we had to question the traditional ruler and people from that village and some new revelations poured in from every corner. We got to know that a very influential man from that area who specializes in sponsoring and backing some candidates during election is a very close ally of Edwin. We heard of assassination threats. We also heard of plans to steal ballot boxes and so on. We really have no evidence nor are we sure if all the reports are true but this case could be what the police needs to get the public support and commendation we badly need in this society. So we are going to deploy all resources within our control to get this Edwin and drill him thoroughly. He could help us solve some pending cases in the division and equally spill names of his sponsors and members.’’ The officer addressed us.

‘’well but Edwin really doesn’t look like a well connected criminal. He looks just like an ordinary misguided student’’ I muttered.

‘’that’s why we need to get him for questioning. And since you are the only one that can easily identify him, you will be going with us to the school to get him tomorrow. We have informed our men in that division to render every assistance’’ the senior police officer said.


By 6am the next day, I was with a team of well kitted mobile police men and the inspector, heading to Cassandra’s school to get Edwin. I really couldn’t believe the boy could be so important to the police for them to send ten of their best men for the take down.

Unfortunately, a greater surprise awaited us ahead.

To be continued


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