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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep18


Cassandra Season 2Ep18

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

Seeing Cassandra walk into the ward as I was talking with Nora left me a bit stunned and uncomfortable. I wasn’t expecting to see her at the hospital neither was I expecting the surprising show she put off which left a big frown on Nora’s face.

Of course Cassandra had every right to apologize for all she did in the past. She equally had every right to be graceful to me for saving her ass from Edwin but then the way by which she apologized spoke volumes of unspoken words which left everyone in the room wondering what her next intentions could really be.

( I just couldn’t say a word as she brushed past Nora to sit beside me.)

‘’The police finally allowed me to go home. I will be travelling shortly to see my family. I will return tomorrow with my father. There are still things to settle, you know’’ she announced softly, standing up with her usual captivating smile. She stared at Nora for a while before facing me once again.

‘’I will see you tomorrow Dave’’ she added, rolled her eyes and left without another word.

I never said a word to her. Of course what could I even say to the girl?. Unfortunately my silence never went well with Nora. The fierce look she gave me was so penetrating and hot. I quickly avoided her gaze and the silence that befell the room was saved by the doctor who just walked in that moment with a smile.

‘’doctor I really want to get out of here today. You can see that I’m fine and strong. Thanks for taking care of me’’ I quickly muttered, sitting up as the doctor slowly examined my wound.

‘’The wound isn’t deep but you lost quite a lot of blood, though the young girl who administered first aid to you did a very wonderful job of controlling the bleeding. I can’t force you to stay against your wish but you have to be coming for check ups’’ he said softly. I nodded in agreement.


By 6:30pm that fateful day, I arrived at Nora’s house in company of Chinedu and the police inspector who was so kind to escort us to the house.
‘’I don’t know if you guys have noticed the police patrol team that always stays at the entrance of this street?. I have told them to keep an eye on this house. Here is the phone number of the officer in charge of the team. You can call him or call me if you find yourself in any danger’’ the police inspector said to Nora , scribbled down a phone number on a piece of paper and gave to her before leaving with Chinedu.


9pm, Nora’s bedroom
‘’Thanks for allowing me to stay in your house’’ I softly said to Nora as she sat beside me on her bed. She smiled softly, saying nothing. I slowly reached out for her hand which I caressed softly.

‘’my greatest wish right now is to start living with you. Please can’t you consider moving back to my apartment?.’’ I asked softly. She shook her head, leaned towards me and smiled.

‘’are you really serious about that?’’ she asked.

‘’of course I’m very serious. Nothing would make me happier than that’’ I quickly answered.
‘’then you have to do things the right way. I know my family isn’t the good one but you still have to meet them and do the right thing before we can start living together. Moreover I’m not a little girl anymore’’ she breathed softly.
‘’so that means you have accepted me back in your heart?. All I now need to do is meet your family?’’ I asked with a swift smile. She said nothing, instead bent and surprised me with a hot kiss which she planted on my lips.
Oh I felt so good. I couldn’t believe it was happening for real. I closed my eyes, held her head with my free hand and tried my best to prolong the great kiss. Suddenly she broke free from me, breathing quickly.

‘’how about Cassandra?, are you still in love with her?. What if she comes back?’’ she surprisingly asked, staring at me with great anxiety. I swallowed hard.

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