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Story: THE BODYGUARD- Episode 26



the bodyguard- Episode 26

Written by

Tisa Phiri

I was lost in my thoughts thinking about my life. Indeed the loss of my memory was affecting me , each day that past l would hope and wish l knew who l was. It wasn’t easy living a blank life , did l even have Parents? or maybe friends ? I wondered. How was it that no one ever bothered to look for me at the hospitals or file in a missing person report?
I felt sad with the fact that maybe l wasn’t such a good person in my previous life, maybe no wonder l had been having wired dreams about my past , l thought.
I had been in my room most of the day since l had an encounter with a coloured girl. Jane even apologised for making her leave though she insisted if she was that important to me the lady wouldn`t have left me..I hated the feel that Jane could be right , but then whatever the case, Anyone who showed signs of knowing me was actually important at that period of my life.
“Who am l ?” I whispered to myself, looking at the ceiling board as l lay back on my bed.
I heard a soft knock on my door and l responded after the second one..
“come in !”
James came in..
“Hey man , whats up ?”
“Hey ” l answered sitting up ,
” you are back early?” l asked him as he sat next to me on the bed.
“Yes l was told we will have a visitor this evening so l had to rush back” he explained.
“who is that ? family ?” I asked not really interested in meeting any more strangers. As it was l was living with people l didn’t even know and everyone else l had been seing in those months were strangers.
“I dont know really” he smiled.
“But l have been told to prepare myself , so l came to inform you to do the same.”
“Prepare ? ” I asked suprised.
” well it must be an important person indeed. so are we supposed to wear suits or something ?” I asked with a chuckle.
James started laughing softly,
“l hate suits” he said.
“Yeah l too, you have no idea” l answered as we laughed again.
“Guys come on its 18: 30 already , please get ready we dont want you looking like general workers in the mine this evening” we heard Dr Mwamba call out to us.
” Hurry dad and uncle !” Maya screamed excitedly as she passed holding a comb from the bathroom.
I wondered what was going on cause the women had prepared different dishes that evening but with the shouting l couldn’t ask any further questions. All l was told is to dress moderately.
I took a quick shower and wore some soft jeans and a plain grey short sleeved shirt, its all l could think of besides the t-shirts..
I walked out with sandles and before l could go further Maya came screaming ,
“no no no! uncle no sandles please, put on your black shoes” she instructed seriously.
“You ought to look good” she smiled ,
” like the way Will Smith looked when going for a date in that movie Snitch” she told me grabbing my hand back to my room.
“Easy miss” l laughed as she pushed me back and opened my closet to get my shoes.
” There you go” she told me placing the shoes before me.
I shook my head and wore my socks as she ran outside.
” she’s here!’ she jumped when we heard the car hoot outside the gate.
“She`s here ?” I wondered shaking my head as l put on my shoes.
A couple of minutes later l walked out to join the family by the table and in the passage l saw Maya coming in , my heart skipped when l saw her holding a lady`s hand.
She stepped in and for a moment l was motionless , the lady from town in a long dress that outlined what l thought was the perfect shape, her hair pushed to one side making her look like she just came from one of the holly wood movies. I wasnt sure what puzzled and amused me the most, the fact that she looked like a goddess or that l had a chance to ask her about my life.
“What is he doing here ?” I heard her ask almost in a whisper. Maya shook my hand,
” uncle Will, meet my friend” she said smiling ,
“her name is Paula. Paula , this is my Uncle Will” she added looking at her.
” Oh l see, Will” she said casually. if l knew her l would say she was teasing me or something.
“Hey!” l finally said extending my hand to greet her.
“you are welcome Paula?” l said almost like asking if l said it right .
“It is” she smiled weakly as she shook my hand..
Maya cleared her throat and l let go of Paula`s hand. I had not realised l was still holding her soft hand.

“well people lets go have some dinner then we can all catch up later” she announced as she took Paula by hand. I tagged along in silence and l saw Paula look back at me the expression of her face l couldn’t figure out , but whatever it was surely was against me.
We sat down to eat after Paula was introduced to all of us by Dr Mwaba. She told her about Mwamba who was out for some school tournaments, and all this while l watched in silence. Paula`s quick glances at me made me feel uncomfortable like l had done something wrong.
We had our dinner which l barely felt the taste cause I wasn’t at ease , thankfully Dr Mwaba and Maya kept the conversations going asking Paula what she did and where she lived. She explained about her father and some mining business but my heart was longing for her to say something about me.
Without warning l spoke up ,
” so do you know who l a’m ?” I asked blankly and in a high tone.
“well, l cant help but feel you know me from somewhere and l want to know now. Why not get to it and tell me already” I shrugged with a face.
I saw Paula startle and swallowed hard.
“Am am am sorry , excuse me” she said standing up to leave the table after she was quite for some seconds, she ran out to the veranda at the back.
Dr Mwaba and her husband gave me a sharp look and Maya ran out to Paula looking at me with anger.
“What ?” I asked

“did l say something bad ?” I asked shrugging.

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