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Story: BILLIONAIRE'S BRIDE -Episode Five


Billionaire's Bride -Episode Five


*****AIDEN'S POV*****
Sweet is defeat when you actually win, I grinned on the thought it only took a drink to get that fragile bitch on board all thanks to her bastard of a father, my grin grew wider now I have Gold all to myself and the shock on her face when she learns about it.
I got up from my seat and ringed for the Casino's bounty as three strongly built men made their way to my office.

"you called sir???" the leader came forward.

"yes dispose of this fool" I gestured signaling them to the old man as they took him by the hand about to exit with him.

"sir please take pity on me I lost my wife to death and none of my relatives longer keeps contact with me , I just can't loose my daughter" my grin slowly vanish as my face grimace in disgust as I sent for another Shot of Gin which was delivered right away as I signal led the bounties to hold on and walked up to the old man and slightly brushed his collar and collided my head with his leaving him confused and shaky as I pulled my sleeves up and got hold of his collar and left my hand a tattoo on his wrinkled face and kicked him in the curb as he folded cold on the floor with blood gushing slowly from his head.

I brought out Gold's profile the one Jayden researched on earlier and pointed it at the old fool
"you are adding coal to fire you old fool, you see this, this is everything about your daughter's profile, and it reports you've been gambling away the money she plans to pay your debts and buy your own house in greenwich village, and it said you are mentally disordered right ??? But you look perfectly fine to me, just drunk, you disgust me and you have guts to lie to me that your wife died when It's clear she left, ranaway because she couldn't bear the gossips anymore she couldn't bear you but she made a terrible mistake leaving Gold in your care......" I walked towards him he was in tears trying to get up as I held his chin up and looked him right in the eyes as I threw him to the other side of my office Furious as he cuddles weakly as I head towards him and squat as I hissed

"you turned your daughter into your personal slave for four years do you know that is child abuse and if I could care less I would have thrown you in jail and make sure you never see the fucking daylight" I said as he moan in pain and I moved close to his face as his eyes were red, he was in pain and from any moment he would give up the those I looked into his ember gold eyes they were almost similar to Gold as I sigh and felt something like it was eating me up, I don't know what it is but I don't want to feel it.

I help the old man up to his chair opposite mine as I ordered the bounties to leave us alone.

"the ambulance will be here soon to pick you up I will take full responsibility for your treatment and when you fully recover I want you to do just as I say" I said dead serious as he slightly look up at me and sighed.

"when you are admitted and eventually out of the hospital I want you to cut all connections from your Daughter starting from now" he gasped and clenched tightly to his chest like he was going to die.read
.but...sir let us be reasonable here I know I am a fool for betting over my daughter but please I can't do that ....." he said almost about to cry and that amuses me how fragile he is
"you had the chance to be reasonable when you bet over your daughter like a fool you are, you just started drinking with knowing my offer" I said as I received an intel from Joan that the Ambulance is here as I texted her to direct them yo my office.
"please take away my life Gold is all I have ...." he knelt down about to pass out as I made my way out of my table and tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

I slowly leaned over his ear
"then you know what you lost is valuable and if I ever see you even just looking at her I"ll track you down and kill you....." I said as his pupil went underneath his eye and he started convulsing, right timing as Joan burst in with some Medical Wardens Joan looks at me glaring at me she wasn't surprised anyway but she was upset with me as a nurse went close to him.
"he's convulsing get the Other wardens with the stretcher, Mr Aiden what happened..." the nurse who injected him with a gelatinous blue syrup as he laid down his pupil was still under his eyes as blood came gushing slowly from his mouth asked as all eyes were on me all of them suspicious and afraid except Joan who was ready to grab her gun hidden in her abdomen and shoot me.

I shot the nurse a Mischievous grin as some of the medical wards bust in and carried the weak fool out of my office .

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"I don't have to tell you how to do your job but you are supposed to treating the patient instead of asking me stupid questions" i said as Joan rolled her eyes in disgust and the nurse kept pestering him
"I know but I need reports from you to get my diagnosis so I can treat the patient..." she said as I walked away from her to my desk as I put my feet on my Desk sitting down comfortably.

"Trust me for your sake don't ask you can just form a diagnosis yourself" I said as she looked at me in disbelief
"so you are telling me to give a random diagnosis to the doctor how will that make my job easier I could get fired" I got up furious as I made my way to the nurse as glared at her but she didn't budge like she was trained for situations like this

"you should prefer getting fired than getting on my blacklist and be my next victim, make a diagnosis if you like go detective on my office,I don't give a fuck , I have a party to host if you excuse me, Joan will walk you out when you are done." as said as I left the two at my office as I made my way to Jayden who was drinking.
"care for a drink" Jayden offered as I took two shots of vodka and faced Jayden.

"enough drinking go get the black SUV ......" I said as Jayden took another shot confused

"who's the victim" he asked as I snatch his drink away from him before he could react.

"you will see for yourself..." I said as I drank his shot and slammed the glass down the table.

"what about The party" he asked
"Joan has it under control, by the way track this number, that's our target..." I said handing him Gold's number and he nods everything is coming to place .
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.......GOLD'S POV.......

I remember I have no cash on me as I waited in the subway for an Hour for Penny who volunteered to pick me up, sooner she held a bag of chips for us to share as we took a train to the other side of town formally Greenwood Alley now known as Good luck Alley I wonder why would they give a revolting and bad place a name.
"hey penny can I ask you a question?" I asked

"shoot..." she said handing me some chips

"why do they call this place Goodluck alley" I asked as she slowly nods her head sideways
"you don't wanna know" she says
"oh come on I wanna know please" I whimpered like a five year old

"they call it Goodluck alley because Goodluck trying to get out alive" she said as that sent a shiver down my spine

"and we are walking ..." I said as she snorts laugh like a pig
"relax this place doesn't get worse than it already is by midnight and it's nine so we are safe for now..." she said the last part in an attempt to get me scared.

"I hate you..." i said
"and yet you called me after your old man turned out a liar, how are you holding up sweetie.." she said patting my back

"I'm doing fine it's just that he has been lying to me all these years and I let him do it under my nose I'm so stupid....but I hope he'll do fine without me" I said as we stopped at at a convenient store and Penny Smacks me.

"what was that for?" I asked rubbing my sore head
"you felt that pain right, good keep that pain locked in your heart what are you saying your dad scammed you for four good years and that's messed up Gold you deserve better and you should not give a fuck how he's doing you are now on your own it doesn't bother you or should no for a second karma gave you sense and is giving you the justice you deserve freedom don't let your heart be in the way use your head show your dad what he did was a big mistake...." she said and I was convinced my dad lied to me and used me I deserve better and I couldn't be better than to receive that slap gladly

"you are right I'll show my dad he made a big mistake, I'll get another job and show him he didn't drag me down....speaking of Job I have one at the Casino can you get my things to your apartment..." I pleaded

"it's the least I could do after contributing to getting you fired you don't even have to pay the rent i'ts all on me" she said as I gave her a bear hug.

"you are the best" I said about to leave but Penny called me back
"if you eventually get fired or changed your mind just phone me OK and get back before 12." she said as I nod and ran but slowed down my steps, I just remembered I got no cash on me and the Casino is the other side of Town and it's just 10 i better walk back besides I can't risk it eventually I will get fired why go and let it be done public.

On walking back I decided to call Penny as most houses dimmed dark I couldn't see a single soul I dialed penny's number quickly as soon as a mysterious Black SUV Parked and I anxiously wait for Penny to pick my call as I hastened my steps faster than you can say 'Holy grenades' but I felt the person pick up too, now I know I'm being Followed as I started running I didn't care to know what was picking up paces chasing me I wanted to get away from it, Penny wasn't picking up and it was hard already running while phoning so I quickly shove my phone in my pockets and ran to an empty building as I picked up my phone and called Penny one last Time and she answered Hallelujah .

"should I come pick you ...." I felt a metal object collide against my head as I dropped my phone and the stranger in dimmed darkness took away my phone as I fell down Dizzy and Nauseous and looked up the stranger as I struggle to get up to pick up my phone but he already beat me to it and said.
"Gold is no longer available goodye" he said as he threw my phone to the floor and smashed it to smatterings as he pulls out a syringe and stabbed me at my upper arm rendering me unconscious
Gold Sat Down Blindfolded and tied up having no clue of where she was, making use of her Other senses she tries to make out where she is.

"Hello" She Yells as loud as she could but only hearing her Echos.

"Hello Kitty... " She Gulps at the Familiar voice it can't be she's Shaky and Sweaty as she prays her worse Nightmare doesn't come to Reality.

Her Blindfold slowly taken off revealing the Handsome Devil of a Man Before her, AIDEN.

"You???? " She Grimace in shock and Disgust.

"Your One and Only Baby, Miss me... " He Winked at her as she Blush a Little forgetting about her state.

"Don't Call me Baby Or Kitty You Kidnapped me, you could get Arrested if I call the... " He laughs interrupting her Boring illustration he walks up to her Squats down a Little down and Smiles as He looks right into her eyes.

"What do you want from me, I don't Have anything I owe you... " She Cries out as he Tilts his Head sideways.

"That's The Thing Princess You Don't Owe me Anything But Your Old Man Does... " She Gasps as she Looks down at the Cold Floor Afraid what her Father must have gotten himself into after all these years.

"Please Don't Hurt Him..." She Cries as he Squats again but holds her Chin Pulling it Close as their Nose Touches.

"I Would Never Hurt him, Besides he's not in the Bet.... " She gasps again Louder Trying to make sure it wasn't what she was Thinking.

"What do you Mean by A Bet" She asked as he Brings out a Cigarette and Lights it up Puffing it in her Face in an attempt to irritate her.

"Your Father is A Regular Customer at My Casino, So I made a Deal with Him if he Wins He gets Half of My Property and my Casino...... " She Didn't really know how she got involved but was curious than ever.

"He Lost Didn't He... " She Sighed.
"Like a Bullet Tearing through a Tissue he went down the drain so Fast and quick... "

"But My Father Doesn't Have Any Property......... " She Says as he Pulls the Cigarette out of his Mouth and Press it into Ash.

"And That's Where you Come in.. " Her eyes grow wide in Shock she couldn't Believe her Father played this Stupid Stunt but He Just Sold Her over A Stupid Bet.

"And if I Don't... " She Dares him as she Darted back at him trying to threaten him but he didn't Bother.
He Brings out a Gun and Points it's Directly at her and Fires it as she Hears something or actually Someone Drop.

She Opens her eyes to See one of his Men Dead on the Floor, that was her warning. as he goes up to pick up the Dress the
 wanted to give to her.
He Cuts the Rope he used to tie her up with.

"Wear This. ." He says as she Nods in Fear he was Dangerous and owns a Gun.

"Oh and Don't Think of Running, I own you Now and if you Wanna Keep your Old Man Alive you'll do exactly as I say" he said as she got up and raced to him taking hold of his hand.

"one question, concerning this Bet what am I to you, your Maid or your Sexual slave...." she said with tears as she slopingly dries it but her tears won't stop flowing her heart is torn again her father has made her life a living hell, Aiden turns to Face her seeing her tears soften his threatened glare but he can't let her know he feels pity a weird feeling dancing around his stomach fighting the urge to touch her but no tonight. Tonight he celebrates his victory as he loosens from her grip from her but tempted he cups her face with his hand as he slowly dries her tears.

His hands still tattooed on her face as he looks into her golden Ember eyes beautiful enough to blind him, to control him if he doesn't look away .

"your Father Bet over you without actually knowing my purpose or what I intend to do you so I'll tell you instead....." he said as he leaned forward to her as his breath brushes her lips, startled but mesmerized with his Cologne sharply piercing her breath as he came close her mouth were a inch parted as she gasped in before her lungs explode they were inches apart heart bursting, Aiden who later got a hold of himself leaned across her shoulder to her ear as her ears were wide open.

"I get to Have you as my Bride"


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