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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep10


Cassandra Season 2Ep10

David’s side of the story continues;

As narrated by David
We had a long chat with the young girl who really answered all we asked her even though most of her answers weren’t overly helpful but at least they gave us a little insight on what to expect in future concerning Cassandra and Edwin. With all the information we could gather from her, Chinedu and I couldn’t help but feel that Edwin could be very responsible for Cassandra’s disappearance but then finding Edwin was the big deal. According to the girl no one except perhaps members of his gang could know his background and whereabouts.

We finally headed back home, happy that at least we were making a breakthrough. I had many plans running through my head that moment. Of course getting a rascal like Edwin surely needed a whole lot of planning.
‘’but what if Cassandra isn’t with him?’’ another part of me wondered.

Chinedu however soon broke the silence between us with a very shocking revelation..

‘’I don’t know brother but I think I’m very much attracted to that Jessica. She looks so different from all the girls I have come across. I just can’t describe how I felt as a listened to her talk with us. My hands kept shaking with excitement as I stared at her’’ he confessed, forcing me to give him a curious look and smile.

‘’she’s Cassandra’s friend’’ I reminded him.
‘’of course I know but that doesn’t mean she is as bad as Cassandra. Don’t you see how she opened up to us’’ he defended quickly.
‘’she opened up to us because she had no other option’’ I quickly pointed out.

‘’I’m going to ask her out’’ he muttered after a little silence while I shrugged with a smile. I had my own problems to worry about and I didn’t argue with him.


After dropping off Chinedu at his apartment, I headed over to Nora’s house to pay her a short visit. Just like in previous times I was nervous as I knocked on her door because I really didn’t know what to expect.

‘’hey it’s you?’’ she murmured with a smile as soon as she opened the door to see me.
‘’expecting someone else?’’ I asked curiously as I walked in.
‘’yes, my sister went over to my salon to pick up some things. I will resume work on Monday’’ she replied quickly. I stared at her with a smile.
‘’now what?’’ she asked with a playful look which encouraged me to draw closer to her. I stared into her eyes, smiling softly.
‘’I succeeded in meeting the girl today. I mean Cassandra’s friend and according to all she told me, I think Edwin could be behind Cassandra’s disappearance’’ I informed her softly.
‘’that’s great, I hope you have told the police?. Edwin should be arrested immediately’’ she quickly breathed, surprisingly grabbing my hand affectionately.
‘’that’s the problem. Edwin equally has disappeared. He hasn’t showed up in the neighborhood this year and I don’t think our police have the capability of finding a guy like him. I think I will do it on my own’’ I breathed..
‘’noooooooo you can’t, what do you mean finding him on your own?’’ she fired back, tightening her grip on my hand. I looked into her eyes; all I saw was real love, real passion, great feelings and deep care.

I instantly felt like grabbing and kissing her sweet lips. I instantly felt like making hot love to her there and then. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, my phone rang than moment, breaking the passionate tension in the room.
As I picked my phone, my little son started crying and Nora quickly went to attend to him.

The number that called was hidden and I couldn’t help but wonder who could be calling with a hidden number but as I answered the call, fear gripped me as I recognized the voice of the caller who was no other person than Edwin.

‘’Mr. David, what did I do to you?’’ he asked softly, leaving me stunned with the question.
‘’why won’t you let me be?. I already left my school for you, still you won’t let me have rest of mind’’ he said with a cold tone.
‘’You came to my school once again, looking for Cassandra. You came looking for my wife when you have yours. Isn’t that greed?. I hope you know what happens to greedy men?. They get burnt’’ he added, while I listened, unable to say a word.

‘’The more you get yourself involved in my business, the more you put your family and friends in danger. You just put the innocent girl you talked with today in great danger and that’s bad. You still don’t know what I’m capable of’’ he threatened softly.

‘’where is Cassandra you scumbag?. Are you with her?”’ I asked loudly, breathing heavily.
‘’you are asking if I’m with my wife? Hmmmmm. You are really sillier than I thought’’ he answered with a short laugh.
‘’oh and is that the cry of your little son that I’m hearing?. Yes I heard you have a son. Mmmmmmm and what makes a man go mad than taking what he cherishes the most?. In few days I will recite the poem *Twinkle, Twinkle little star* for your boy while you rest in peace inside a grave’’ he breathed and hung up, leaving me shaking with great fear.

To be continued


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