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Story: CASSANDRA Season 2Ep1


Cassandra Season 2Ep1

Val’s side of the story continues from the last episode of season 1;
As Narrated by Val:

I really had a lot of strange thoughts running through my head as I followed the officers with David’s car. Yes a part of me felt i was stupid involving myself in something I knew nothing about while another part of me encouraged me. I equally was scared of being drawn into the case as an accomplice, which could cut short my freedom or probably get me spending money in order to be let off the hook.
The leading police car soon stopped at the fire service police station within the capital city, bringing the chase to an end. I quickly pulled up, alighted from the car and headed straight to the police inspector who led the squad that arrested David with the aim of winning him with my tongue. But unfortunately he wasn’t willing to listen to me.

‘’listen young man; you are very lucky we didn’t arrest you as an accomplice. You guys need to provide the missing girl or else this case might escalate to the extent of us transferring your friend to the state CID office. They are good at handling this sort of case’’ he said with a frown. Cassandra’s father approached us that moment with a suspicious look on his face.

‘’hey mister, I don’t derive any joy in this. All I want is my daughter and nothing else. Mr. David came to my house, threatened me before my wife and gave us a list of demands which we were to provide for Cassandra’s safety. Here is the list, written in his own handwriting’’ the old man said softly, handing over a piece of paper to me while the officer nodded.

‘’few days after his visit, my daughter gets missing. Tell me, if you are in my shoes what will you do?. Moreover my daughter’s friends can testify that she clearly left her hostel to see Mr. David the evening she got missing. Mr. David himself isn’t denying the fact that he saw my daughter that fateful evening’’ he narrated anxiously while I swallowed hard, unable to say a word.

‘’I don’t know what Mr. David told you or if you guys are in this together but trust me I won’t rest until my daughter is discovered dead or alive’’ he breathed strongly.

‘’there is this young man that accompanied him to my house, that fateful day he threatened my family. The man is just lucky that he didn’t show up today. He would have been arrested as well’’ he added, breathed deeply and walked into the police station while the inspector I was trying to plead with shrugged.

‘’this is a very simple case. Your friend had the motive and means to make that girl disappear. I hope in his best interest that the girl isn’t dead yet’’ he said softly and headed to the building. I quickly followed him.

‘’so you guys are really not going to investigate this case?. You already have your man, don’t you?”” I asked quickly. He stopped, turned and faced me with fire in his eyes.

‘’are you a lawyer? Are you trying to teach me police work?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m not’’ I stammered defensively.

‘’now get the hell out of here’’ he screamed.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I softly apologized, fetched a N1000 note from my pocket and discreetly gave to him.

‘’allow me to talk to my friend please’’ I begged. He hesitated for some seconds, breathed deeply and led me to the counter where David was waiting to be transferred to the police cell. His eyes brightened the instant he saw me.

‘’I don’t have much time bro. I don’t think the police are ready to investigate this case and I fear they plan moving you to the CID unit if Cassandra didn’t show up soon. You need God and a good lawyer to get out of this. For your sake, I pray Cassandra is fine where ever she is’’ I breathed with great concern.

‘’yes I need a lawyer. I also need Nora. She is the only woman that understands me. She is the only woman that can help provide me with food and other necessities until I get out of here. I already know I’m not getting out soon. Help me bring Nora. I need to talk to her please’’ he begged solemnly as tears formed up in his eyes. It really was my first time of seeing a grown man so emotionally shaken. I felt so bad seeing him in such a pitiable condition.

‘’please fetch Nora. I beg of you’’ he breathed once again with great pain. I couldn’t help but pray for the Lord to be with him because the future I saw before him was very, very bleak.


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