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Story: THE BODYGUARD- Episode 25



the bodyguard- Episode 25

Written by

Tisa Phiri

With tears in my eyes i drove away. I felt so much powerless, “how could he?” i thought, as i turned to park along the Dc offices a few meters away from the town center. I had gone to send some files to the office and i decided to use an internet cafe for sending large documents online.
Seeing him was surprising and at the same time exciting, however the moment was short lived when i realised he was with a woman.. “why is he doing this to me?” i cried bending my head on the steering. I could bet he was following me, otherwise there was no way he was going to save me from the guy that attacked me.
Everything wasnt making sense, “why did he pretend he didnt know who i was” i wondered, there was no making sense from the fact that he followed me when he had no idea who i was.
“what is happening my God?” i cried silently now i knew why he stayed away. He was with that woman i thought as i shed more tears.
“you should have just told me Ackim” i whispered to myself, “instead of making me go through all the trouble for you just to push me to the wall.”
It was the second day in chingola since i came back from Kapiri. i even arranged to find a Doctor in Ndola for his mother. Though the man i talked to refered me to see someone in chingola after i asked for one near by.
” I need to be going to check on the patient , but i stay in Solwezi” i had told the Doctor, he recommended a Doctor from Nchanga Hosipital and gave me details.
Infact i was on my way to see this Doctor when i met Ackim, the pain of him pretending he didnt know who i was, was so dishearting but the fact that he had to show off with another woman in my face left me broken.
I felt a bit calm and wiped my face, “stay focused Paula” i sighed.
“you have to take it easy.”
my phone rang and i lifted it from the seat i had thrown it on. It was Ackim`s mother, i sighed before answering..
“Yes mom!” i answered my voice steady i didnt want to give her the impression i was upset or that something was wrong..
“Hey my dear how are you today? ” she greeted in a low voice.
“am okey mom, how are you feeling yourself.?” i asked back, I heard her sigh, her voice was too low i could sense she wasnt feeling alright.

“i feel bad my dear,” she said almost in a whisper.
“i wanted to ask if the past days you have anything on my son” she added…
My eyes filled up with tears, thoughts of Ackim and another woman coming clearly to my mind. I sighed as i used the back of my hand to wipe the tears.
“Hello! are you there?” she asked, after some seconds..
“yes am here mom, am sorry. i think i saw him somewhere around but he disppeared before i could get to him” i lied, i didnt want to explain the details but i had to let her know her son was alive.
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“Are you sure it was him Paula?” she asked her tone of voice sounding a bit relieved.. am certain mom, i know him.
“i promise to bring him over anytime soon, but for now i want to organise some Doctor here in Chingola for your operation” i told her..
“that is if you would want to come over here. i need to be close so i visit you regularly from Solwezi, you can come with Ackim`s sister for a while. I will see if i can arrange some accommodation here for the time you will be undergoing treatment.”
“You are more than what i thought you are my child” she sighed,
“may God reward you for your kindness and for going through all this trouble for me as well as my son. Indeed my God in heaven will be the one to reward you. All this time in have been sick and none of my children have enough to help me get the much needed medication, so I really appreciate you for doing this for me” she added..
“Thank you” i finally said, after she finished her praises and blessings. i wasnt going to let her down just because her son dumped me. ” i made a promise to help her and that i will fulfill” i whispered as i started the car. I had to go and meet the doctor.
I successfully made an appointment with the Doctor and Ackim`s mom would be admitted the following day the Doctor told me. I made some arrangement for her and her daughter to be picked. that same evening they arrived and i booked a lodge near the hospital for them. I noticed she had grown weaker than i last saw her, i tried to assure her about her son and she thanked me again.
Early the following morning i took her to the hospital. She was taken inside for some tests as i waited with Mary Ackim`s sister. she smiled as we sat down.
” what is it?” i asked her, she bow her head shyly.
” you are a wonderful person mam, who does this for people they barely know? thank you” she smiled at me holding my hand.
“Its okey Mary” i told her..
” its the least i can do, besides your brother saved my life more than once, and i feel obliged to help him back.”
“whatever your reasons we really appreciate it mam” she said calmly.
” call me Paula,” i told her holding back her hand.
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After some minutes of waiting i received a call from dad and i walked outside the hospital to pick the call.
” excuse me” i told Mary as i walked out.
I told dad part of the details and shut him before he could talk me into going back home.
“I have a mission to pursue” i told myself as i hang up. I wasnt just going to give up hope after coming all the way. Ackim would have to face me, whether he likes it or not. All i needed to was find him.
As i turned to walk back in, a female Doctor walked towards me, “excuse me lady” she called me. “yes Doctor” i answered looking at her Id card. I thought she was one of the Doctor`s working on Ackim`s mother so i stood to listen to her.
“You might not remember me but we met at some restaurant close to 2 weeks ago” she explained. I looked at her but my mind was too occupied for me to remember.
“The girl Maya approached you.. ” she started..
“Oh yeah!” i exclaimed remembering her face, she was the mother of the match making girl.
“yes… yes, i remember. how is that angel?” i asked smiling..
“she`s okey my dear as over zealous as ever.”
” well shes a great person” i said with a laugh.
” Am Dr Mwamba by the way” she introduced herself extending her hand to greet me.
“am Paula” i responded shaking her hand.
She asked what i was doing at the hospital, and i told her i had taken a friend`s mother there. she insisted her Daughter was still looking for me and after we chatted for some more minutes she asked me to go have dinner at her house.
“Maybe next time Doctor” i told her.
” please i insist do it for my Daughter” she pleaded holding my hand.
“she really would love to see you again, she adores you”
“Okey fine, give me the address and i will try create time for her this evening.” I gave up.
” that`s wonderful” she smiled handing me the address.
“see you this evening then Paula.. ” she added as she walked towards the emergency room. I watched her in silence and shook my head.
“well i can use a break from all this craziness going on in my head” i whispered to myself as i walked to the waiting room to join Mary.
The tests where done and Ackim`s mom was admitted that very day. i drove Mary back to the Lodge after saying bye to her mother. I promised to pass by the following morning.
” i will have to leave for work tomorrow, but please call me for anything.” I told the same to Mary and gave her some money for up keep.
After 18 30 hours, i prepared myself from Protea hotel where i was lodging. I did a little bit of make up, didnt really know what to expect but i had to look at least sane and neat. I wore a very long Pink dress that shaped me up to my hips and fall back to my feet leaving my toe nails exposed as i wore some black flat casual sandles.
placing a black bead bracelet around my neck, i liked the look, not so ordinary nor so showing off but on the point. I tied my hair to the side letting it drop on my right shoulder. I was good to go..
Few minutes later, i looked in the side mirrors as i drove past the streets, turning in the 7th street and drove to the house on the address. At my first hoot i saw Maya Jump up and down as she came to open the gate for me.
” Hey there!” she screamed coming to the car.
“Hey Maya!” i called out smiling.
“am so happy you came to our home!” she shouted jumping up and down as i drove in.
I hugged her and she held my hand as she led me inside.
” lets go meet others!” she informed me excited.

“yeah sure” i nodded holding my long dress up a bit as i followed her into the house.

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