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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Thirteen/fourteen


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Thirteen



"She's Alive Aiden... " Joan said trying to convince me
"Then where is She... " I cried out
"Aiden I'm here... " I turned to See Gold on a wheelchair with a Drip attached to her hand as the Nurse Wheels her closer.

"Gold.... " I said in a faint Tone, words can't describe how I feel right now.

"Are you Aiden??? " She asked as my brows Furrowed.

"Excuse me??? " I asked confused she just asked me a weird question.

"What are you talking about, are you OK.. " I asked as she squinted her eyes trying to check if I might be Familiar to her.

"I don't know you... " That sentence broke my heart into a billion prices, how could she say that.

"What did you do to Her??... " My eyes darted back to the nurse who Swallowed her spit hard.

"I.... I'm sorry... It was the only way to revive her to her conscious self.
"What did you do....???" Joan asked running to Gold.

"Joan.... " Gold hugged Joan tightly not letting her go.

"Gold Please tell me you recognize Aiden.. " Joan Said pointing at me as Gold eyes darted at me as she Tries to recollect any memory I've had with her at all.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I know you... " She said as My Anger burn through my veins and I raced to the Nurse and Held her by her Collar as her Feet Left the Ground.

"What did you do to Her... " I spat out as the Nurse Struggled in my grasps as her Feet kicked the Cold Air.

"I'm sorry, she was Brain Flashed...
 " The Nurse said still struggling in my grasp.

"Explain.... " I growled in between my teeth.

"The moment you left she started breathing but was unconscious her Brain was trying to recollect every information before she wakes up, but you were about to commit suicide so I..... I... Brain Flash her without thinking and she escaped all the side effects it's just that she didn't have enough time to collect all her memories so she Lost every single memory that has to do with you, I'm sorry... " The Nurse said as my eyes grew wide as I moved to the Edge of the Building.

"Aiden what are you doing... " Joan Yelled in a sob but my eyes were filled with Hurt to give a damn.

"How could you experiment on her like that when you knew well the consequences... " I said as my my Hands dug through her Collar as I blocked any Form of Oxygen passing through her Lungs.

"I'm Sorry sir...." the Nurse Coughed as I Dangled her over the edge of the building.

"sorry Won't undo what you just did Bitch, I'll make sure this is the last time you'll do this to anyone, you'll die today.

She was out of breath.

"Aiden, Stop.. " Gold Yelled as my eyes darted to Gold who was Struggling to get up as she stood Fragile trying to make her way to me.

"she Deserves to die, she erased your memory... " I spat
"I'm alive, isn't that what is important, you were about to jump and die, I know the Gold you know would never wanted you to kill Someone who just tried to stop you from making a big mistake, I don't have any memory of You but I know I would never be happy if you killed her.... " Gold is still in there but she doesn't remember me, she Held my Other hand and intertwined her Fingers with mine.

"let her go.... " Gold said softly as she Surrendered herself as she Rest against my Torso as I let go of the Nurse as she Landed on the safe side of the Top of the building
As I pulled her into a Hug, Combing her hair with my Fingers.

I've been in Gold's Ward for the past two weeks , ordering her food, helping her take her Drugs and Keeping her Company almost every hour Joan starts to complain I've been Clingy but she's Pathetic, I'm only Doing this so that she would get better soon and hopefully Remember me.

As for the nurse she was Suspended and given a year leave for operating a Dangerous Procedure without the Doctors consent but later was suspended for Six months after knowing Gold didn't suffer any of the side effects.

Gold Laid on her Bed as quietly trying to avoid eye contact with me like she was now afraid of me.
"You don't really have any memory of Me..." I said as she sighs and nods.

"Do you at least remember your Family.... " I asked hoping to get a conversation started since she won't talk to me after physically witnessing me trying to murder that Nurse.

"I don't really know much but, I think my Mom was a Doctor, she took in for my Dad after they shared a one night stand, my Dad was a Heavy Drinker and he was going through this phase, My mom left her Job as a Supervisor and Decided to have a Family with my Dad while she did petty Jobs and my Dad took care of me, that's why I was always close to him, one day my Parents fought for the first time, I was twelve every day I saw that they threw punches at each other I cried to my pillow, I never knew what they fought about but I knew it was because of my Dad, the Soft hearted man wasted away each day, My mom left due to the Gossips that my Dad was a Gambler, she wanted me to tag along but I didn't want to leave Dad, I knew he was still My dad and leaving him will prove that I just gave up, the Day She Left I turned into a Workaholic, trying every means to provide for my Dad, until I later Found out The Gossips were true he Gambled all the money I could have used to pay our Debts, I always saw the best in others that what made me weak and I think I had an encounter with you somewhere but I can't remember and I know somehow I now stay in a Mansion and I somehow know Joan but the Other memories are a Blur I'm sorry.... " she said she almost recognized me but it's like it's hard for her to recall and I can't tell her that her Father Made a Bet with me and sold me, she's afraid of me, she'll hate me if she finds out.
"I'm Sorry about your Dad...." I said

"it's not your Fault besides, I don't know where is he.... After I left him I never heard from him again... " she said in a sigh, she must be devastated and she will hate me more if she finds out I landed her Dad in a Comma.
"Good Morning I'm Doctor
......Gold???? " a Doctor Who wasn't paying a single attention to Me and Gold as his eyes were stuck to his Clipboard Darted his eyes down to Gold as he Drops his Clipboard and making his way towards him.

Gold who Slightly got up to See if the Doctors face is Familiar.
"Lukas, Lukas Pines..... " she said as they both locked each other in a Hug, I Felt a Hint of Jealousy run through my veins as as try to breathe in Calmly as they both broke up from the Hug.
"You Were the Patient that Got Brain Flashed..." the Doctor what's his Face asked in Disbelief.
"yes she Got Brain Flashed and How Do you know her??..." I Spat out as the Doctor picked up his Clipboard and grinned at me.

"Gold Do you have any Memory of Me... " he asked

"yes... He was my best friend, while I graduated from high school and Turned into my Dad's Caretaker, Lukas Went Overseas to Study Medicine and he made a Promise to come see me which I'm now upset because we just met so you've been in New York all these years... " Gold was Furious at the last part and I grinned in victory.

"No, I got promoted and requested a Transfer to New York and when I heard it was New York I decided it was the Best time to see my best friend after all these years I missed you Gold.. " he said Intertwining his Fingers with Gold as She Smiled at him, the way she looked at him was different from the way she looked at me, she's even uncomfortable when I hold her hands she trusts him and feels safe even when they just reunited today, my mind was foggy and all was nothing But a Blur, I need to give myself away from Gold.
"Since you are here, I think Gold is in Good Hands.... " I said as I got up from my Chair next to Gold as I looked back to see Gold and Lukas Talking, it Does nothing but rips a Hole in my crushed Heart.
Gold please remember me soon I don't know how long I can bear this pain.
***GOLD'S POV***

After Aiden I think that's his Name I now had my breathing space he wouldn't leave my sight for two weeks, thank you Lukas.

"So who is he.... " Lukas asked taking down some of my Diagnosis.

"I Don't really know, I don't have any Memory of him, he says I know him but I've never met him in my life ... " I Said as Lukas Drops his Clipboard.

"So you were somehow emotionally attached to him.... " He said in a whisper but I still could hear him, I may have lost my memory but I ain't Deaf.
I ignore him as he continues to examine me and giving me a check up.

"Well you are Perfectly Fine it's just you have a mild Amnesia, you can't recall whoever memories you've lost it's like your Brain shut down those Memories and I'm not Sure You can ever remember......" Lukas said as I felt bad, whatever I had with Aiden is gone forever.

"I can't even have a Flash or a blur..... " he stops what he's doing and comes close to me as he sat at the edge of my Bed and Leans forward as his Fingers Found its way to my Chin and Tilts my head upwards as his eyes darted to my lips.

"You Don't need any memory of that Bastard, after what he did to you with his Evil Brother.." I was confused what does he mean.
"Excuse me???"

"Poor innocent Gold even if you have Amnesia you always see the Best in People... You'll be Discharged Tomorrow at noon, The Hospital is looking for a Nurse in Training maybe you could apply...... " he said

"What Did Aiden Do.... " I asked

"Make Sure you Get the Job, I'll sign you up all you have to do is To Make sure you are here for the Interview, all they need is a proof of your high school Diploma, this is a stepping stone for you to Work in a Hospital I'm Doing you a Favor because I love you and I don't want you to Get Hurt but when you get the Job then I'll show you what he Did.... " he said as he Comes my hair with his fingers as I nod in unison as he smiles as his eyes stuck to my lips as he leans Closer than before.

Billionaire's Bride -Episode Fourteen

***JOAN'S POV***

I left Jayden at the Casino and head to the Hospital to Bring Lunch for both Aiden and Gold, I hope Gold will be Discharged soon since there weren't side effects and so on.

Roaming through the Halls my hands were occupied with Chinese Takeouts as my eyes Darted to Aiden who Let out a Heavy sigh as he made his way to me.

"Aiden... You are supposed to be with... "

"I'm going home..."

he spat bitterly as his fingers massaged his temple he looks so Frustrated trying to Cope with Gold's Amnesia and Gold hasn't been making things easier for him by keeping herself Distance from him.

She once told me she feels uncomfortable when he's around.
Aiden is always with her 24/7 and she's pretty uncomfortable with that since Aiden is occupying her breathing space trying to do everything possible to get her to Remember him but it's all In Vain it's been two weeks now, the Doctor said if she can't recover her memory soon those memories will be nothing but the Past and if Gold doesn't remember or try to even have something with Aiden, I'm Afraid what Aiden would do, He almost committed suicide and if he dies all his property will be Willed To Richard.
"Aiden I know how you feel... " I Said as he just froze a bit as his eyes darted directly at me giving me a cold Stare.
"is your Heart Shattered??, is Your Heart Bleeding is your Heart in pain for trying to Love again after what happened last time??? , You Have Jayden, you Don't Love him do you?? So how do you have any clue of how I feel?? .... " he spat.
"What does Jayden has to do with this??... " I persisted
"You and Jayden Have been Dating for almost Eight years now and have you ever wondered where you both are going to...."
"What's that supposed to mean Aiden... "
"Have you guys even thought about getting Married.. "
"He's taking his time... " I cried trying to hold back my tears but they stream down anyway like the Flowing stream as I cleaned them off.
"How Long, Are you now a Course he keeps studying and failing till he finally drops out.... "
"Jayden Loves me.... " I echoed
"Then what are you waiting for before you get Hitched... " he said as he shouldered past me
"At Least I didn't rush things like you Did with Ava... " I Echoed as the Corridors trapping him in a trauma as his expression grew bitter.
"Don't Bring Ava into This, she is Long Gone.." he said
"Then When You Could just Pick anyone as your Bride why didn't you Pick One after Ava left you at the Altar???,
I'll tell you why ??
You were still in love with her
She Broke your Fragile heart
She made you Hard, all you do is Act like Richard, like you are doing now, I know you are Hurt Aiden but I don't wanna fight you, you are my only Brother exception of Richard, Gold Doesn't remember you now but that's gives you a chance to Start Anew with her, not Acting Clingy and driving her away stop Driving everyone away, Gold Doesn't need a paparazzi right now she needs a friend and she needs you....." Aiden Stare went Soft as he Breathes Slowly trying to Clear his Mind.
"I'm sorry it's Just, I NEED HER.... "
***GOLD'S POV***

Lukas leaned in Closer slowly, I don't know why but I'm getting uncomfortable as he pulls back strands of my Hair his Face was a breath away as his fingers Danced down my arm as our nose Brushes slightly. He tilts his Head sideways slowly possessing his grip on my upper arm.
"Lukas..... " he Silenced me and as his eyes darted to my lips again until the Door came kicking down as Joan Barged in Wearing a Shocked expression as Lukas Jumped Back.
"your Eyes are perfectly fine, Please take the Drugs prescribed and also you'll be discharged tomorrow, don't forget the offer.. " Lukas said as he made his way out with his wooden Clipboard call me insane but I think Lukas almost kissed me and just covered it up, I got saved by Joan Kicking the Hell disrupting our supposed kiss I hope she didn't notice.
She Glared at Lukas as he exit my Ward as her eyes Darted right back to mine, I may not remember a lot of things but I'm sure I've never been given that Stare Before it gives me the creeps.
She Slams the Door behind her as she made her way towards me handing me takeouts.
"I thought you said you didn't have a Boyfriend... " weird I think I remember having that conversation.
"He's not My Boyfriend, he's just a Friend, he Moved overseas to study Medicine... "
"I Haven't see him Before... " she said handing me my takeouts as she started to shove hers quickly down her mouth as I struggle with the chopsticks how the Fuck do I eat this again??
"well he's not from here anyways and also he just Transferred and offered me a Job at the Hospital...." Joan Coughed violently almost choking on her Noodles as her eyes Grew wider than a cat as I tried getting a bottle at the other side of my bed and handed it over to her.
"Did you accept it... " she said after her cough died down a little as she drank more.
"I didn't say anything... " I said as her hand clenched tightly to her chest.
"you Don't want me to accept..." she Dropped the Bottle as she collected my Noodles and pinched some and slowly traced it to my Mouth as she fed Me like a Baby and I didn't have any problem with it.
"I didn't say I didn't want you to accept but I won't have time to spend with you since you'll be busy and I'll miss you... "
"it's actually a NIT programme so it's not like I'm gonna be a real nurse.... "
"How long is this Programme..., " she asked still feeding me which I'm so grateful for as I slowly chew my food.
"I don't really know this is my chance to finally work in a Hospital and Fulfill my dream and Lukas just opened a Spot for me... " I persisted
"Aiden is a Billionaire he can buy you a Hospital and a Certificate you don't need to go through all that Trouble... "Joan Persuaded.
"I don't know he's kinda Clingy and I wanna earn my Spot, Money can't always buy me everything so I think I'm gonna accept... " I said as Joan wore a sad expression.
"But I don't Still Trust That Lukas Guy, it's just weird don't you think? the moment you have Amnesia the moment he decides to finally see you...." she spat Dangling the last Noodles in my mouth as I ate it.
"Maybe it's just a coincidence besides my life is filled with unexpected turns and he did say he was busy and he Transferred here because of me and he just gave me an opportunity to work in a Hospital..." I tried changing her perspective about Lukas, he's a nice Guy and I'm sure the two will get along.
"Besides he's my Best Friend, he would never hurt me... " I said as Joan Finished eating and disposed the Noodles in the Trash as she got up to Stretch.
"Joan can I ask you a question?? " she pinpointed Me down to my Bed as she sat down next to me.
"I'll answer if you answer my question?? " she said as I nod and sat up and locked my eyes with her.
"What's Aiden's Personality, Does he have a girlfriend, is he always this Clingy......"
"Woah that is more than one question, you only get to ask one and make it quick my visiting hours is about to round up any second.. " she Blurted as I nod.
"OK, what is Aiden Like??" Her Expression grew confused as she tried to figure out what the Hell I'm talking about.
"Aiden what??? " she Blurts out giving me the sign she didn't understand a word I was saying.
"What's Aiden Personality...?? " Her Shocked expression went from Blanch to a wide Smile as she grinned widely at me.
"Why do you wanna know... " she coughs still grinning as she folds her arms and got up and was in my Face.
"Because... " I stalled
"You Like him??? " she Spat out faster than a Lama in the Hot Desert.
"No I like him as a friend,.... It's just maybe if I knew more about his personality I might remember him... " I said trying to act cool but we both know that act is a sunken ship.
"OK.... " she Hyms as she rolled her eyes and went back to her seat.
"Aiden is Bitter, cruel, Hard, Rude, Greedy a man with an iron Fist and can gets anything he wants when he Focuses on it whether he belongs to him or not..." she just Made my Perspective about him worse as she grins wider.
"But, he isn't.... "
"he is on the Outside, that's what wants people to believe, that's what he wants the World to see him as a playboy and that's what the world made him to be but with you He's Sweet, nice Adorable, jealous when you are next to another guy and down to earth cares and a little bit Nasty but He loves you genuinely.... " My Heart Nearly Jumped out of my chest on her last words he loves me Genuinely.
"How???" I asked as a Nurse came in with some Files.
"Miss Knight your Visiting hours are Over... " she said I was sad now I'm going to be curious
"Just a Minute I was about leaving... " she said as I was happy maybe she could explain.
The Nurse nods giving us time alone.
"well my visiting hours are up that's a question for another day so I get to ask you my question..." she said as I was prepared for what ever she was going to Shoot.
"Do You Love Aiden..... "
****LUKAS POV****

I was in my office signing some Files until Miss Baker a Nurse who's being trying to Flirt with me walked in with her Tight uniform Showing off her Curves perfectly as I just averted my eyes seriously who tailors their uniform need some stern Talking, she purposely unbutton her Collar giving me a 3d view of her Boob's.
"Mr Lukas your Files are here..." she said in a seductive tone trying to turn me on but I looked at her Blankly.
"Thank you Betty, the Door is that way please get out... " I said without feeling as she tried to hide her embarrassment as I glanced through the Files and reports.
"And Betty get me a NIT form and a Coffee would you?? " she sighed as she Stumbled her way out of my office.
I took a break as my eyes darted a framed picture of Gold.
"The Knights always took everything away from me and I'll make them pay I'll make sure you never get to remember Aiden and I'll make sure you'll be mine again Gold and I'll make Sure Aiden sees what we will become, just wait.... "

To be continued....


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