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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep13


Cassandra Season 2Ep13

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

‘’do you really think your plan will work?’’ was the exact question I asked my friend as soon as the student leader left. He smiled and nodded.

‘’yes I’m very positive it will work. Never underestimate the power of money’’ he said with a look of assurance. I breathed deeply, scratching my head.

‘’secondly the money you offered is really too much for me. I’m yet to know how much the hospital will charge on the poor girl lying over there. I’m really very broke. I don’t think you know what it means to be broke’’ I complained.
‘’you worry too much. I never asked you to pay any money. I made the offer myself, didn’t i?’’ he replied, surprising me with his words.

‘’seriously?. You mean you are going to take care of that?’’ I asked in disbelief.

‘’yes what are friends for’’ he answered with a smile while I gave him a suspicious look.
‘’hmmm are you sure you are doing it for me or for her?’’ I asked with a suspicious smile, nodding towards the girl who really looked so innocent on the hospital bed.
‘’I pray she doesn’t turn up like Cassandra’’ was all he could say to my question.
Jessica soon woke up to see Chinedu and I smiling down at her. I really was very pleased to know that she had no serious injuries. I couldn’t imagine living with such guilt supposing something serious had happened to her.

According to the doctor, she had just bruises all over her body. She bravely fought off the rapists but it left her in a serious state of shock. Her vital signs are okay and I believe she will pull through. He had assured us.

Chinedu was quick to hold her hands as soon as she recognized us.

‘’don’t be scared you are fine. You are a strong girl. I promise to get every one of them arrested’’ he said sweetly, leaving me with no choice than to watch silently. It really was the first time I was seeing my friend trying to be romantic and overly nice to a lady. I thought all he cared about was money and sex, but seeing him so calm, so passionate, so polished really made my jaw drop in astonishment.

However, the most touching part of it all was the adorable look the girl gave to him. It was just so pure, so piercing with lots of silent words. I had to quickly look away to avoid embarrassing myself with my stare.

‘’don’t worry about me, I’m fine and strong. Once I leave this place, I will be staying with a female friend till the heat dies down. I never knew Edwin and his gang could read meaning to a simple discussion we had in front of my hostel’’ she breathed softly.
‘’I know this is going to be hard, but did you recognize any one of them?’’ Chinedu asked
 searchingly. She shook her head.
‘’they covered their faces and they were very fast and professional. I really don’t know what even gave me the strength to fight them. They hit me as if I was a guy. I really don’t know how they disappeared because I passed out as they hit me.

‘’don’t worry, I promise to get every one of them arrested’’ Chinedu promised once again.


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We left the hospital later in the day after some of her friends showed up to keep her company. I was very much relieved that nothing serious happened to her.
However, I was very anxious to get home. I was very anxious to see Nora and my kid because I was so scared of what Edwin could do to them in my absence to spite me.

Luckily Nora and my boy were just as I left them when I got back. The look of relief on my face was just so indescribable.

‘’oh Thank God you guys are fine’’ I breathed happily as Nora let me into the house.

‘’so how badly was the girl hurt?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’not very badly; she just had bruises plus the emotional breakdown that followed it. The guys tried hard to rape her but didn’t succeed’’ I explained.

‘’my God’ she breathed, growing pale.

‘’now for the breaking news’’ I announced, smiling.

‘’can you believe Chinedu is in love with that girl?. My friend is in love’’ I shouted, surprising her with my outburst.

‘’no that can’t be. I thought all he cared about was money?. How do you know he is in love?’’ she asked seriously.

‘’he confessed to me. Moreover you need to see how he acted in the hospital. The girl looks nice though but you never can tell’’ I added.

‘’hmmmmm’’ Nora breathed thoghtfully. I drew close and held her softly.

‘’my greatest wish is to be with you for the rest of my life’’ I slowly confessed, leaving her staring at me with eyes filled with passion. I summoned up courage, drew closer and kissed her passionately.
It was such a pure long kiss that brought tremendous fire to my body. She surprisingly responded for a while before forcefully breaking free from me.

‘’you have to earn my love. You have to work harder for it. So far you are doing great but you are yet to fully prove yourself’’ she breathed; backing away and leaving me so tuned up and stunned.

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Monday morning, I headed to the police station with my story and discoveries. I spent close to an hour narrating all that happened within the previous week to Cassandra’s father who really was furious that the police freed me. But when I finished my story he had no choice than to accept that the enemy he was facing wasn’t me but someone much more deadly.

‘’I don’t know how much you value your daughter but for her safety you really have to work with me to bring her home safe. I know the guy having her and I really don’t think he is mentally stable. I’m sorry to say this but our policemen are very dull’’ I summarized while the police inspector and his men frowned over my comment.

‘’please just do all you can to save my daughter. I know I shouldn’t be asking you this but I have no other choice and you have the only lead so far. All I can ask the police to do now is to work with you’’ the old man pleaded seriously.
Three days later; Chinedu stormed into my shop with great excitement.

‘’a guy just called me, asking for hundred thousand naira to give us the information we need on Edwin. Secondly he is willing to show himself as long as we are going to fulfill his demand and not set him up nor get him arrested. So my brother I asked him to come over tomorrow’’ he poured out with great excitement, leaving me to wonder between us, who wanted the most to get Edwin and his gang arrested and jailed.


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