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Billionaire's Bride -Episode Ten


****GOLD'S POV****

"Fuck it Gold, I Want you...." He said as he crashed his Lips against mine. Three rules Broken In the same situation as Aiden kisses me Roughly as he bit my lower lip and suck on the upper Lobe of my lip as his Tongue brushes my Lips trying to force it's way in my mouth, as I let out a Whimper, his eyes was Closed, mine on the other Hand was opened, The kiss took me off guard before I had enough time to respond,I tried Pushing him away But He Forced his body on me as I couldn't fight him off, I felt weak, he Slowly Softens the Kiss savouring every moment exploring my mouth in ways i could never imagine as His Lips became softer as he Slowly loosens his grip on my upper arm, the Rough kiss gradually was turning into a passionate one as he delicately brushes my lips with his Tongue, as he pushes past in, my heart was going to explode, programmed my eyes went shut as my Hands found it's way from His Muscular arms up to his Nape pulling him closer as I pressed my Lips softly against his, tasting the Sweet Nectar of his lips and let his Tongue in my Mouth, Aiden Traced his Palms Down my Waistline as he pulls me Closer as our Tongues Brushed each other slightly, My Heart was Pounding as The Kiss Deepens, as His Tongue slide down digging through my mouth, delicately as He let's out a moan breaching deeper if not careful I was gonna pass out, my Heart was beating like Crazy, I had my First Kiss, Aiden took my First Kiss, it Feels Magical as I let all my Worries melt away.

We both Disengage from the kiss as we both gasp For air, his Hands were Still on my Waistline as my Hands were on his Nape, our Heads Slightly Knocked each other as we both breathe heavily against each other.

"I'm Sorry..." Aiden said in a Pant as he Slowly loosens his grip on me breaking my lock on his Nape as I brushed my arms Awkwardly.
"I Don't know what came over me, I shouldn't have kissed you without your Permission...." He said as he brushes his Hair back with his Hand that I always found attractive, he pushes a button to the top Floor as The Elevator slowly Was in motion, moving from upward from its state of rest following the laws of motion.

"Why are you Sorry...." I asked with a hint of Disappointment.

"Because I Couldn't Stop myself from acting selfish.." He paused For a while as The Elevator kept going up Slowly as he Glued his Eyes to The Door.

"I thought You wouldn't respond..." My Cheeks heat up on hearing that.

"You just Came in Here and Forced a kiss on me..." I yelled in my Defence as he Turns to Face me fully Wearing a Devilish Smirk.
"But you didn't fight me off...did you??" He Slowly took a step Forward as my eyes darted to the number we were in the 27th Floor as Aiden pushes a Button trapping us both in the Elevator.

My Legs Quivered and a Chill went down my spine as I wonder what he has a mind.

I took a step Back Trying to get as Far as possible away from him.

"You ....you Had me Pinned against the Wall, how could I Stop you..." My Breath Hitched as He Shot me a Smile revealing his Perfect Smile Which almost made me Stumble as I step back and But he He Kept Moving forward until he Finally Slammed his Hands against the wall Trapping me like he Planned, his right hand traced upwards to my chin as he tilts it upwards.
"You Are Lying to me Gold Bailey and I can see, it in Your eyes, You Made me Break the Rules Purposely and I'm not mad at you until you tell me Why???" He said as his Face Leans Forward wearing a Wicked Smirk.
"What Do you mean???" He Let's out a light chuckle as he leans across my Face to my ear.

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"You wore this Dress for a Reason, didn't you, to Attract me, why wouldn't you since you are attracted to me..."the grinned

"Over your Dead Body..." I spat
"Then Tell me, Gold Why is it Red..." The Hitching game continues as Aiden waits for a reply.

"I like the Dress that's it...." I Felt his Fingers run down my Thigh as he grips hold of the End that is covered.

"Don't you feel uncomfortable...." He said as his other hand went under the Hem of my Dress as his Fingers Danced On my skin as I Let out a moan, he Smiled to himself, he knows how to touch me he isn't going to stop as his Nose Brushes slightly as our Lips Breath against each other gently.
My Eyes Darted to his Lips as he Stuck out his Tongue brushing the Bottom of my Lip delicately, while squeezing and gripping tightly my Thigh as he Slowly reached to the End of my Thigh.

"Aiden!!!!" I Moaned out as Aiden Smiled at me.

"Tell the Truth and I'll stop..." He breath seductively, slowly igniting my Lust.

"I.....I....." I breathe heavily finding it Hard to confess as Aiden Gently Suck, on my Lower lip, nibbling gently on it almost at the End of my Thigh making me wet as I gasp For air.

"Admit, it you're wet, I'm at the End of Your Thigh, tell me now or I'll rip this dress into two and kiss every part of Body...." He Said in a Pant as my eyes Widen due to what he said but I stayed quiet.

"Unless you want me To..." He added As he Kisses me again and he Grabs the Hem of the Dress about To Rip It into Two.

He redrew From the wet kiss as my Hands went Down to his holding on to it.

"You Can't Stop me Gold unless you Tell me..."

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"I kissed you because I want you too Aiden....." Aiden Grips escape my Tigh as he steps back a little not the Victory Dance I expected as the Elevator start going up again to the First Floor.

"How Do you Know Richard..." He asked finally breaking the brief silence

"I was Working for him...actually Nana but I got fired after he tried to rape me..."

"He Did What...???" He Yelled at the top of His Voice

"And You never Told me" he added
"I never knew you guys were related" I said in my Defense.

I noticed He Clenched his Fist Tightly, he was Mad with Anger as I held his Hands.

"Don't add Fuel to Fire, Nana already hates me, please don't make it worse, she's your mother too, Aiden Understand please" I Felt his Knuckles ease gradually as he Breathes out a heavy Sigh.

"Next time, you lie to me I'm giving you a Hickey..." He said as he let's go of my hand and I chuckled.

The Elevator finally got to the First floor
The Elevator Opens Revealing Joan.

"There you are, we've being looking for you two and I see you both Fucking the hell out of each other.." Joan Cursed in Frustration
"why are you Frustrated..." Aiden asked

"Charlotte is Going Crazy..." Joan Pants
"What???" Me and Aiden Yelled at the same time.

"What do you mean, She's going Crazy..." Aiden asked.

"Come see For yourself..." Joan said as we Followed her as Charlotte holding a box of Matches and a shampoo bottle.
"If I can't have you Richard, no one Will and I'll make sure we both Die in this Building and everyone in it..." She said as she opened the bottle disposing the Liquid which I inhaled is Fuel all around the Floor.

"Charlotte don't do this..." Nana Yelled but Charlotte has lost it as her eyes were filled with crazy
"You are part of The Cause of it too Nana for hiring that Prostitute so we Will all burn..." She said as she Strikes the Match, igniting a flame before she Dropped it, she Burned instantly as she sets the Whole room of Fire.



"Everyone, can I get your attention..." I tapped my glass gently as everyone took their glasses up thinking I'm calling for a Toast.

"Thank you Everyone, for coming to my Engagement it means a lot I'm sorry to have waste your money and your time for you to drive here, but the Engagement is off..." Everyone gasped as Charlotte made her way to me.
"What are you saying, Honey, Did you drink too much..."

"I'm not Drunk....I'm sorry Charlotte but I'm in love with Someone else..."

"And Who is that.."

"I can't tell you..." Everyone gasped not expecting this to happen.

"Well you better change your mind because, all this people came here to see us engaged.." She spat
"That's why I apologized..." A Slap made it's way to my face.

"You Bastard, I left Australia to Come here for you, I abandon my relatives just for you and I gave you my Body to make you happy, even when I said I wanted to keep it till we got Married and even did all those abortions for you and you have the Guts to Call off the Engagement, its because of that Prostitute isn't it??? If I can't have you then no one will.."
***GOLD'S POV***

I coughed with the Lack of Oxygen as the Fire breach out Spreading faster than Ebola Virus, soon the Whole Building was on Fire as Someone gripped hold of my Hand as I saw Someone like Nana Behind coughing as I try to escape from it's grip, but it won't let me.
The Elevator was out so we Took the Stairs as we safely made it past some of it Fire before it causes permanent harm.

Soon we came out revealing the Fire Department as Joan and Aiden Run Towards us.

"Jayden you found Her... " Joan says as she Hugs me.

"Any Burns any Scar..." I didn't pay much attention as I scanned for Nana maybe she was here too but no ideal of Nana.

A Man came outside sweating, his eyes red and his body Burnt, he fell to the Floor as he coughs.
"Some people are still in there..." I'm convinced Nana is there as I try to Run back in.

Aiden Stops me, getting a tight grip on my Arm...

"Gold You Can't go in there, do you want to die?"

"Nana is in there.." I yelled.
"You'll burn to death, leave the firemen to their Job..." Aiden warned
"I'm part of the reason, This place got burnt if Nana Dies I'll never forgive myself..." I said as i escape from his grip.

"Gold...." Joan yells but I ignore running to the Burning building.
.....AIDEN'S POV....

"She's being in there for more than five Minutes let me in..." I cried but the Fireman want let me in.

"I'm sorry Sir we can't risk more lives, let us do our Job..." The Bastard said
"Aiden She'll be out soon have faith..." Jayden said holding hands with Joan.

"I'm going in..." I said
"The Fire Hasn't died down yet Aiden you'll burn to Death..." Jayden Warned

"Aiden if you go I'll Kill you..." Joan cried

"I'm sorry Joan if she dies, I die too..." I said as I pushed past the Fireman and ran in the Building as The Hotel's Podium crashed andblocked the only Exit out of the Hotel.


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