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Billionaire's Bride -Prologue


Mother Left and Never Came Back, Who was she to Blame it's Because of Dad it's all Because of Dad, He Does nothing but put the Family in Jeopardy.

Everyone has Left Him, They Stopped Handing him Money Afraid he would Squander it, no more money to go to College it was Dad's Fault it was all Dad's Fault.
Mom Left Tired of The Gossips, Everyone Shut him out except for her She Knew Her Father was still in there somewhere so she Stayed, Cooked For Him, Provide for Him Left School to Look After Him what Did she get in Return he Changed from Bad to Worse like this Corrupt System and Started Gambling all the Money she Worked hard For that could have Paid their Rent and Probably Built a Tiny Cottage for Both to Stay, it was now her Fault for Putting Faith in Him, She Didn't Trust him with Money Anymore, She Decided to save up for College making up her Mind to Leave her Dad until she was Kidnapped
She Sat Down Blindfolded and tied up having no clue of where she was, making use of her Other senses she tries to make out where she is.

"Hello" She Yells as loud as she could but only hearing her Echos.

"Hello Kitty... " She Gulps at the Familiar voice it can't be she's Shaky and Sweaty as she prays her worse Nightmare doesn't come to Reality.

Her Blindfold slowly taken off revealing the Handsome Devil of a Man Before her.

"You???? " She Grimace in shock and Disgust.

"Your One and Only Baby, Miss me... " He Winked at her as she Blush a Little forgetting about her state.

"Don't Call me Baby Or Kitty You Kidnapped me, you could get Arrested if I call the... " He laughs interrupting Boring illustration he walks up to her Squats down a Little down and Smiles as He looks right into her eyes.

"What do you want from me, I don't Have anything I owe you... " She Cries out as he Tilts his Head sideways.

"That's The Thing Princess You Don't Owe me Anything But Your Old Man Does... " She Gasps as she Looks down at the Cold Floor Afraid what her Father must have gotten himself into after all these years.

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"Please Don't Hurt Him..." She Cries as he Squats again but holds her Chin Pulling it Close as their Nose Touches.

"I Would Never Hurt him, Besides he's not in the Bet.... " She gasps again Louder Trying to make sure it wasn't what she was Thinking.
"What do you Mean by A Bet" She asked as he Brings out a Cigarette and Lights it up Puffing it in her Face in an attempt to irritate her.
"Your Father is A Regular Customer at My Casino, So I made a Deal with Him if he Wins He gets Half of My Property and my Casino...... " She Didn't really know how she got involved but was curious than ever.

"He Lost Didn't He... " She Sighed.
"Like a Bullet Tearing through a Tissue he went down the drain so Fast and quick... "

"But My Father Doesn't Have Any Property......... " She Says as he Pulls the Cigarette out of his Mouth and Press it into Ash.

"And That's Where you Come in.. " Her eyes grow wide in Shock she couldn't Believe her Father played this Stupid Stunt but He Just Sold Her over A Stupid Bet.

"And if I Don't... " She Dares him as she Darted back at him trying to threaten him but he didn't Bother.
He Brings out a Gun and Points it's Directly at her and Fires it as she Hears something or actually Someone Drop.

She Opens her eyes to See one of his Servants Dead on the Floor, that was her warning. as he goes up to pick up the Dress the Servant wanted to give to her.

He Cuts the Rope he used to tie her up with.

"Wear This. ." He says as she Nods in Fear he was Dangerous and owns a Gun.

"Oh and Don't Think of Running, I own you Now and if you Wanna Keep your Old Man Alive you'll do exactly as I say"

She's now His Bride

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