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Billionaire's Bride -Episode Two



you are Afraid everyone will see your Dirty Underwear, Take it off Now..." He Whispered only for me to hear as his lips brushes my Earlobe which sent a Shiver down my Spine.


Everyone pulled out their Phones to Video the Drama that was going one, I looked around the Cafe.

Everyone was waiting for my Next Reaction and whatever I do now is going to be the Talk of New York, Way to go ruin my Perfect Resimay.

I can see the Headlines Now:
Gold Bailey gets Fired by New Yorker Billionaire Bad boy, what's his name again Aiden Knight.
Again I ask how can something so Beautiful be So Horrific with a Terrible attitude, shit I wish I could strangle him right now.

After getting me Fired he Ask me to Take off my Clothes as his Breath Warms my Ear I felt like he was Smiling like he was having Fun.

I pushed him away as a Huge Frown made it's way to my Face.
"Screw you, You Don't Own me you ain't my Father you asshole, She was my Employer I'm Perfectly fine she had to Fire me like she said Pack your Bags and Get out and I did just so, just Because you are some Fuck of a Billionaire doesn't mean you get to treat me Like Trash, Fuck your Money, Fuck your Standards, Fuck your Arrogance and Lastly Fuck you You Arrogant son of a bitch... " I Yelled at the Top of my voice every one could hear me and record me but I don't give a Fuck I got Fired By this Bastard and he Trying to play with me like some object screw him.

My Eyes Darted to Everyone who's Mouth was Wide agape like Talking Back to him was a Taboo.
I didn't know when Hot Tears raced down my cheek as my eyes darted back to Aiden, he didn't do anything he just stood there reading me like a book and shocked too by the way I spoke to him.

I held my Purse Tight.

"I apologize for the inconvenience... " I Said in a Whisper as I made my way out of the Cafe.

My Eyes went To Her Curves, as I pulled her back and told her to take off her uniform like I did to other girls and they gladly Will give a Strip Show just to impress me.

Not only did she Refuse to do it, she Goddamn insulted me I could see she was Frustrated as she exit the Cafe to know knows where.

"Mr Aiden would you like to still place your order to go" Miss Mordecai said as Everyone was still looking at me.

"Who was that Girl.... " I said as a Girl I examine who was talking to her earlier gave me my order to go.

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"Ummm I have No idea about her, she used to come to work I know nothing of her Background... " I could tell she was lying maybe afraid what I'll do to the Girl later if I get my hands on her.

"You... " I pointed at the Girl that handed me my Coffee as she Sluggishly made her way towards me.

"Yes Sir... " She said shaky in her breath.

"What's your Name" I asked
"Penny.... "

"Ok Penny What do you know about that Girl..?? " I asked
"I've never met that Girl in my Life Sir... " My Palm violently found its way to her Cheek as she clung tightly to it in her hot tears.

"You know what I hate Liars and do you know what I do to Liars Tell Me Everything about that your little friend that Disrespected me or else there will be Consequences.." I threatened as she Nod in agreement, now she will sing like a Canary.

The Second I went out, it Rained, it Goddamn rained, first from Drizzles to a Storm.

I swiftly took Shelter in a nearby subway as I glanced through my phone , I spotted the time
it was 09:45 am I can't believe I just got fired my Second Job Starts by 10:00am

I can still get another Job besides I hated that Cafe Anyways.
I went to the exit of the Subway to the the storm went down a little, I made my way into the cold atmosphere to my Second Job.

I got Down From the Taxi as I wore my regular disguise a Black mask and Black Shades, I changed into when exit the Cafe.

A Smile Drummed it's way to my Lips as I thought of That Crazy Cafe Girl she was the Epitome of Beauty, Ember Golden eyes, Gold Tan Skin, Red pink Lips and she didn't even put make up on as her Gold Blonde Hair rest at her waistline styled as Bangs, No Wonder Her Friend said her name was Gold, she is Golden let me not get Started at her Perfect curves.

I Licked my Lip in an attempt not to drool I must Have Her, I thought to myself as I slide in my pockets and shoveled out my Phone and Pulled out my contact and tap on the J column and click on the number.

My Phone dails as I wait patiently for the Bastard to pick up.

"What do you want now I'm in the middle of something important.... " A voice Groans as I hear heavy Panting on the other side as my Smile turn into a smirk.

"So How's Joan's Hole...... " I teased as I heard Joan Giggling.

"Aiden you Bastard... " Joan Chuckles on hearing my voice.
"Hope he's Drilling you Good.. " I said earning a loud giggle from Joan

"Naughty Boy why don't you join us.. " Joan Said Seductively.

"I'm on my Way.... " I said
"Wait up go get your Own Hole she's Mine, what Goddamn creature Calls me at this Ungodly Hour, and has the guts to Flirt with my Girlfriend unless you guys are Fucking behind my Back... " I heard a Slap and I couldn't hold my laughter.

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"So when he plays Dirty I always get a Slap on the Face.. "

"I'll leave you both to talk... " Joan exits the room as I guessed and leaves us both to Discuss.

"You better have a Good Reason I got Slapped.. " Jayden Hissed.

"Enough Fun I need a Favor Search Everything that has to do with Gold Bailey and report to me this Night, no excuses.. " I said dead serious like I was gonna kill someone

"You got robbed or Something.. " Jayden asked worried about my tone, he knows this Tone and I'll kill anyone who gets in my way that's why he's worried.

"Who's The Dead meat.. " Jayden asked one more time.

"That's why I want you to research on it you Bastard have the results at my Desk this evening at the Casino , got it... " I said as I cut the call I owe anyone explanation, as I walked through the City of New York.

I Arrived at Greenwich Village East, it's peaceful, and quiet, All sorts of House are built here and everyone minds their business, it carries this positive vibe that I'm home, this place would be good for Dad so he could grow positively minded and maybe he'll stop drinking and actually take care of his health, I just made a lot of money Last Year Because of the Tourist in New York City so I volunteer to make a quick buck, it was successful and mostly guys were at the Tour, though I'm sure they didn't pay attention to the Tour but stared at me the Entire Tour and gladly took pictures with me, I don't know what that was about but I finally made the money and gave that to pay all Debts and just a little more I'll be the first Adolescent to Buy a house in Greenwich Village, maybe something simple like a cottage.

I got to a hill where a Huge Mansion was Built I was the Gardener, and by the look of the Flower's I was doing a Great Job For Nana Nancy, that's the name of the old lady I Garden for.

Her Son owns the house so I've heard but I've never seen him, and she always talks about his success.

Anyways, I knocked on the Door and pressed the Bell, incase Nana doesn't hear me again.

The Door opens to reveal a Strongly built gentlemen in his robes as he shot me a Grin and licked his Lower Lip looking at my Chest.

"Ehmmm.. I'm The Gardener.. " I said shyly since he couldn't take his eyes off me
Is my Dressing That Bad.

"Come in Nana isn't in right now she went shopping with my Fiance. " He said politely walking me to the couch.

"Shall I get you Anything..... " He Gestures as I nod my head in Disapproval.

"not even a Drink... " He still Gestures
"I would like Water or maybe Orange Juice" I said as he heads to the kitchen to get me my Drink and doodle to myself for entertainment.

"There you go Orange Juice... " He hands me my Glass as I sigh and play with my glass.

"Why aren't you Drinking.. " He asked bringing her back to reality.
"It's just my other job I got Fired and I'm looking for a Job Now... " I said taking a sip of my juice as he just watches me Drink the whole Glass and explain what happened this morning.

"That Guy is a jerk who does he think he is if I wasn't engaged I'll probably want to be with you... " He said as those words made me uncomfortable but I just ignore maybe it's just a misunderstandin

"I know, and how will I be able to save up now.. " I yawned feeling sleepy as my eyes grew Heavy and the Unnecessary Yawning didn't stop there, I know I've been sleeping late but I've never been this tired.

"Are You Feeling ok.... " He asked with a smile with the Glass still in my Hands.

"Maybe we can work an arrangement.. " He said coming close as my head kept aching.
"Sir you are too close....." He Takes The Glass away from me and drops it on the Table not too far as he pulls me Under him and he takes off his Robe.

He Made his way to my top as I tried struggling.

"My Mother always told me you were Beautiful but she didn't tell me you were the Full Package I would have dumped that Flat chested bitch a long time ago" He says, I don't have control over my Head again any moment from now he would be in me.

"Sir we can't do this I'm not your Lover.. " I yelped weakly as I try to struggle but every Matter of energy was depleting from me.

"Dear, you've got a body kings would run mad For Let me in You.." He said as I tried to scream I felt cold air against my chest he finally made his Way to my top.


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