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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep17


Cassandra Season 2Ep17

Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

I woke up that fateful morning with fear in my heart. I had a very terrible nightmare which looked so real that I had to spring up from sleep with great fright. I dreamt seeing David lying helplessly on the road begging for help as he bled to dead. The dream of course made no sense to me but then it scared the living daylight out of me.

I had to quickly call Dave to make sure he was alright and his response that morning told me that all was well with him.  begged him to pray or better still to remain at home, something I knew he would never do.

On a very good day, I would have rushed over to his apartment to be with him, to stop him from leaving the house but with the present condition of things, I had to restrain myself to avoid him reading unnecessary meaning to my action.

The last thing I wanted was appearing too cheap or desperate to him like I did in the past.

All through that day my mind never was at ease. It was just as if a shadow of darkness fell over me. I never relaxed for a moment. I finally had to take pills to calm my nerves.

By 3:30pm I got a strange call from Chinedu, asking me to come over to a private hospital located at ‘hospital road’. My heart instantly froze because I knew my fears were eventually coming to past.

‘’don’t tell me Dave is dead or badly injured?’’ was the exact question I asked Chinedu the moment he delivered the message, leaving the young man stunned with my question. He kept quiet for some seconds before clearing his throat.

‘’I never said David is in a life threatening condition, I only asked you to come see us there for a reason’’ he replied and hung up, giving no further explanation. I quickly left my little baby with my sister and rushed over to the hospital with a fast beating heart.


I arrived at the hospital to see David, Chinedu and the police inspector chatting like old pals. I slowly heaved a sigh of relief as I approached them.

On seeing me they all kept quiet while David smiled at me.

‘’your David finally succeeded in rescuing Cassandra today but unfortunately got hurt in the process. I had to ask you to come over because he has been very worried about you and his son’’ Chinedu said softly while I held David’s hand, staring at him with disbelief.

‘’Cassandra isn’t worth your life. You shouldn’t have gone this far’’ I said softly, so touched and so surprised with what I just heard.
‘’I know my dear but I had to do everything to clear Cassandra’s issue from our lives, though I ended up messing things up. Edwin is still free out there and he swore to come back for me. I’m so scared of what he could do to you or my baby. We have to start living together. We have to become the couple God destined us to be. Please I beg of you’’ David managed to mutter while I stared at him with eyes filled with tears and great emotion.

I so much was in love with David, I very much was willing risk everything for him. I desperately wanted to start living with him but then I still was scared of acting out my true feelings. I was scared of being treated like shit for the second time.

‘’are you really serious?’’’ I asked, holding his hand tightly. He nodded softly, struggling to say another word but his emotions wouldn’t let him talk.

Just that moment, Cassandra walked in with her usual grace and charm, gaining everyone’s attention.

She ignored every one of us, brushed past me and sat beside David.

‘’Thanks for taking the highest possible risk for me, Now I know who truly loves me and what real love is all about. I’m so sorry for all I did in the past and I promise to correct all my wrongs. Staying with Edwin was hell. I was brutalized, threatened and denied freedom. Each passing day brought me closer to a terrible death until you showed up. You gave me a second chance to life. I owe you my life. Thank you for saving me’’ she poured out as tears fell from her eyes.

The young girl was such a good actor that she virtually got the feelings and sympathy of all the men in the room with her convincing act of repentance.

I wasn’t supposed to be threatened by her presence but unfortunately I felt extremely threatened.


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