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Billionaire's Bride -Episode Six


***GOLD'S POV***

"I get to Have you as my Bride" That ranged through my ears as my breath hitched, this has to be some Nightmare I'm stuck in, but clearly the strong piercing sniff of Aiden's Cologne Confirmed this wasn't no ordinary dream it was a Horrifying reality , Aiden redrew from my side as he looked me directly in the eyes to study my reaction, I looked away, not giving him a clue, I won't look him in the Eye, I won't let him know how I feel, I won't let him think I'm fragile, I pretend like he wasn't breathing heavily against my skin as I look down to his torso.
The more he breath against my skin the more his breathe got warmer making me to almost loose it I slowly avert my eyes from his Torso and Directly at his eyes he wasn't paying attention at first but Later Darted his eyes directly at mine as our eyes locked, it Felt like a sin to look away his Deep blue eyes ,blue as the Deep sea Kept me under some sort of Trance, I couldn't move, I felt my worries melt away like I was in a safe Haven, I felt my breath hitched again as I gasp for air before my Lungs explode my Palms were Sweaty by my side I clenched them tight, trying to fight off this tiny bit of lust inside of me but still I could not look away, if I was told Charms were a Scam or Fake I'll show The Living and breathing Charm, Aiden Knight.
Our Locking of eyes broke as I attempted to get his hands which cupped my cheeks away from my face as I took hold of his Hands, he Slowly slipped his hands away from my Face as and broke free from my grasp as he traces his hands down my hips pulling us closer than we already are as my hand weakly slam his chest as I look down, that tiny bit of Lust grew again as I slowly looked up, my eyes darted to his pale Pink Lips, I Felt possessed as my Hands found it's way to his nape as I pulled him close, making our nose touch as it brushes slightly, my eyes were still on his lip as he seductively licked his maybe to make me go crazy, I bit my lip hard, I wanted a taste, I wanted to know how soft his Lips were, as I find myself leaning forward, I couldn't control myself and surprisingly he leaned forward too but Stopped as our lips Brushes his Warm breath again Kisses my Lips, all I wanted was a Peck, but he stopped like he wanted to know my reaction, Test or Not I want to Kiss him, he pulled back and Gasped out a loud depressing Sigh and Moves his Hands to his Nape and broke my Hold around his nape as I felt a Sharp sting Peirce through my heart as I try as hard as I can to hold back my tears.

"I Can't....." He sighed with Hurt in his eyes as he massaged his Temple like a Haunting Memory just Flash through his Mind as I Hissed under my breath.

"So I'm just your Little Entertainment..." I said disappointed already frustrated with today's Issues, I didn't need another pile of Drama today.
"I don't have time for this Right now get changed into that dress Joan Will Deal with you later..." He said walking out on me as I felt my Heart Drop.

"I Don't Love You and I will never Love You,.......You Bastard.." I Yelled my Lungs out As Tears escaped my eye lids and he turns wearing a Mischievous Smirk, if I couldn't know Better I could see He Was Hurt in his eyes but he Tried to hide it with a Glare as he Leaned forward and pushes me against The wall as He Breath Heavily, Panting so hard I almost choked on my Spit as I felt his breath roughly against my Face.

"Just a look at my eyes you already Fell, you make it like it's a challenge to get to You When only Me Breathing hard against you Makes you Sweat, My Touch Drives You Insane, our lips brushes slightly turns You on and ignites Your Lust....." I gawk surprisingly at his Reply as I gasped again.

"That's your Fucked up theory just Mere Proof of lies, all what you said is a sham, I Will never fall For You, and I Don't Love You...." I hissed as his Grasp on my arm tightens

"I Don't Need Your Love, I don't believe In Love, a twisted game that Befell others including me once, but I won't fall again, I Will never Love You, again I don't need your Fucked up Love or Your Bastard Heart....." He Said

"Then why the Bet, why Win a bet and want me as your Bride..." I Half yelled for an answer as he Pushes more Force on me against the Wall making it uneasy for me to Breath as he Tightens his grip on me.

"Silly Girl, yes there is a Reason you are my Bride, I don't need your Love..." He leans by the side of my ear as again he as he breathes against my ear.

"I need your Body....." My eyes grew wide in Shock on hearing that as it sent cold Shivers down my Spine, He slowly loosen From his Grip on me as he Faces me Fully with cold eyes, as they Soften up a little.

"I don't want to make the same Mistake I made With Ava..." He whispered to himself but i heard it but pretended i didn't as his Expression loosen and he let's go of me as was about to walk out on me but I held tight to his Sleeves as he Stopped on my Grasp and Turned to face me .

I felt a hint of Pity as his Eyes Glared at me in Sorrow, I walked towards him and rest my Head against his Torso as I spread my arms around him tight and surprisingly he Locked me tightly in his grasps as his head rest on my head and I breathe in his Mesmerizing Cologne I'm slowly getting addicted to.
"Did I miss Something...??" A Girl in a see Through Back stripped gown had her Hands Folded With a Frown on her Face, Supposedly his girlfriend by the way she Shot me a death glare.

We Disengage form our Awkward Hug as Aiden Made his way towards her.
"Who's She your new Hole..." She said as I almost choked.
"How long have you been standing there.." Aiden asked
"Long enough to Shoot you, you Left me at The Party with That Detective of a nurse to Find clue and left me a party that you were supposed to Host and I see you in the Hands of This Bitch..." She said
"Is that all.." Aiden said not giving a Damn

"No, you need to stop acting like your Actions don't have consequences, you can't just Kill everyone you Don't like, the Doctor called saying you let that Man slide In a Comma" she Yelled
"He deserve it probably if he survives he has learnt his Lesson..." She said


"This is Gold she's our new guest put her down as my plus one to Richard's Engagement Party and probably show her to her Room and make sure her room is locked always, if you excuse me I have an Engagement party to plan For.." Aiden said leaving Joan Bewildered and Furious.
I'm the new guest more like prisoner.
"If he weren't my Partner, Forget he's my Brother, I would stab him to death.." She said so they are siblings.

She gave me a cold stare.

"Follow me..." She said as she escort me to my new room.
"I heard you work in a Cafe..." She finally broke the awkward silence
"I Used to I got Fired because of Your Brother...." I said

"Sorry for him asking you to Strip down, he's always being a sadist.."
 She said in a Frustrated sigh
"Do you like my Brother..." She added

"I Don't even dream of having a future with him besides we just met today..." I said in a low tone.
"Too Bad...." She said as we got to my Room and kissed both my cheeks as my cheeks flushed red.
"He Likes You..." She whispered as I felt my Heart drop.

"What...what...do... You.. M...ea...n" I stammered as she open the Door revealing The Exact Replica of my old room but Bigger, a king size bed, A small plasma TV, a glass door revealing o beautiful view to The Balcony outside with a small chair to look at the View, it was already Exactly midnight as The Clock Ticked, I could see the Nights of New York and My Stuff are here, how is that possible when I handed them over to Penny, and A Shelf of all my Favourite Authors stacked and updated.

I was beyond overwhelmed.
"How did all this get here...." As Joan escort me out to the balcony outside.

"Before My Brother Kidnapped you he went and Did a little research on you and arranged before your arrival..." My cheeks flushed tomato red, he put the effort on making me Feel at home it was even painted, I never got to paint my room because of my Dad.

"Wait He did this all Today and by himself..." I gasped curious.

"When you get to know the real him promise me you won't hurt him like Ava..." What is she talking about what is Worse than arrogant, stuck up Aiden.

"Goodnight..." She said left before I could ask her more questions and she locked me in as instructed.
I took off my clothes and took a Bath and Wore my Pyjamas and Cradled myself to sleep on the thought that Aiden Did went an extra mile this For me, that night I Dreamed about Aiden.
I Cursed under my breath as I cut the Call on the contractors who won't destroy The Casino until I Have the Deed to the Casino.

I don't want anything to do with that abomination, I requested to buy it because when I reck it I would finally expand my Business and it's a Busy Arena so I'll get more customers, mother and Charlotte are asleep speaking of Charlotte I plan to Break up with her at the Engagement after I find incriminating evidence, so that Mother will conclude with my decision, and I can't stop thinking about that Girl, Mother said her name was Gold, I licked my lips in Lust as I imagined how good she is in Bed.

"After I get the Deed, and demolish that building, you Will be mine Gold Bailey..."


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