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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep11


Cassandra Season 2Ep11

David’s side of the story;
As narrated by David

I quickly dialed Jessica’s number to make sure she’s alright as soon as Edwin hung up, but unfortunately the girl’s number wasn’t reachable. I dialed Chinedu’s number and as soon as he answered quickly told him about the strange phone call I got from Edwin.

‘’I think he has Cassandra and I also fear that we just put Jessica in harm’s way. I tried calling her but couldn’t get to her’’ I opened up breathlessly.

‘’yes you are right. If Edwin can have the nerves to kidnap Cassandra all these while then that guy is capable of doing anything. I will try to see if I can get across to the girl today but if I fail to , it then means we will be heading back to the hostel to warn her’’ he said seriously.

I hung up to face Nora who was seriously staring at me.

‘’did anything else happen?’’ she asked quickly.

‘’the caller was Edwin, and with the way he sounded, I feel he is with Cassandra’’ I opened up to her softly. She stared at me with an anxious look.

‘’But that isn’t the main issue my dear’’ I added, studying her carefully.

‘’Edwin threatened to come for my family. He heard my son crying and threatened to kill me and take him. Yes I know he can’t accomplish that easily but then I have learnt not to underestimate that boy. He isn’t just a school cultist but a big time criminal’’ I slowly revealed to Nora, drawing close to hold her as she instantly colored up.

‘’If he could kidnap Cassandra for so long without anyone knowing his whereabouts; It means he can easily get us anytime he wants’’ she breathed.

‘’I’m not going to let that happen. I’m going to protect you and my son’’ I promised with all my heart.


I ended up spending the whole day with Nora. I couldn’t get myself to leave her and my son all alone. It really wasn’t as if I could do anything to protect them supposing Edwin showed up with his gang but then being with her kind of created a strong bond or a form of security and oneness I really can’t explain.

Later in the evening, Nora virtually had to go down on her knees begging me to go home and take a rest.

‘’you can’t sit here all day like an old security man. It’s already 9pm. You need to go home and sleep. Nothing will happen to us’’ she begged with great concern but I really wasn’t ready to leave even though I badly needed a good night sleep.

To be sincere I really didn’t know what gave me the strength to make such a decision of not leaving her presence that very day. Perhaps it was because I felt Edwin could probably be in a corner watching my every move or perhaps it really was the first time my little son was being threatened and as a father I had to do everything necessary to protect him. I just didn’t know what got all over me that day.

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‘’you should have told the police about the phone call you got from Edwin’’ Nora slowly added, watching me keenly.

‘’yes I will definitely report it on Monday but then I do know they can’t do anything about it. All the police need from me is more money. I just hope Cassandra’s father will show up at the police station on Monday’’ I breathed.
‘’poor man’’ She added in sympathy.

‘’seriously you mean you are not going home tonight?’’ she asked after a little silence. I nodded in affirmative.

She shrugged with resignation, shaking her head.

‘’how about taking a shower and sleeping on my bed?’’ she suddenly offered.

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‘’never mind, I’m fine here’’ I replied, leaving her stunned with my reply.


I ended up, spending the night on the couch and what a terrible night it was for me. I couldn’t sleep a wink all through and as early as 5:30am, Chinedu called me with some very bad news.
‘’Edwin carried out his threat on that girl. As we speak, the poor girl is currently battling with her life at the school teaching hospital’’ he announced softly. I gasped with shock

‘’my God!; How did it happen?’’ I breathed.

‘’of course we are going there to find out, aren’t we?’’ he asked.
‘’yes I will be at your house shortly’’ I answered lazily.
‘’I really feel so bad right now bro. I like that girl very much and this just happened at the wrong time’’ he added sadly, leaving a frown on my face as I ended the call and headed to Nora’s room to tell her that I was leaving.

My greatest fear however, was leaving Nora unprotected. I was scared of returning to find she and my son hurt.


Nora’s side of the story;
As narrated by Nora

Yes I really was scared after David told me about Edwin’s threat but then I never took it very serious until he refused leaving my apartment that very day. I couldn’t help but realize that the guy in question was very dangerous than I thought he was, for David to sacrifice his comfort in trying to protect me. The love I had for him equally grew with that singular gesture of his.

Even though he really was the person who brought ant infested wood into our lives, his seriousness in correcting his mistakes made me grow softer towards him with each passing moment.

I even had to offer him my bed to sleep on, something that could have tempted us to get intimate again but he declined the offer, showing how manly and responsible he had grown of late.
As he finally left my apartment early in the morning, with the news of what happened to his informant, I couldn’t help but shed some tears for him. David was now a man on a mission to set things right.

‘’do you think he has changed?”’ my sister asked as we watched him leave. I nodded in affirmative.

‘’This isn’t David of last year. Yes he has changed, but we are in grave danger. A criminal is after us and I pray he doesn’t kill my David first’’ I breathed solemnly, taking a quick look at my son who was sleeping peacefully, unaware of the dangers of the world……………………


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