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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep20


Cassandra Season 2Ep20

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

‘’seriously what is she doing here?’’ Nora asked, turning to face me with great anger, ignoring Cassandra who politely greeted her. I quickly drew close and held her by the waist to calm her down.
‘’actually she came in very late last night and I couldn’t ask her to leave out of fear of what happened the last time she showed up by that exact hour’’ I answered truthfully, praying for her to believe me.

‘’she slept here?. She slept with you?’’ she asked without reservation, her face coloring up deeply. I quickly shook my head.
‘’no she slept in the other free room. You can check it out to confirm for yourself. I wasn’t even aware that she is already in my kitchen’’ I answered like a scared little child. She shrugged, walked back to the sitting and sat down.
I stared at her for some seconds, not knowing what to say or do. I have never found myself in situation before.

‘’Nora dear, you got to believe me. There is nothing going on with Cassandra and I anymore’’ I tried to explain, sitting by her side.
‘’fine, then ask her to leave’’ she said seriously, throwing me aback with her demand.

Yes it really was the right thing to do but the manner by which she gave the command made it look as if I was a little kid or someone being controlled by a woman.

‘’she wants to return to her school but then she’s scared of what Edwin could do to her. Can you just allow me to talk with her first?’’ I said desperately, clueless on how to follow the situation.

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‘’just listen to yourself. Are you trying to justify her motive of being here?. If that’s the case then I think you still want to continue your relationship with her.’’ She said with a raised tone.

Cassandra walked in that moment, smiling innocently as she came closer to us.

‘’Nora I know we have never related well to each other but you just have to calm down please. I have no bad intentions for you or for David’’ She said softly, trying to work her way into Nora’s heart with the gentle words but unfortunately Nora wasn’t buying any of it. She simply ignored all Cassandra said to her, instead faced me with burning eyes.

‘’David you have just five minutes to send her out of here or I will leave this house and you will never see me or your child ever again’’ she suddenly threatened, standing up as if she was about leaving the house. I quickly got up and dragged Cassandra to the room (she slept the previous night).

‘’I’m sorry for doing this but you have to leave. It was your entire fault. I was ready to do anything for you in the past but you insulted and abandoned me. Nora picked me up and revived me. She now owns my life and I will have to do as she wants. This is hard for me but you have to leave. Go back to your house and remain there until Edwin is caught’’ I said seriously. She nodded softly as tears showed up in her eyes.
‘’I don’t know what else to say. I’m very much broken in spirit right now. I just feel so terrible but I will have to leave’’ she breathed. I nodded, drew back and returned to the sitting room where Nora was anxiously waiting.

‘’she’s leaving’’ I said to her quietly, a bit angry over the insensitive behavior she put up towards Cassandra.

‘’that’s fine by me’’ she muttered, glanced at her watch and breathed heavily.


Cassandra showed up at the sitting room minutes later, ready to leave. She gave me one last look, breathed deeply and left without saying any word. I never knew where she was going nor did I ask.
The dark smile on Nora’s face as Cassandra left unceremoniously kind of made me wonder the true state of her feelings.

There wasn’t any doubt Nora was in love with me. There was any denying she was only trying to protect me but then I felt she went way over the line with the way she reacted towards Cassandra.

‘’I hope this is the end of Cassandra?’’ she asked, leaving me to ask myself the very same question.

‘’is it really the end of Cassandra’s influence in my life??’’

To be continued


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