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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Twenty-Eight


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Twenty-Eight


****GOLD'S POV*****

"She was Injected by Carbonyx... " Embrya said finishing my Sentence.
"I thought it was Banned by the Government... " I said as Embrya shook Her head and massaged it with her palms.
"I thought so too, it was put on a Ban, (export and import) but it's still legal in other Countries and someone.. someone was able to sneak it in the Hospital this is Bad... " Embrya said as her palm clasped her face trying to think of a solution.
"Why is it Bad?? and what is Carbonite?? " Jayden asked Confused holding dear to a paralyzed Joan.
"it's Carbonyx it was used as a preserving agent for Dead Bodies only used by Medical practitioners Later it was Selling like hot cakes at the Black Market by Forgers who worked at a Hospital and was used for Paralyzing of Innocent people the Government got informed about it and put it on Ban but that didn't work because there is still a release of Carbonyx, Arrgh how am going to tell Lukas he'll be Devastated.... " Embrya said Frustrated as the other Nurses try to help Joan.
"Her Heart is Still beating ... " One of the nurses said as Embrya pushed passed them and checked her Pulse.
"Thank God her Heart Isn't Paralyzed yet... " My Heart Drop on the mention of that.
"Wait It can Paralyze the Heart too?? " I asked scared but not as Scared as Jayden.
"There was a Reason the Government put it on Ban, it Shuts down the brain so as long as she's living she won't respond to any of our Conversations, she won't be able to talk, Move and if it paralyzes her Heart she will Die... "
"What about The Baby?? " I asked as Embrya backed up in Shock her eyes were flooded with pity.
"She's Pregnant??? Oh my God this is really Bad... " Embrya said getting me more Scared as my mind was flooded with fear.
"What?? Why is it Bad tell me... " Jayden's eyes were red as he Huffed and puffed unkowningly to him Tears came down dribbling down his cheeks.
"The Thing is We don't know if the Baby is Protected or Unaffected by the Carbonyx it's never been injected into a Pregnant woman before, we don't know if it's affected the Embryo... " Embrya said as i held Jayden's hand hoping to calm him down.
"So what are you trying to say.. " Jayden asked
"She has to be considered for abortion... " My Heart Sank as Jayden Flared up he was Mad with Rage and a quiet Joan wasn't solving anything.
"Abortion... " Jayden Spat as I tried to Calm him down.
"Jayden Calm down I'll handle this... " I said as He Stepped back.
"What Do you mean An Abortion Embrya??? Isn't there another way?? what you are requesting is too much it's their First Child Together, there has to be another way we can use the same treatment they used for others it has to work... " I said hoping to convince her.
"There weren't any records on the Treatment for Paralysis Concerning Carbonyx the Government Cleared the Records after some illegal Genital Testing we don't even know if there's a Cure …except for Specialist But those who got Injected were never heard from again like they all died.... "
"And How's the Abortion going to help She's already a month plus The Baby hasn't Developed yet ??" Jayden asked a little more Calmed.
"We need to Get Lukas Attention Now... " Embrya said as a stretcher Rolled in and Jayden Swept off her feet and lifts her and places her on top of the Stretcher greeting her with a peck on her forehead.
He Held tightly to her hand squeezing it gently, his Lips presses against her Forehand ,his Fingers scaled down her Strawberry Blonde hair.
"Jayden she'll be fine... " I tapped him gently he didn't want to let go he was afraid he held tightly to her hand with both his Hands, I placed my hands on top of it and shot him a warm smile.
"Joan will be fine and she would want you to have faith she will be OK, besides Lukas Will help I'm Sure of it... " my Tone was calm and assuring he nods and shot me a Faint smile and let's go of her hands as they Wheeled her out.

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****JAYDEN'S POV****
After the commotion I went to Joan's Ward hoping for her to be OK.
"Where is She?? " Aiden breathe Hard, his hands against the Frames of the Door.
He Walks towards her, seeing her Still and her eyes shut as he punched the Wall out of Desperation.
"Aren't you Supposed to be Resting?? " I asked
"Aiden you need to rest.. " Gold Ran in Breathing heavily like she's being chasing after him.
"What Happened?" Aiden asked Furious
"She was Injected Carbonyx " I said not interested in Explaining what happened all I want is Joan to wake up.
"What's Carbonyx?? " Aiden asked confused
"I don't know and I don't care... " I Said with attitude and frustration.
"Who Did this to her?? " He asked his eyes red.
"I don't know Aiden, I don't know I'm scared I'm worried she's paralyzed and I don't have time to answer questions, you don't know how scared I am now and worse she's pregnant who would do such a thing to her.... " I cried as Lukas Walked in with his Coat and expression Cold, Aiden Glared at Lukas who seemed to noticed but ignored.
"Lukas…. You're Here Will she be OK??" Gold asked as he sighed and shot a spine chilling glare at Aiden.
"We've tried everything, there isn't any hope for Her??" Tell me this Excuse for a Doctor is joking.
"What are you trying to say?? " Aiden asked his Hands clenched into a fist.

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"I'm trying to say Move on, there isn't any hope for a cure and in a Few hours her Heart will be Frozen and she Will Die.. " Lukas said without feeling but with Gladness if I'm correct.
"So you are trying to say my Sister will Die.... " Aiden asked
"She Did inject herself with Carbonyx didn't She?? "
"We don't know what happened but I think she was attacked by someone who wanted to kill her.. " I said
"And Who might that be?? " Lukas asked with a Mischievous Grin.
"I don't know but it has to be one of your employees... " I said as he arched a brow and laughed It out
"None of my Employees can kill a Fly, there isn't a record of any orders of Carbonyx, again I'm Sorry we did our best.. " he said calmly as I tried not to break his neck
"Then you must be a failure calling yourself a Doctor... " I said as I shouldered past him.
Later That Day Lukas was at His office as Embrya walked in with some Files.
"Sir.... " Embrya called as Lukas Hissed under his breath.
"What is it ??" Lukas asked uninterested.
"Remember you said there weren't any records of Carbonyx, I Found these Files , someone in this Hospital has being Ordering Not only Carbonyx but illegal Hard Drugs and Selling them under the Name of Delilah Shawn for the past Years and it's Last order was early this Year, Do you know what This means Sir??? " Embrya asked not knowing she's bitten more than she can chew, She's Just being Marked under Lukas Black List.
"I don't know what Do you think Embrya?? " He asked as he Dropped his Pen and stopped what he was Doing.
"there are Forged Supply of Carbonyx..... " Embrya said as Lukas got up wearing a Mischievous smile.
"Where Do you think they are hidden?? " He asks as He Folds his arms he said glaring at her from head to toe her voice was no more stunned by his glare.
"According to the files they are in... " Embrya stopped realising she just Dug her grave standing before the Corporate.
"You, You're the one Selling Carbonyx, You Injected that poor Lady Carbonyx.... " She Stepped back a little about to Run but he Took Hold of her and gripped tightly to her Upper Arm and slammed her on top of His Desk.
"Smart Girl.... You're not going anywhere now That you Know... " He said as his Fingers Caresses her face and held to her Chin, she slaps his Hand away Pulling Back until she Fell to the Ground and Saw a Paralyzed Figure, her eyes searched the Paralyzed Structure until she realized it was Sonia, She was Covered in Blood as she gasps
"So How Would you like to Die Quick or painful... " Lukas pulling out a Gun.
"Please Don't kill me, I beg of you….i Have a Little Sister she's all I have she Doesn't Have a guardian except for me... " Embrya Cried.
"Then you should have mind your own business, I Had a Family they were all Burnt to Death, Life is Short, Your Sister will learn to adjust and be an orphan... " Lukas said as Embrya tried to reach out for her phone and Dialed Gold's Number but was Shot right at the Spot.

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****LUKAS POV****

after Getting rid of Embrya I head to JOAN'S Ward one Dose of Another Carbonyx will Freeze her heart and she will Die.
I Entered her Ward It was Dark the Sheets were Covered .
"Now You'll Die just like Delilah Did.. " I said Swiping the Sheets off to see the Bed Empty.
I Walked out of the Ward to The Nurses Clique and pointed at one of them.
"What's Your Name?? " I asked
"Stella... " She said
"You've been promoted to Senior Nurse, Where is the Paralyzed Patient?? " I asked
"Her Fiance Checked her out saying Something about going to Auckland for Thorough Medications .."
"What about her Brother.. " I asked
"He Checked out a While ago to see them off... " I walked out on her as I pulled out my phone and click on a number.
"What Now??? "
"Are you still Stack on Explosives?? " I asked
"What's the Target??"
"Plane boarding to Auckland no one Survives, your Money will be paid in Cash after the Job well done.. " I said as I cut the Call that Joan must Die.
****RICHARD POV*****
Enjoying my company was Cut Short after Ava Race in my House as my guards tried to stop her.
"Leave us... " I ordered as they Left.
"How Could You?? " Ava asked Disgusted.
"What the Fuck are you talking about?? " I asked confused as she Picked up my Remote and switch on my Plasma TV.
"How is That my Business??" I asked
"Because Joan was in it you Bastard, Do you know what you have Done, You only did not Banish me from New York Ending my Relationship with Aiden so I could protect him, but you also have me return expecting your brother to Die now you Killed Joan…" She said admist in tears.
"I didn't Cause the Plane to explode.. "
"And I should Believe you Why?? "
"I didn't beg for you to believe me, it's none of my business if you excuse me I have a plastic Surgery to prepare for if you don't mind... " I said ignoring her.
"Bastard... " She cried.
Gold Gawked at the Screen crying as tried to Console her.
"Joan's Dead Aiden... " I Feel Bad she's my Sister too and also Jayden.
"It's okay stop with the tears... " I said as she shovel out her phone.
"Embrya called an hour ago I've got to pick it up maybe she's Calling about the accident I have to call her Back.. " she said as she Got up trying to dry her tears and went to her room as I went out the Balcony.
Timed just right my Phone rings.
"How's Gold Holding up... "
"She Thinks you both are dead That's For Sure she isn't taking it well at all, I wish I could tell her you guys are alive.. " I said
"It's For the Best Aiden, She can't know.... "
"How's London and Joan.. " I asked
"She's recovering quickly and responding to treatment she is Still Dull though but the Baby and her are safe from the Paralysis... "
"You are Smart Jayden, How Did you know that Joan was being Targeted... " I asked
"I Sensed it and giving that Decoy to Auckland bought us Enough time to Elope and I made Sure no passenger boarded that plane that's why there were no Survivors because there weren't Passengers …"
"Smart Guy Joan is Lucky to have you but this Confirms that Joan knows who's our killer Since it tried to get her Twice ….."
"Well our Killer Has been busy, a Nurse has been Claimed Missing just Some Days ago and remember when that Lukas swear that there wasn't an exploitation on Carbonyx, I just went through some records someone by the name Delilah Shawn has been ordering not only Carbonyx but other hard drugs ….Gold has to be Careful she might be next.. " I said
"Delilah that name sounds Familiar... " I said Brainstorming where I've heard it From.
"I'll Get Back to you if I Find any more information, I have to go check up Joan.. "
"You Have Guts to go back home and finally inherit your Fathers Heir, Gold will be proud of you.."
"Thank you, Maybe after the Deja Vu you can finally tell her about us but as for now We are Dead to you..... " He said
"Goodbye Jayden... "
"Goodbye... " I said as I threw my phone to the Floor Smashed it to Smattering, so no one can track them now.

I Switched off my TV now Detective and Tracker are Dead, Gold is a Step closer to be mine.

One Knight Down, Two to go.


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