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Story: THE BODYGUARD- Episode 28



the bodyguard- Episode 28

Written by

Tisa Phiri

I thought after getting home that night l would sleep and rest my mind. well, l was wrong because l kept on turning in my bed , my body was tired but my mind was so active. I couldn’t get over the feel of Paula close to me.
“What is wrong with me ?” l questioned myself loudly.
she was supposed to be my boss from what she told me ,but then l wondered why she stood so close to me. she seemed to like me more than she had mentioned. However, l figured if we had something going on maybe she could have told me..
By the time my eyes closed off it was almost morning and an hour later my phone rang. I woke up with a start , it was the alarm l had set. I picked it up and found a text from Paula. Thankfully l gave her my line so she contacts me to go see my mother at the hospital..
“am on my way, hope you are ready.” the text read.
” s*** !” I jumped out of my bed , l was so late. I took a quick shower and before l could finish dressing up Maya walked in to inform me Paula was outside.
“Oh God, tell her am finishing up” l responded as she smiled. she drew closer to me..
“see Uncle Will , l told you she`s gorgeous and she likes you too.”
“well l like her because she knows who l am” l said plainly.
I saw her wink.
” mmmmmmm whatever” she shook her before leaving the room.
I made my bed as was my trend because l never left my room untidy no matter how late l was , and Maya always teased me about it..
” you act like a woman with your neatness and order uncle” she would tell me.
I grabbed a bun from the kitchen as l ran out to join Paula..
“See you guys!” l shouted as l walked out. I had told the family about everything Paula told me and Dr Mwaba and her husband encouraged me as always to take one day at a time.
“stressing your self will just hinder the recovering of your memory” she told me.
” We just hope your mother gets better soon..”
“Helo morning there ?” I called out to Paula as l sat in the passenger seat. The softness and comfort of the seat was exceptional.
“Sorry am late, l coudn’t sleep last night”
” well that makes the two of us” she answered , turning the ignition.
“But you feeling okey ?” she asked as she joined the road..
“I have a slight headache, but am sure it will go away soon” l said biting on the bun.
“mind having a bite” l asked mockingly.
“um no l will pass” she smiled shrugging her shoulder…
“Thank heavens !” l exclaimed raising my hands ,
” l wasn’t ready to share” l teased her and she laughed loudly the sound of her voice pricking through my heart and making me feel tickles in my stomach.
she sighed at last,
“some things never change” she whispered looking at me as her laugh faded.
“you were always jovial and would make each moment exciting” she told me without turning to look at me..
“Well l could do it over again if l have to see and hear your laughter” l said without even thinking. she swayed her head and looked at me for a couple of seconds and looked back on the road.
“So ?” I asked changing the subject ,
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“are you married ? or engaged ?” I asked as l wiped my hands removing some cramps from outside the window.
She hesitated a bit and finally answered..” No, none of those but am in love with someone.” she added quickly..
“Yeah of course” l said, not sure of myself whether l felt jealousy or disappointed. we were almost at the hospital and l felt nervous as we walked to the wards. I had no idea who my mother was so l feared to walk in to her and show l didnt know who she was. Paula told me my sister was around too..
She led the way and l looked at her long legs as she walked her slim fit skirt giving out her skin color. she walked me to some private ward.
“Hey” she smiled at the woman laying in bed a machine connected to her and a drip of water running into her arm slowly.
The woman smiled and turned to look at us. she frowned as she saw me stand next to Paula.
” Ackim ?” she whispered as she slowly sat up careful enough not to move the equipment connected to her.
“Is it really you my son ? Oh thank you my Jesus!” she shouted extending her hands to me. I was still for a moment not really sure whether to go to her or not. she was a total stranger to me and though l could see she was really glad to see me. she even shed tears.
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“Come on Ackim go to your mother ” Paula whispered to me ,
“atleast don’t show her so much doubt.”
” Yeah” l nodded, smiled and went to hug her. she held me and cried for some minutes.

” I knew you were alive somehow my son. I missed you so much and l wish your father was here to see this day” she cried still holding me tight. My hands were down as she held me , but after some minutes l held her back and rubbed her back.
” It’s okey” l managed to tell her. I withdrew feeling a bit uncomfortable. she looked at me and she could tell l wasn’t being myself.
“Am sorry mother, l have not told you Ackim lost his memory from the accident” Paula interrupted , saving me from the moment.
“He doesnt remember anything about himself, not even his name or family” she explained. My mother started crying again and Paula sat close to her and comforted her.
” It’s okey please you have to calm down you are still not well, the doctor said it might take time but there’s a possibility he might recover his memory. You dont have to worry now, your son is alive and this is what is important. ” she whispered.
“Oh no poor thing” she frowned looking at me.
” Just when you find some peace again you won’t remember a thing. My Jesus please intervene for him ” she whispered tears in her eyes.
I felt bad she was crying so l sat next to her on the chair and held her hand.
“It’s okey mother, whatever the case you will help me get to know myself by telling me my childhood stories for example” l told her trying to smile.
She smiled widely ,
“you were always the gentle one my son , the strongest of all and most popular Commando youth of the camp” she added with a laugh. I smiled back as l listened to her talk, she was amazing. she told me about my other two brothers and my sister. she explained her condition and how Paula came to help her. After some time the Doctor asked us to let her rest and we left her. I told her l would visit her every day and she was glad.
From the hospital Paula took me to my sister and she too was so happy to see me. she talked a lot and started telling me all versions of our childhood , how l unfairly treated her but would defend her from boys from her primary school as l was in high school back then and many other things I had no idea of. I had enough for a day and by the time we drove out of the lodge she was staying at , my head was pounding making me fail to focus. I pretended for some time but Paula noticed l wasn’t well.
we had barely gone for a kilometer when l fall back in my seat, everything became dark as I lost consciousness.
I woke up in my bed at home Dr Mwamba sat close to me.
” what happened ?” I asked her looking around. Paula and Maya standing on the side.
“You collapsed and l asked Paula to bring you here , am sure the stories put a stress on your brain as you were trying so hard to remember things. How do you feel now ?” she asked me..
“Still feeling some headache” l answered. she handed me some pain killers and l took them.
“you have to get some rest ” she said as she stood to go. Maya held my hand and smiled,
“get well soon Uncle Will.”
“Thank you angel” l told her making her smile the more.
Paula turned to leave too but l called her back. “Mind if you stay back with me?” l asked her.
“No” she answered walking back.. “sit here” l told her patting the bed beside me.
“You scared me out there Ackim” she spoke after a moment
“Am sorry l didn’t mean to, Its just that everything seems so awkward. My own life sounds like a story for someone else. I feel lost and it hurts sometimes, it’s like am living in a strange land where everything and everyone is a stranger. Imagine I cannot even remember my mother. Poor her, she was so happy and yet sad. I couldn’t even do a thing to help her fell better” I shook my head sadly.
She frowned
“stop talking like that Ackim you are not alone , there are people who love you and they would do eveything to make you feel okey. Just look at how Dr Mwaba and her family treat you like family , they adore you like you are part of their family and your mother too, she is so happy to see you with or without your memory.”
“Sure” l responded
“it’s hard to feel attached to her. Atleast i have grown fond of this family too. They are the only people who made me feel good about myself. You as well, thanks for everything” l added holding her hand.
She smiled warmly as she put her hand on mine.
“see we are all here for you.”
I couldn’t help but fall in love with her, she was so sweet and gentle. But then, l remembered she told me she was in love with another person and l withdrew my hand. I had to respect her and give her some distance. Her presence was making me loose my mind.
“Excuse me, l need to grab some sleep if you dont mind.” l told her fearing l could take action in the wrong direction , her skin was calling out to me and with every minute that passed l felt my control running down. She smiled before leaving ,

“will check on you tomorrow then, Get well soon Ackim.”

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