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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Twelve


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Twelve




"She isn't Breathing.... " The nurse said as I pushed her away and made my way to Gold, who wasn't Breathing, I held her palm, checking her Pulse, her Pulse went Cold, I tried to Check if Her heart is Beating but I was Pulled our of the Ambulance by Two Police officers.

"Stand by Citizen don't you see they are trying to do their Job.... " One of the Police men said as the Back of The Ambulance Shuts and Started Driving.

"Gold... " I yelled as I Raced to Jayden and Harassed him.

"Aiden Calm Down.. " Jayden said.
"How can I calm down, My Mother's Dead and Gold Isn't Breathing.. "

"That Doesn't mean we don't care for Gold Too, we are worried too OK..... " Joan Said

"Then give me the Keys... " I yelled
"Aiden... " Jayden Half yelled
"Give him the Keys Jayden, if She Dies don't come home... " Joan said giving me a cold stare, a Stare she Looks at her Victim before she does away with them, Jayden may look like a Stripper and she is but she's a killer too and she's not afraid to Pull out her gun and Shoot the Hell out of you.

I nod as she slightly smiled as She Usher Jayden to the other side of the Scene, I swiftly ran to the Parking Lot and Scanned it For the Car.

Attracted to The Car's unending Beeping as I traced it to a Section Five, I Clicked the Handle and the Door opens and jumped into the Car as I Drive the Key down the Hole and Tilt it to it's Left side as the Engine Coughed and Died, it went on like this For twenty minutes until out of Frustration I Slammed my Hands on the Horn as I let out a Sigh.

"Shit Batteries Run down" I crashed my head on the Horn as I pushed my head back, as Hope was my only friend now
"Okay Please Work.. " I Said in a whisper as I drive the key down to the Left side as the Engines Kicked Violently and the Car started as I Rotate my Wrist in Oscillatory motion as I reverse the Car and Drove the same way The Ambulance went through.
Like Flash, I got to the Hospital just in time as they Placed Gold on another Stretcher taking her to the Operation Room as I Race to meet her but The Nurses Stopped me.
"Sorry Sir This Part of the Hospital is off Limits, if you are anyway related to the patient fill out the Form at the Reception Office at the Entrance... " She Blurted out
"Fuck That, I want to see Gold now... " I cursed.

"Sir this Is a Hospital not your Home where you can speak all sort of Profanity, if you'll really like to See her Fill out a Form and we'll get to you as Fast as possible... " She said

"Do you know who I am, I could Make your life a Living Hell, So How are we going to Do This lady, you Let me in or You Die....... " The Nurse Gasps as her breath Hitched as she Gulps as her Eyes Darted to my Gun at my reach.

"Sir please, I can't do this I might Get Fired..... " She Stammered as my Hand Dug in my Pockets.

"Nurse can you Please borrow me a Pen, you left it at the Supply Closet, let me Usher you There... " I Blurted out as I Signalled the nurse to play along.

"Yes Sir if you kindly Follow me... " She said as we left leaving out any Witnesses as u like pushed her against the wall.

"Listen closely, You have the Files on Gold and know what room she is in, you better start talking, because it's better to be fired than Dead.. " I said.

"Sir I can't give you the Files but I can tell you what's going on with her, Her Breathing paused due to overwhelming shock and the over inhalation of smoke, at this Point the Smoke is eating up her Veins,
Her heart is still beating

if the Serum we gave to her does not work it'll dry up her lungs and if it gets to Heart She'll Die in her Sleep... " She sang like a Canary, Gold is going to Die, my hands went weak as my eyes Darted back to the Nurse as Anger Streamed my Veins.

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"Where is She??? " I spat.

"She's in Room 203 on the third Floor... "

"If anyone finds out, you won't be Different from all those Patients that died in your Care..." I threatened as I made my way to Gold's Room leaving the nurse Behind.

My Face is Ruined as the Nurse tried to apply ointment and Bandage the Burnt part as everyone looked at me in Disgust, I was Escorted to my Limo with my Entourage as we all drove out of the Scene.

"Prepare a Trip to Australia... " I said as they all looked at me in shock.

"Why Australia... "

"That Engagement cost me a Fortune and that bitch just Burnt the Building down, Her life isn't a well enough trade, after what she did to my face Her Relatives will have a share in her Punishment by Joining her in Hell, book my Private Jet to Australia, And Load on Gunpowder, and Petrol they will die the same way she did..."
"As you wish Sir... "
****AIDEN'S POV***

I took an Elevator to the Third Floor as my Heart Dropped on the Thought Gold will Die any Moment from now she Can't die, she won't Die. I kept that Mantra on repeat that was my only Hope for now, the only thing I could hold on to.

I got to the Third Floor as I Ran through the Hall like a Marathoner as I quickly Glanced at each door until I got to her Door and quietly snuck in.

I closed the Door against me, Gold was on Life support to Show how serious it was my heart aches every time I Felt she wasn't breathing the Monitor Scanned her brain as it moves upward showing her heart is beating but she wasn't breathing.

I took a seat next to her As I held Hands with Her and I kissed it.
I got up as I put my Head against her chest, her Heart was beating but she wasn't breathing it puts the Chills In Bone Chilling as I locked hands with Her.

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"Let me Tell you a Story, There once was A Boy named Aiden he met a girl named Ava, Aiden was Going through Teenage issues so he rebelled against his Mother as his Mother always pleased Richard, Joan was His only Friend then, who understands him, but everything changed when Ava Came, Aiden was then Close to Richard and far away From Joan, Joan hated Ava, but Aiden didn't care until one Day Aiden caught Ava Cheating on Him with Richard and went to Australia without explaining what relationship she had with Him, Aiden was Heart broken he became cold, he Hated women and wanted to make their life miserable looking at them with one view, except Joan who always stuck to Aiden with his new pal Jayden until A Girl came and change everything, she turned his Heart Anew and made him love again, that Girl is you, if after this story you die then may we both meet in the Heavens Gate.... " I sniffed but her pulse was Cold as the Machine still Showed she was alive and her heart was beating as the lines slowly went up but then went straight...

"Gold, Gold... " I yelled but she's gone, she just died as the Nurse of Earlier walks in and taps my shoulder.

"I'm sorry... " She said faintly
"Without her I'm nothing.... " I said as I pulled out my phone and gave them to the Nurse without looking back and head out of the Ward.


The moment Aiden Left the Ward Gold finger tapped as the Nurse looked in awe as the Lines started going up again and she started Breathing gently but her eyes weren't opened yet, she was still unconscious as she Ran out of the room to Call Aiden but he was Gone, she then looks at His Phone as she heard Screams down as she took the Elevator as she saw every one outside the Hospital screaming.

"He's Lost it... "

"Someone call the Police... "

"Don't Jump... "

The Nurse Ran out to See Aiden Dangling at the Edge of the top of the Hospital building.
***JOAN'S POV***

Aiden took the Car as me and Jayden decided to Take a Taxi as my phone buzzed in my pocket as I saw Aiden's name on it.

"She better be alive... " I Growled.
"Is this Joan... ??" The Female voice asked.

"Wait, is Aiden Fucking with another Lady, why... " I spat bitterly

"Gross no, I'm a Nurse at Cambridge Hospital, down town.. "She explained
"What the Fuck are you doing with my Brothers phone... " I growled
"Well your Brother is Dangling at the Edge of the Hospital right now about to die... "She said

"Wait what, is Gold Dead... " I gasped

"I assume that is the name of the Girl that just woke up after just almost Dying, I can't explain it right now he's about to Jump... " I cut the call before I could hear the rest.

"Step on it Bastard... " I brought out my Gun as I point it over his head.

"But we can't go past the Speed limit, the cops could arrest me... "
"Joan what are you doing, he's right it's night time he can't break the Speed limit... " Jayden interrupted
"How much for the Taxi... " I asked
"I don't know, $750" He said faintly

"Jayden pay him and meet me at the hospital downtown... " I said as I kicked them both out and drove to the hospital, stepping on the speed brake.

All of Charlotte relatives lined Up Orderly as all of them were tied up as I shot a wicked grin.
"Why are you doing this... "
"I Told you I wanted your House but you refused so me and your Daughter eloped, I thought she would convince you to sell your house to me but She didn't, now she burnt a building costing me a Fortune and marked a permanent damage on my Face, now you Will die in your house with your Family light it up Boys... " I said as I exit the House as they Threw a Lighter and the House explode with everyone and everything in it, Now all remains is Aiden and I'll destroy what he Values most Gold.

***JOAN'S POV***

I drove to the hospital seeing Aiden Dangling over the end of Building as a Nurse comes running to me.

"Are you Joan.. " She asked.

"Where is Gold...??" I asked
"She's in her room but she's unconscious... "

"Take me to the Top Floor... " The nurse nods as she took me by my hand and show me to the Elevator.
"You go Stall him I have a plan.. " She I took the Elevator to the Top Floor meeting Aiden who was about to Jump.

"Aiden.... " I yelled but he paid deaf ears.

"She's Gone Joan, there is no point... " He said almost in tears.
"She's always in your heart just know that... " I said as I kept stalling making my way to him.
"Without Gold I don't have one... " He said softly

"Aiden don't Jump... " I yelled

"Why not, why do I always get Hurt she's gone like Eva... " He sobbed

"She's Alive Aiden... " I said trying to convince him

"Then where is She... " Aiden Cried our

"Aiden I'm here... "


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