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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Three


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Three



Sir we can't do this I'm not your Lover.. " I yelped weakly as I try to struggle but every Matter of energy was depleting from me.

"Dear, you've got a body kings would run mad For Let me in You.." He said as I tried to scream I felt cold air against my chest he finally made his Way to my top.


I was already topless as his hands went below my tigh struggling to take of my jeans I moaned in frustration not any form of consideration was going to convince him I said a silent prayer as my eyes slowly dimmed shut, I was powerless before him, I was his prey and he was my predator, tears slowly slide down my cheeks in despair he was almost done taking it off until my eyes darted back to the empty glass of orange juice I consumed earlier it was arm’s length away from us.

I felt myself getting weaker and weaker this was my only chance and I’m not going to let it slide easily , gathering every strength left I struggle to grasps for the glass as the idiot chuckles when I successfully grabbed hold of it.
“what’s that princess…….” I smashed the glass directly at the floor as it breaks an old trick my mom taught me when I was little.
I weakly point the broken glass at him, as he slowly backs away with a faint smile, I gather every strength in my body as I slowly backed him to a wall threatening to slit his throat open.

Just a minute ago ago he was on me undressing me as I weakly let him do to me as he pleased but now I’m furious and probably that drown the drug a little .

“what’s going on here” my eyes wide in shock as nana Nancy made herself visible with a lady probably in her late thirties I’m probably guessing is the dickhead’s fiance as they slowly made their way to us.

“who are you and why are you trying to kill my fiancé” nana Nancy was shock beyond words as she drops her shopping bag and ran towards her son.

“Richard are you alright ???.......” she said tilting his head sideways looking for stabs or injury as the son of a bastard shot me a wicked we both know where he’s going with this as he gently pushes Nana away and made his way towards me as he gave me a resounding slap.

“RICHARD…..” Nana gasped deep in shock with her eyes widened as I face the cold floor not able to look anyone in the eye
“don’t Richard me Mother this slut wouldn’t have attempted to rape me me even though I did’t want to do anything with her , and told her I’m already engaged to Charlotte she Didn’t care and decided to stab me if I didn’t agree…..this is all your fault what were you thinking when you hired her so you hire rapist …” Nana Nancy couldn’t hold her tears no more she couldn’t believe I could do this again I’ve been insulted and surely I’m going to get fired .
With all the drama going around I forgot I’m half naked with only my Bra and my panties my cheeks glow red in embarrassment as I felt cold air dance with my skin.
The so called Charlotte picked up my clothes with her eyes red in anger and her face grimaced in disgust as she spat at me
“get out of my house you cheap excuse for woman you should be ashamed of hitting on another woman’s fiancé , next time you harass my husband to be I’ll gladly file a report against you be clear now I repeat get the fuck out of my house” she said not even letting me to change into my clothes as I pick up my clothes with my purse and phone tightly clunged to me I glared at Richard who again licked his lower lip getting a nice view of my backside, I pray he goes blind.
The so called charlotte head to the door waiting for me to leave as the pulls the door wide open but Nana Nancy swiftly rushed to slam the door closed as she eyes me in disgust, maybe to give me her own share of disappointment .

“change fist into your clothes you may be selfish and heartless but I’m not , I can’t let you walk out and bring shame to the person who raised you, go to the kitchen and change and take the exit and never ever show your face at my home ever again, have I made myself clear” she said with a tone of disgust and hate as I nod my head in agreement as she shouldered me and went upstairs Charlotte followed but glared at me one last time as I head to the kitchen and change into my clothes.

I didn’t realize I was crying this entire time, I slowly dried my tears one last time as I sucked in my last air at Greenwich village this job was the only thing that that made me like this place the people and the view unlike my first job I loved this job because Nana is the best It’s a shame she had a son as stupid as him , and I pity that Charlotte more who is her wife to be, believing her fuckboy or professionally a cassanova over me, I don’t blame her though he has her wrapped around his finger, sadly NANA too.
I take one last look at the place I can’t believe I’m getting fired again today from my second job it has to be a record for a Newyorker or enter the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS, nah who am I kidding I’ve seen worse maybe today is not just my day.

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I slowly made my way to the exit unit I heard a loud clap I slowly turned to see the Bastard wearing a wicked smile as he moved close to me we were a inch apart.
“you aren’t afraid of death are you??......” I HISSED as I glared directly at him.

“not even hell, too bad you know you would have been good in bed….” He purposely leaned towards me aiming to steal a kiss but my delicate palm found It’s way to his right cheek as he clunged tight to it.

“you Disgust me….” I said heading out to the exit.

“the Arrangement is still open ……” he said as that statement make my stomach flinched , I would have barfed.

I twirled to face him as he shot me a sexy grin as I made my way to him so close we could almost kiss my mouth breathe against his lips as they curved into lustful smiles , his lips breath away almost brushing mine

“so it’s a yes then….” He grinned in victory as I lean slowly but across his earlobe and breathe against his ear.

“go suck on your own Cock you goddamn son of a bastard, a dogs dick has more sperm than yours….” I said as I watched his reaction, he was insulted that will make him think twice before talking dirty to me.

“don’t worry we’ll meet again maybe that time you would have already change your Mind……” he grinned trying to hide the fact that he’s embarrassed I could see a hint of red flush across his cheek.
“over your dead body” I said as he gulps and I exit the Mansion.

I made my way to my Casino, it wasn’t that busy but later strippers and gamblers are gonna dance their night out, Why?

My Casino made the cover as the most richest in Newyork though it was an achievement but I hate parties they aren’t my style especially when I’m throwing one but Joan suggest we throw one and I have to listen to her because she’s my P.A and most importantly she’s my sister don’t mind the dirty talking I had with her with Jayden’s phone It’s how we flow.
Joan perfectly timed dressed in a sexy red devil dress held some files together over her chest hiding her cleavage .

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“you files and the Budget for the Party and a profile about some GOLD BAILEY….” At the mention of that I raced to her and swipe the files from her and look through the profiles asi looked uo to Joan who was giving me a smile .

“Aiden is in love….” She cooed at me like a five year old.

“you are gravely mistaken this is for work” I said

“oh please is it that café girl I know you like her” she cocked
“that bitch and how did you know…” I asked

“ehem we are in the city of NEWYORK everything goes around see for yourself” she said as I glanced through the video on her tablet about me and that girl different reactions.

“everyone is going crazy some are saying you and her have a thing in the past, judging by the way you asked her to take off her uniform…” my sister glared at me making me startled looking for an explanation.

“I wanted to teach her a lesson” I stammered
“what a lesson pervert anyways I’m off to buy a new dress I’ll leave you to your stalking creep…” she said as she flashed me a grinned and exit my office as I looked into Gold’s profile again and smiled adoring her picture until I saw something more amusing her father is a regular customer at my Casino .

Until my phone buzzed and I picked out my phone without looking who actually called.
“WHAT..” I yelled
“hello brother…” the godamn voice said

“what the fuck do you want Richard” I yelled as my teeth gritted in between.

Finally today isn’t my day I got fired from my two jobs and harassed from both by men, my reputation is off guard now how will I get another job now without being questioned about what last happened to my work I needed to rest now my final job for the day is still on hopefully they won’t fire me because I didn’t show up for some shifts. I slowly head to my apartment I saw our landlord putting a vacant sign on our apartment door.

“Mr Mosebush what are you doing……” I questioned
“are you blind what does it look like I’m doing you have a week to pack your bags and get out..” he said walking away from me.

‘I don’t understand….i gave my dad the money to pay the final debt..” I yelped

“your father didn’t pay me nothing like I said you have a week start packing, maybe these mail might explain” he said handing a bunch of mails they are receipts for some gambling hut.
I couldn’t keep up with my legs as they went limb and I fell on my knees my knees could mot hold me anymore I reread the later and pinched my self maybe I’m in a terrible nightmare about to wake up buit it look so well like reality as unknown tears came flowing down like a stream

I can’t believe it all those times he channeled his radio to his station he was checking for his gambling station how could I be this dumb and not notice



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