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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Four


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Four



I pushed away the files about Gold away from my table as I cleared my desk my smile earlier turned into frown on picking up the call.
“So how’s the Casino holding up Dear Brother…” I try to clench my jaw to prevent myself from screaming over the phone, if he weren’t an ambassador or my brother he would be six feet under with dad.

“doing fine without you ever since you left…..” I said proudly he swore we couldn’t run the casino without him and look at the casino now I’ts one of the most successful one in New York right now.

“too bad it would have being bigger than now with my brains and tatics that casino would have bigger than what it is now I’m not surprised you and Joan dragged the family’s casino to dust dad would be so disappointed.”

“typical I should expect something like this from you’ always bringing people down, since you have nothing important to discuss about I’ll presume to end this conversation…..” I was about ending the conversation.

“before you do that why don’t you hear what I have to offer….” That caught my attention
“go on I’ll like a good laugh” I said as an uneasy smirk crawled to my lips as I wait for his proposal.
“Remember I’m Mom’s favourite and I was her angel while you are Joan were the bad seedlings always on dad’s side and I know you love mom very much , remember how heartbroken she was when she found out you and Joan work at Dad’s casino when she disowned you both and came to leave with me ‘ well I can guarantee you that mom will be kissing your feet if you just do or supposedly grant me my offer..” he said bringing back those memories .

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“and what is that….” I asked curious of his stupid answer
“you know mom always pictured you as an ambassador , I found a spot for you but if only you can meet the requirements ..” he said and I was already impatient about his stupid game of twist and turns
“get straight to the point I have a party to host in a few hours” I growled

“you know I knew what’s best for the Casino so name your price how much are you willing to give for the Casino..” he said as my head grew hot and my blood boiled in untamed anger he had the guts to buy the casino after he left after he told mom after he took Ava away from me after he godamn is 70% the reason I’m cold, cruel and dangerous and when dad willed it under me before he died .

“listen closely if you want the Casino you have to fight for it, so stay clear and fuck off you weren’t there when me and Joan built this Casino to the way it is , you have to take over the casino over my dead body Richard and if you do try anything stupid I won’t hesitate to shoot this time blood or not I will kill you..” I scolded as he went silent he was still on the line I could hear him breathing heavily in anger

“I tried doing this the calm way Aiden but you leave me no choice if it’s a war you want It’s a war you will get , I will make sure you I take back what’s rightfully mine even if I have to kill you both I’ll make sure to take out everyone you love and hold dear to your fragile heart..” he scolded as I smirked

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“that’s where you are wrong Richard I don’t love anybody and I’ll be waiting for you..” I finally sang as I hang up and threw my phone on my desk massaging my temple I don’t love anybody and never will I make that mistake after what Ava did to me.

I march to the living room as expected seeing my Dad dressed up but sitting down to adjust to adjust his radio I walked up to him as I faced him as he just pretended I wasn’t visible as all he cares about is his fucked up radio.

I snatched the radio away from him as he looked at me as if he was abnormal.

“my radio please” he finally spoke to me after four good years of acting he was dumb and fooling me I’m really stupid

“oh this…” I gestured moving it closer to him as he shot me a wide smile , that was it with all my strength I smashed it to piece as I threw it across the room as he stood up his eyes grew in disbelief and shock.

“are you mad..” he yelled at the top of his voice adding petrol to fire
“now you talk to me? Because of a dumb radio, today I found out that your AD was gone some years ago when I was about 16 struggling I highschool , and the doctor said you have not sign or symptoms that you were only facing depression after you lost your job that is not all…..” I brought out some receipts from earlier
“mr Mosebush dropped your mail about your receipts you gambled all the money I worked hard for the past four years, now I know why mom left you I understand it all now you are a bastard, nobody wanted to help you because you were squandering it all when here you never thought about your only daughter who has being getting parttime jobs even in highschool I had four different after school jobs but I still came out in flying colors ,I broke my SATS score with a perfect score of 1600 out of 2000 I could have gone to Howard or Kingston or Yale with all the money I saved up but no I didn’t want to be like mom so or your brothers so I stayed Dad and I don’t blame you I’ts all my fault……” I said with tears in my eyes as my dad felt remorse but he should not he should give me back all the days I stuck with him just to get stabbed by own father selfishness.

“I’m sorry Gold It’s just I did have AD and to worsen it your mother left it was stressful and I didn’t have a job to take care of you I’m sorry if I let you take care of me all these years” my eyes were red in anger after all he said just a minor sorry.

“sorry?...that’s all you have to say see this scar , I got it just from almost being raped today..” I cried
“you were almost raped by who” he ask as I just hiss under my breath

“now you care do you or did you bother to ask what I do for a living just to provide for your sorry ass
Just today I didn’t eat, I went on an empty stomach from work I got insulted sexually harassed twice and fired from my two jobs just to take care of you I gave up Med school for you, I went through hell for you I even got incriminated of a false crime that I did not have any doing just because of you. You are selfish a devil and you are not my father, that’s it I’m done…..” I pushed passed him as I went up my room and packed my bags I’m sick of being gullible and being used as a toy soon I was done packing and texted Penny.

Me:*I’m crashing at you apartment, I’ll be there in a few minutes*

Penny: Sure bring chips

Me: I’ll try

I shoved my phone into my pocket, I have tolerated enough and i can’t any longer I went to the living room my dad is no longer here typical he left me before I did I didn’t care this is the last time I’m takin bullshit from my dad I saw a picture of me and him I picked it up and shove it in my pocket as I swiftly dry my tears and head out to Penny’s apartment.

The party was good so far, as many well known proprietors and business owners made their way to meet me, some were drinking why others like strippers including my sister were dancing but Joan was lap dancing with Jayden while Jayden was enjoying the sexual fantasy whatever his up his dirty mind while others were gambling, until I heard a ruckus it was coming from the gamblers side what now?

As I drew closer an old man was arguing with some other gamblers.

“what’s the commotion here” I asked trying to sort it out
“this maniac just walked up to us and asked for his money back when clearly lost the bet….” One of them explained as the others yell in uproar.

“is this true” I said bringin out my gun and pointing it directly at the back of the bastards head as he threw his hand up the air in defeat.

“what’s your name?” I asked as he slowly turned to face me and recognized him instantly he’s Gold’s father I dropped the gun slowly as the frightened man was about to go down his knees but I stopped him.

“follow me” I growled
Others laughed defining his doom while few pitied him as we both went to my office .

“what makes you think you can walk into my office and talk to my customers like that when you know very well who owns this casino”

“sir please I have a daughter, I squandered all the money she gave to me and now she wants to leave me I love her sir and all I did was hurt her but I understand if you show no mercy and gun me to death let karma repay me” he said I can’t believe that loud mouthed arrogant gkirl is the daughter of this man.

“look I have no interest in killing you but you might be interested in my offer to get back you daughter and you don’t have to gamble……” I ringed for two shots of the strongest gin as they were in small tiny glass cups ten each for us both.

“if you drink the entire ten without getting drunk I’ll give you half my property and ofcourse my casino…” he litted hope as he adjusted his cups filled up to the brim as we both started drinking he was at his second bottle trying to press the urge of getting high as I didn’t touch my cups and watch him.

“sir I might win this if you don’t drink” he teased like a fool he is as I smiled on him drinking his 5th bottle.

“you didn’t ask what I want if I win” I smiled as he foolishly started to laugh

“I’m already winning sir there is no way and please what is your offer” he said on his 7th drink it got to him and that is when I strike and started shoving the drink one by one faster than him who was amazed and struggling to take his 8th bottle but his system couldn’t handle it any longer as a drank my last bottle and he purges.

“I’ve won so I get your most prized jewel old man” I said as he tried to look me in the eye already drunk
“but sir I have no money remember and no house or anything valuable” he said as I pushed hi, off balance and spat at him

“fool I have all the money in the world my possession is nothing of what you have I want what what money can’t buy your only treasure GOLD….” He grimaced in shock the old fool just lost a bet over his daughter


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