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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep19


Cassandra Season 2Ep19

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

‘’Cassandra is a closed chapter in my life. I feel nothing for her anymore. Moreover you very much know what I just passed through because of her’’ I answered softly, breathing quickly. Nora left her eyes on me for a while before nodding with a smile.

‘’yes you are right. I’m sorry for the question’’ she muttered solemnly.


The next day slowly arrived with Cassandra and her father showing up at the police station. I was asked to come over for settlement and I took my friend Chinedu along as my witness.

Yes it really was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was finally free from police harassment and fear of detention. Cassandra’s father was virtually on his knees, thanking and asking for forgiveness at the same time. He equally offered me the sum of hundred thousand naira which I politely rejected because the money wasn’t even up to half of what I spent over Cassandra’s issue. I felt it was better not to accept the money and take all I spent on Cassandra as nothing but a sacrifice.

I returned home hours later a free man. I had great plans ahead. I was given a second opportunity by God to reshape my life and of course i wasn’t ready to joke with such opportunity.
My first plan was to do everything necessary to make Nora my wife and secondly to put Edwin behind bars because I knew a guy like him would always be a threat to my happiness.


7:30pm David’s house
After enjoying the great meal Nora left at my house when I was busy at the police station, I headed to my bed for an early sleep. But before I could even close my eyes, I heard a gentle knock on my door.

I quickly headed to the door, thinking that it was Nora who was surprising me with a late visit but to my surprise, I discovered that it was no other person than Cassandra who was knocking by that hour.

At first I speechlessly stared at her, very much at lost on what to make of her presence while the events that led to her disappearance quickly flowed back to my head.

‘’Hello Dave; I hope I’m welcomed?’’ she asked softly. I nodded after a slight hesitation.
Yes I badly wanted to shut to the door on her face but I just couldn’t do that. I just couldn’t risk allowing what happened the last time she showed up by that hour to repeat again.

I quietly allowed her in, shut the door and faced her suspiciously.
‘’aren’t you delighted to see me?’’ she asked curiously.


‘’no but you see, I just remembered what happened the last time you showed up here by this hour’’ I answered slowly.
‘’hmmmm, I understand how you feel. I know I treated you very badly in the past but I guess I have learnt my lesson. I really don’t know if I will ever be able to atone for my sins the way I want to’’ she breathed, looking down.

‘’I have lost a lot, both in my love life and academics. I just don’t know where to start to fix things. I’m very confused right now. I’m also scared because Edwin is still free out there. I want to go back to school but I can’t at the moment because of that rascal’’ she added with great pain. I stared at her, touched by her words but too scared to come any closer towards her.

‘’that very night you left my house; how did Edwin get to you?’’ I asked curiously.
The question had always been in my mind and I couldn’t stop myself from asking her with the opportunity that presented itself. She shrugged and shook her head.
‘’my doctor friend was responsible for everything that happened to me that very night. I ran to his house after I left yours but he threw me out like a leper. It was just as if he had a deal with Edwin or maybe Edwin threatened him before i got to his house that evening. We were still arguing at his gate when Edwin walked up and dragged me to his car. The guy never lifted a finger to help me out nor did he even query Edwin. All he did was to walk back to his apartment’’ she narrated as tears slowly dropped from her eyes.

‘’in my quest for love, I have been used by many guys. You are the only person that never took advantage of me and I ended up hurting you’’ she sobbed.
‘’its okay’’ I breathed, drew close and held her.
‘’you know your way around the house. Just freshen up and relax. We can talk tomorrow’’ I said softly while she nodded in agreement.
‘’Thank you’’ she breathed
I really had a long night as I laid awake, thinking of how things finally ended between Cassandra and I. I never for a moment believed that she would come back to apologize for all her wrong doing in such a vulnerable manner. Nevertheless I was scared of what her presence could bring to me. I was sure Edwin was out there monitoring the situation. I equally had Nora to face. Of course it won’t go down well with her to know that Cassandra spent the night in my house even though she slept at the other room.
Unfortunately, Just like I feared, my fears came to past much earlier than I expected when Nora showed up at my house very early in the morning, carrying a food flask.
‘’hi dear, I just couldn’t sleep last night, knowing you slept here all alone in this condition’’ she smiled, eying my wounded chest. I just couldn’t say a word as I quickly tried to compose the suitable words to use in telling her about Cassandra’s presence.
‘’why the cold look huh?, ‘’ she asked as she headed to my kitchen, freezing with shock as she opened the kitchen door to see Cassandra.
I equally was shocked because I never knew Cassandra was in my kitchen. I thought she was still sleeping in the other room.

To be continued


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